Flying together
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Flying Together. Region-6 Santa Clara Valley Section Marchan Tokugawa Best Students thrive in Bad Times Quality goes down when demand is high. Crowded market creates competition Competition assumes somebody to successfully survive.

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Flying together

Flying Together

Region-6 Santa Clara Valley Section

Marchan Tokugawa

Best students thrive in bad times quality goes down when demand is high
Best StudentsthriveinBad TimesQuality goes down when demand is high

Crowded market creates competition competition assumes somebody to successfully survive
Crowded marketcreates competitionCompetition assumes somebody to successfully survive

Flying together

Guideline to successful ComSoc activitiesDifferent patterns of participants(1)Highly industrialized area(2)School area(3)Rural area(4)Any of mixtureKey factors to success for each group(1)Motivation(2)Opportunity(3)Accessibility(4)Manageability

Flying together

Why it is easier in Silicon Valley.. becauseBenefit(1)Competitive community(2)Industrialized area(3)Established basis(4)Comfortable climate(5)Easy access to everythingDrawback(1)Costly life(2)Under pressure and fierce competition(3)Always keep running at 100mph(4)Inhumane life(5)Running out of time

Flying together

Always better is sophistication and simplicityin Science and TechnologyLevel of sophistication….creativityLevel of complication…..consistency………………………………………………………………...Nothing wrong to learn and catch up….child always learn………………………………………………………………...To run forefront:Master what somebody accomplished as quick as possible often seen in commercial area for improvement with ….low riskChoose a road nobody walked often seen in science (non-commercialized) area not easy and mostly fails…..high risk

Flying together

Success Strategy to ComSoc Presentation for Chapter MeetingWhere there is a goal, there is a wayBe aware of interest of target audienceSelection of topicSelection of speakerSelection of date, time and placeTechnical presentation needs a good logical organizationRelated but non-overlapping topics are good for educationAsk speaker for his slide copy for later review by audienceWhen audience is happy, ComSoc officers are happy, too. Fly together!Thank you.

Flying together

List of Monthly Talks at SCV ComSoc12/01 Recent Developments in the Standardization of Fixed Broadband Wireless Access11/01 Expanding Opportunities with Raman-DWDM Technology10/01 Visiting Broadband Wireless Multiantenna Non Line-Of-Sight Transmission06/01 Convergin Voice and Data in a Residential Gateway05/01 Interference Estimation in xDSL Systems Communication Processors with Applications to xSDL Modulation and Coding04/01 Wireless Internet:Some Challenges and Solutions03/01 MCDN Technology: Foundation of Ricochet Wireless Access Network02/00 General Packet Radio Service and 3G Wireless Data Evolution01/01 The Basics of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing12/00 New methods in Security Routing Applications11/00 Impact of World Radio Conference 2000 on Commercial Wireless Services10/00 Voice and Broadband09/00 Solving Bandwidth Limitations with Turbo Product Codes Error Correction05/00 Internet Television Beyond Streaming=making TV Interactive04/00 Introduction to Antenna Array to Antenna Array Communication03/00 Multi-Dimensional Broadband Wireless-Next Wireless Storm in 21st Century02/00 General Packet Radio Service and 3G Wireless Data Evolution01/00 Optical Interconnection Backplane Design for Terabit Routers