water quality monitoring n.
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Water Quality Monitoring PowerPoint Presentation
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Water Quality Monitoring

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Water Quality Monitoring - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water Quality Monitoring. Nush , Mai and Vandy. Content. Mining & Water Quality Deforestation & Water Quality Conclusion & Recommendation. Mercury and Cyanide from Gold Mining. Used of Mercury and Cyanide in Gold Mining.

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water quality monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring

Nush, Mai and Vandy


Mining & Water Quality

Deforestation & Water Quality

Conclusion & Recommendation

used of mercury and cyanide in gold mining
Used of Mercury and Cyanide in Gold Mining
  • Gold will dissolve in liquid mercury and this process was extensively used for recovery of gold from ground area
  • Cyanide solutions used to dissolve and extract gold
  • Mercury and Cyanide often eroded into streams or were deposited directly into streams
  • Mercury and Cyanide is likewise harmful to wildlife such as mammals, birds, and fish.
  • Biomagnifications
mercury and cyanide legacy from historic mines
Mercury and Cyanide Legacy from Historic Mines
  • Elevated concentrations of mercury and cyanide in sediments
  • Elevated concentrations of mercury and cyanide in fish, birds and other wildlife
  • Restrictions on the amount of fish that should be consumed by humans
toxic issues with mercury and cyanide
Toxic Issues with Mercury and Cyanide
  • Neurotoxicity
  • Birth defects
  • Kidney function
byproduct mercury production
Byproduct Mercury Production

The Chemistry

Au + O2 + CN- Au(CN)2- (water soluble)

Hg + O2 + CN- Hg(CN)2 + Hg(CN)42-

(water soluble)

Both the gold and mercury cyanide complexes are trapped on carbon and recovered during processing

how is byproduct effected to human health
How is Byproduct effected to human health
  • Biomagnifications in aquatic life to human
  • Release to ground water
  • Evaporated to the atmosphere
how is byproduct managed
How is Byproduct Managed
  • Sold or transferred to three primary mercury recyclers
  • Management and transfer is conducted in a safe and reliable manner
The Cause of harmful water quality




Impacts of Deforestation

Less water and Fish in dry season

Conclusion- WQ still questionable: Lack of equipment & Instruments - Long term effect unidentified: recovery plan after the project completion-
  • More mercury and cyanide should be required for water quality monitoring.
  • Should cover the bottom of the reservoir pond by plastic or set up the proper pond to reduce the chance that Mercury and Cyanide will be release to ground water
  • Do not allow people to do fishing and eat any aquatic life from that pond
  • Try to reuse that water again in the processing
  • Law enforcement to combat with illegal logging
  • Discourage shifting cultivation
  • Provide seeding and technical support to the marginalized
  • Ground and surface water check must be implementing systematic
  • Raising awareness on forestation among children
  • Providing equipment and technical supports
  • Provide marketable seeds/stem