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N. B. A. Grades. The. Template. D. C. F. NP. Scope. WHY? One of the four assurances of the State Fiscal Stabilization Funds (SFSF) requires States to build a longitudinal data system that includes transcript data, including courses completed, and grades earned, and

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  • WHY?
    • One of the four assurances of the State Fiscal Stabilization Funds (SFSF) requires States to build a longitudinal data system that includes transcript data,
      • including courses completed, and
      • grades earned, and
      • the data needed to connect teachers to students.
  • Therefore…

In 2011-2012 NDE discontinued the Curriculum Report

for public districts and Special Purpose schools,

so this template will be used for

determining NCLB qualified staff.

Note: Nonpublics do not report Student Grades and

will continue to use the Curriculum Report.

  • WHAT?
    • Districts must report all students in grades Pre-Kindergartenthrough grade 12. This includes students who may be attending school to age 21.
    • Courses completed are reported for all students, however, course grades are only reported for students in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12.
  • WHERE?
    • NSSRS Student Grades Templatesubmitted through the NDE Portal in two, separate collections.
  • WHEN? TWICE!!!!!!!!
    • The Student Grades template is due by June 29th of each year.

- Summer School Student Grades template (grades 9-12) is due between August 1 – 10, 2012.

  • Changes from last year besides
    • Summer School and PK added,
    • Two Separate Collections

- at Two Times…

  • Changes to some Course Codes

Coming soon! Updated Course Course Codes and Clearing Endorsements (formerly called Appendix D)

considerations con t
Considerations, Con’t.
  • New field: Course Delivery Model (42)


    • 1 Synchronous – Not Career Academy
    • 2 Asynchronous – Not Career Academy
    • 3 Career Academy Synchronous
    • 4 Career Academy Asynchronous
    • 5 Career Academy In Classroom
considerations con t1
Considerations Con’t.
  • Staff Reporting Module
    • Check your Staff Verification Reports (Current Personnel Report) to be sure you are picking up the Distance Learning staff/courses you are providing
    • Ditto for any ESU Staff that may be providing alternative programs
    • You enter the post-secondary teachers in your own Staff Reporting…
considerations con t2
Considerations Con’t.
  • Student and School Enrollment
    • Student Grades won’t play if you have not first submitted a Student Template for the individuals
    • Keep your School Enrollment up to date and accurate
      • Only report Courses Completed
considerations con t3
Considerations Con’t.
  • Known SIS Challenges
    • Columns not in the proper sequence
    • Additional information included in the SIS extract
    • Missing fields, e.g. Dual Credit and Controlling District Code,
    • Staff IDs not exporting (b/c they aren’t entered?)
    • Naming convention of the extracted file
    • Others?
  • NOTE: Be sure you are using Version 7.1

of the NDE Desktop Database!!!

heads up

The rules for field contents

within the submission are


for Summer School Submissions

(and so is the collection!!)

suggested student grades 2012 strategy
SuggestedStudent Grades 2012 Strategy

Potential Submission(s) “Today”

Value in Submitting “Today”

Makes it easier to scan an excel file for pre-submission errors since the data steward is looking for “same” data

Makes the job of verification more manageable

Reduces the workload at year-end

Starts grooming the data for future submissions, i.e. data quality for entry data is started now.

If grades 7-8 go up, they may show Quarterly grades (e.g. for Perkins). However, data for students who don’t complete the year can be deleted at any time

Put Semester 1 grades

“to bed” asap (*)

  • Grades 9th – 12thonly
  • Field (22) Semester would all say “1” for first semester or shorter
  • Field (27) Section Code Long would be required but not critical

(*) either fix the files manually

or submit asap when SISs are ready

student grades 2012 strategy con t
Student Grades 2012 Strategy, Con’t

Submission @ Year-End:

Three Separate Files

Value in Submitting in “chunks”

Makes it easier to scan the file for submission errors since the data steward is looking for “same” data

Makes the job of verification more manageable

Prepares data steward for summer school submissions, i.e. Field 22 Semester Summer School “4” and as a separate file

  • Submit 2nd Semester for grades 9-12 similarly, i.e. Field 22 Semester has only “2s”
  • Submit year-end grades PK-6, i.e. Field 22 Semester has only “3s”
  • Submit year-end grades 7-8, i.e. Field 22 has primarily “3s,” but may use either “1s” and “2s” or the Field (27) Section Code Long to show quarterly grades for Perkins
student grades 2012 tactical
Student Grades 2012 Tactical
  • Import into Excel
    • Through the “Data” feature, importing a “text” file, and using the Wizard.
  • Change to R1C1
    • Allows matching the spreadsheet to the Instructions,
    • Allows for an easier manipulation of the file for columns and content.

#462 If Student is in Grades 9-12, “Not Applicable” is Not a Valid Grade.

