the joseph sam s school campaign marketing plan target obtain benefits for teachers and para pros n.
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The Joseph Sam’s School CAMPAIGN MARKETING PLAN Target: Obtain Benefits for Teachers and Para pros PowerPoint Presentation
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The Joseph Sam’s School CAMPAIGN MARKETING PLAN Target: Obtain Benefits for Teachers and Para pros

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The Joseph Sam’s School CAMPAIGN MARKETING PLAN Target: Obtain Benefits for Teachers and Para pros - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Joseph Sam’s School CAMPAIGN MARKETING PLAN Target: Obtain Benefits for Teachers and Para pros
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  1. The Joseph Sam’s SchoolCAMPAIGN MARKETING PLANTarget: Obtain Benefits for Teachers and Para pros Developed by Randy Gaddo PADM 7040 October 2005

  2. Why This Campaign Is Needed • Needed in Direct Support of Mission • The Joseph Sams School is dedicated to the education and life skills development of children who are intellectually, physically or developmentally challenged. • This mission requires exceptionally compassionate, motivated teachers, para pros • Much on-the-job training invested in teachers/para pros • Students become emotionally attached to teachers/para pros, and vice-versa • Loss of trained teacher or para pro costly to school in terms of time, efficiency and student progress, new recruitment and hiring process, training

  3. Why This Campaign Is Needed • School Cannot Currently Offer Benefits • Privately funded, receives no gov’t funding • This limits funding resources • Operates with “Just in Time” fundraising that only covers operations/maintenance costs • In spite of passion for the job, teachers and para pros leave to find benefits • Take corporate knowledge with them

  4. Campaign Focus, Approach • Main focus of effort will be to identify new sources of funding not previously explored • Campaign will proceed separately from existing marketing/fund-raising efforts • Existing efforts only address day to day operating and maintenance expenses • New funding sources will become “target audience” for the campaign

  5. Campaign Focus, Approach • Each Target Audience behavior will be studied per chapter 4, Adreason/Kotler • BCOS Factors will be determined for each • Benefits, costs, others, efficacy • This will assist in determining which audiences we will actively pursue for this special purpose funding

  6. Internalizing Marketing Plan • Each associate of school is a stakeholder • Executive staff • Administrative staff • Teachers and Para pros • Parents and family members • Students • Community supporters

  7. Internalizing Marketing Plan • Each stakeholder will be aware of campaign goals • Each stakeholder will know their role in the campaign and will be prepared to contribute • Stakeholders will be fully briefed on audiences we intend to pursue and why they were chosen • Assume that audience will base a decision largely on how they perceive school’s unity of purpose • Important for each stakeholder to understand importance of their role in campaign

  8. Campaign Execution Phase • Sam’s School Executive Director will appoint a volunteer Campaign Manager • Manager will operate under director’s guidance • This ensures that campaign stays in line with organization’s marketing strategy and guidelines • Also ensures that volunteer is seen as “part of the team” (per Ch. 8, Andreason/Kotler)

  9. Campaign Execution Phase • Marketing collateral materials will be developed to address these special audiences • Should be able to easily adapt existing materials • Tailor to reflect benefits to each potential resource • Campaign Manager will establish initial contact, discussion with target audience representatives • Make appointment for manager, executive director to visit audience location for discussions, deliver collateral material • If audience not local, arrange conference call, mail collateral material • Attempt to arrange audience rep visit to school • Seek sponsors to provide in-kind assistance, i.e., airlines, car rentals, hotel accommodations, etc. • This also demonstrates community support

  10. Post Campaign Follow Up • Assuming we successfully secure funding: • Establish formal recognition for contributor(s): • Public recognition at annual fund raiser • Send news releases • Letters to all stakeholders • Recognize all directly involved in campaign • Arrange regular communication with contributor to assure them their contribution was a wise one

  11. Post Campaign Follow Up • Capitalize on contacts made during campaign • Those who didn’t contribute to this campaign may be able to assist in other ways • Contacts may open up other opportunities • Follow up demonstrates real partnership spirit