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My topic is California. Important informations from California. The capital from California is Sacramento. Nickname : Golden city 1932 and 1989 Los Angeles hosted the Summer Olympic Games California has 35,893,799 habitants . Land area: 423.970 square kilometre

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My topic is california


Important informations from california

  • The capitalfromCaliforniais Sacramento.

  • Nickname : Golden city

  • 1932 and 1989 Los Angeles hosted the Summer Olympic Games

  • Californiahas 35,893,799 habitants.

  • Land area: 423.970 squarekilometre

  • In the 19. Century, people have moved to California to find their luck. Because it was gold found in Sutter's mill, and then started the gold rush. So California got his Nickname.

  • Between San Francisco and Los Angeles isthelegendary Highway 1 asdreamstreet. RomanticlandscapesnicevillagesforexampleCarmelandMonterey.

Famous citys in california
Famouscitys in California

  • Los Angeles is famous for his, space, airplane, music and film industry.

  • Hollywood is famous for his film and music industry there are filmindustries just like Universal Studios and Warner Bros.

  • San Francisco is famous for his Golden Gate Bridge and for his Cable Cars, the tram cars which depend on cables and overcome in this way, the cable cars up and down from the street .In San Francisco was 1989 the biggest earthquake in that area but it´s only a question of time, till it is the next earthquake. In San Francisco are some very important broadcasts just like BBC and CNN. And famous magazines just like the TIME magazine.

Famous citys in california1
Famouscitys in California

  • San Diego: Thereis a verybigaircraftcarrierthe USS Midway . The San Diego Zoo isoneofthebiggestZoo‘s in the USA. San Diego is one of the most important port cities in the USA. In thepacificoceanatthecoastof San Diego was turned Titanic ormovies just like Drake and Josh or Top Gun.

  • Alcatraz: Is in the Bay of San Francisco A Highly secure prison but is now used as tourist attraction. In 1963 Robert F. Kennedy was in the fact that the prison was closed since the island is uninhabited.

  • Death Valley: Is 86 metres below sea level. There the hottest temperature in the USA (56,7°C) was recorder. And next to death Valley is the highest point in California the Mountain Whitney is 4418 metres high.

  • Palm springs: Southern California desert is one of the warmest parts of the country. Palm Springs is the capital of the desert area. Palm Springs got his name from. There is the longest gondola lift from the whole world. The gondola lift is 3900 meters long.

Other famous citys in california
Other famouscitys in California

  • Silicon Valley: Is thecomputerindustrie in Californiathereareveryfamouscompanys just likeApple,Adobe,Ebay,Google,Oracle,Microsoft,

    Yahoo,Facebook,Sony,Siemens,Philips usw. Sillicon Valley istheumbrellatermofthe Computer and electronic industrie.

National parks
National Parks

  • Redwood national park: coast Redwood theregrowthehighestredwoods in theworld. The highest Redwood is 115,6 metershigh.

  • Sequoia national park: Sequoias reach a width of about 11 meters and a high of 80 meters. Also they belong to the largest and oldest trees in the world. The oldest sequoia is 2000 to 2500 years old.

  • Yosemite national Park: The Yosemite has impressive granite cliffs, waterfalls and clear streams, which are groves of redwood trees and their species known worldwide.

Politics in california
Politics in California

  • California is governed as a republic and the Government is in Sacramento. The governor is Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    He is a famous actor from austria and he works without any money.

And now a quiz
Andnow a quiz

  • What is the capital from California?

  • What are the largest and most famous cities in California?

  • How can designates the largest redwoods in the world?

  • How often were the summer Olympic games in California?

  • What´s the name of the governor from California?

And now some pictures from california

Where i found the informations
Where I foundtheInformations

  • Wikipedia

  • Google


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  • The official Website fromCalifornia