Fix: Field 11 “Course Grade” should have a letter grade (A-D, F), a P (Passing) or NP (Not Passing) for pass or fail courses. A “0” is not valid b/c of the grade level of the student.

Action: Correct your SIS and reload. The field will overwrite.


#463 Student in Grades 9-12 Should Not Be Reported with Course Code 180000 (Self-Contained Classroom).

Fix: Field 26 “Course Code” must have a six-digit State Course code that is appropriate for the grade reported. No 9-12th grade students can have a self-contained classroom (“homeroom”) code.

Action: Correct your SIS and reload. This is a key field, and the originally submitted data must be deleted as well.


#465 Staff Teaching Course Does Not Have Appropriate Assignment Code.

Fix: The error is likely in the Portal: NSSRS: Staff Reporting: Position Assignment Record(s). The code used to describe their assignment does not indicate authority to assign a grade.

Action: Correct the Staff Record (and SIS?), and reload. Corrections will overwrite.


#497 Invalid Location Code On Student Grades Template for Summer School.

Fix: When reporting Student Grades for Summer School, the school location code should be “000.” This is found in Field 2.

Action: Correct SIS and reload. This field will overwrite.

verification reports static portal nssrs validation verification reports student student grades
Verification Reports - StaticPortal: NSSRS: Validation: Verification Reports: Student: Student Grades

Student Grades, Student, School Enrollment, Staff Snapshot, and Staff Assignment Templates for the school year need to be uploaded before these reports will populate.

Courses – A list of courses and sections, by semester.

Student Roster – A list of students in a section, listed by Staff, Course, Semester and Section.

Student Courses – For each student, a list of courses, sections, and the teacher, listed by Student, Semester, Course, and Section.

Student No Courses – A list of students with no courses submitted.

Teacher Courses – A list of courses and section, listed by Teacher, Semester, Course, and Section.

Teachers No Courses – A list of teachers with no courses submitted.

new verification feature dynamic
New Verification Feature – Dynamic!!!

Portal: NSSRS: Validation:

System Lookups: Student Grades

due dates
Due Dates

You’ll let us submit late

  • Student Template (Student Grades Within) _2_0.pdf

  • Student Grades Guidance (FAQs)

  • Student Grades Blank Template Formatted File

  • NDE Desktop Database* (Found Within Portal at NSSRS Secure Information Website)

*Version 7.1

  • Calendar
  • Course Course Codes and Clearing Endorsements (formerly called Appendix D)

  • How to Import into Excel Directions

  • District/School Codes

documentation for summer school
Documentation for Summer School
  • Within the Student Grades Template itself
  • Section E within the Guidance (FAQ) Document
  • Separate upload period identified in the NSSRS Calendar
  • Video and Presentation on the NSSRS Home page

**Separate Data Collection within “Upload” in the NSSRS Data Manager**

student grade faqs
Student Grade FAQs
  • Which students do I report?
    • Include all students who completed courses and earned grades at your school, including:
      • Nonpublics
      • Exempt or Home-Schools (Rule 12 or 13)
    • Also include students who attend entities that do not report student data, including:
      • Interim Program Schools (Rule 18)
      • ESU Schools and Contracted Service Providers
      • Iowa School of the Deaf
      • District Focus Programs
      • District Alternate Programs
student grade faqs1
Student Grade FAQs
  • Where do I put the State Course Code in my SIS?
    • Typically this is loaded into the field “Alt Course Code,” although your SIS may be different.
  • What SPED Students do I report?
    • Ages PK-21. Students between the ages of 18-21 should have course codes assigned.
  • Please explain “Dual Credit” & “Controlling

District Code” for Post-Secondary entries.

student grade faqs2
Student Grade FAQs
  • Should we report courses for students that are contracted in from another Nebraska district? What about contracted out students?
    • Students who are contracted into the district should have a Student Grades template for the courses they complete.
    • If a student is contracted out to another district, the district that is educating the student will report the Student Grades template.
student id faqs
Student ID FAQs
  • Will every student have at least one Student Grades record?
    • No. If a student does not complete any courses, they will not be reported on the Student Grades template.
    • Students grades 9-12 will have multiple records. Each completed course will require a separate record. This may be by quarter, semester, and year-long courses.
student grade faqs3
Student Grade FAQs
  • If a student’s work is graded, a course grade must be reported for that course.
    • This includes students who receive instruction in resource rooms, alternative programs and schools, online courses, independent study, distance learning, dual credit, and other arrangements.
staff id faqs
Staff ID FAQs
  • Which staff ID should I report for non-traditional courses?
    • Provide the Staff ID for the teacher who reports the grade. Courses included:
      • Dual credit
      • Distance learning
      • Web-based
      • Co-taught
      • Correspondence

Added Value of Importing Student Grades

into Excel

….. Data Use Retreats

See a NDE Trainer here or

check in with your ESU

thank you for attending
Thank You for Attending!!



your survey instrument