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Military Robots

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Military Robots. What comes to your mind?. The Terminator??. Robot : A machine that is controlled, in whole or in part, by an onboard computer. They don’t have to be like this…. They are all with tank treads!.

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what comes to your mind
What comes to your mind?

The Terminator??


A machine that is controlled, in whole or in part, by an onboard computer.

They don’t have to be like this…


They are all with tank treads!

Photo courtesy Mesa RoboticsThe 61-pound (28-kg) MATILDA robot can tow up to 475 lbs (215 kg)

Photo courtesy Mesa RoboticsThis version of the ACER robot clears anti-personnel landmines.

Photo courtesy Mesa RoboticsThe bulldozer-size ACER can handle tasks like clearing explosives and hauling cargo

A example of sensors

let s have a look
Let’s have a look
  • Small Bots:
  • The most common robots currently in use by the military are small, flat robots mounted on miniature tank treads.
  • TALON:
  • The TALON is a man-portable robot operating on small treads.

TALON robots can be configured with M240 or M249 machine guns or Barrett 50-caliber rifles," according to manufacturer Foster-Miller.

The military is performing additional tests using TALON robots equipped with grenade launchers and anti-tank rocket launchers.

Photo courtesy Foster-MillerAssault TALON

go on
Go on!
  • Big Bots:
  • Larger military robots are basically trucks or tanks with computers in them, operated by remote control.
  • ACERACER is another robot made by Mesa Robotics. This robot is about the size of a small bulldozer or a Zamboni.

Photo courtesy Mesa RoboticsArmored Combat Engineer Robot (ACER)

Three of ACER's possible configurations


Obviously, ACER is not man-portable -- it weighs 4,500 lbs (2,040 kg). This heavy-duty robot has a maximum speed of 6.3 mph (10 kph) and runs on a diesel engine. The fuel tank holds 19 gallons (72 liters). For complete ACER specifications and features, see Mesa Robotics: ACER.

Photo courtesy Mesa Robotics

who s next
Who’s next?
  • Flying Bots:
  • Reconnaissance plays a key role in military planning – drones(Flying Bots) help military commanders keep track of their own troops and also spot enemy troops that might be waiting to ambush U.S. soldiers.

Flying robots like the Predator provide constant real-time data on troop movements, enemy locations and weather. In at least one case, a flying robot did a lot more than just spot the enemy: Predators can be fitted with Hellfire missiles, and when one of these Air Force drones spotted an anti-aircraft gun in southern Iraq in March 2003, it used one of the Hellfires to take it out


MQ-1 Predator UAV


The MQ-1 Predator Hunter/Killer is equipped with two Hellfire missiles and a targeting system.

To learn much more about the Predator , go search the internet.

where are we now
Where are we now?

Today's military robots are limited in their autonomy and their range. They are essentially tethered to human controllers.