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SPARK creates, implements, and evaluates programs that promote lifelong wellness.

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SPARK creates, implements, and evaluates programs that promote lifelong wellness. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SPARK creates, implements, and evaluates programs that promote lifelong wellness. Obesity is a big problem. SPARK is here to help!. SPARK Background. Originally funded in 1989 by Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of N.I.H. SPARK is the conduit that moves research to practice

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'SPARK creates, implements, and evaluates programs that promote lifelong wellness.' - lalasa

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is a big problem.

SPARK is here to help!

spark background
  • Originally funded in 1989 by Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of N.I.H.
  • SPARK is the conduit that moves research to practice
  • Over 40 publications proving SPARK programs work and last!

“Children are our most valuable natural resource.”

Herbert Hoover


PE and PA “Hall of Shame”

  • Being “picked” for “teams”
  • Sitting on roll call numbers
  • Standing in lines waiting a turn
  • Relays and elimination activities
  • Fitness as punishment
  • Focus on star athletes
  • Sharing 1 ball with 45 close friends
  • Using people for target practice

Hall of Shame

  • Being picked last for teams
  • Standing in lines waiting for a turn
  • Fitness as punishment
  • Focus on star athletes
  • Grouping by gender
  • Sharing 1 ball with 30 close friends
  • Big people throwing balls at little people
  • Relay races
  • Elimination games
  • Inappropriate-sized equipment

These things DO NOT happenin SPARK!

new pe is about outcomes
New PE is About Outcomes..

Students Receiving SPARK PE Improved:

  • Activity levels: over 50% of class time
  • Physical fitness scores
  • Sport skills (throw, catch, kick)
  • Enjoyment of PE
  • Activity levels away from school
  • Scores on academic tests
  • Teachers improve PE quantity and quality
  • SPARK lasts!

MVPA Today

MVPA is on the decline!


Healthy People 2010 Goals for Youth Physical Activity

  • Objectives for physical activity in youth:
  • Moderate physical activity
  • Vigorous physical activity
  • Provide daily school physical education
  • PE classes that are highly active

HowMuch MVPA in PE Classes?

    • The Goal = 50%*
  • The Usual = 36%**
  • *Healthy People 2010 Goal
  • **Catch and NICHD baselines = 36% MVPA
  • (900 schools, 3rd grade: McKenzie 1995; Nader, 2003)
  • **TAAG Baseline = 37% MVPA
  • (36 middle schools, 6 states, McKenzie et al, MSSE, 2006)

1. Talk Less

  • Object is… do that by…
  • 80-20 Rule
  • Be a plumber - fix the leaks!

2. Differentiate and Disguise

  • Empower students with choices, levels
  • Disguise the fitness element

3. Think MVPA

  • Watch for it
  • Change what you’re doing to
  • achieve it
  • Stopwatch strategy

Each Program Provides…

  • Curriculum
  • Training
  • Follow-Up
  • Equipment

SPARK Works!

SPARK Lasts!


SPARK Lesson Plans

  • Teacher Friendly
  • Minimum Prep
  • Standards-Based
  • Field-Tested

SPARK Workshops

Inspirational, motivating, effective!


SPARK Equipment

Matched to SPARK content

And Age-Appropriate



  • We are pleased to offer The OrganWise Guys® Pre-K/K – 5 award-winning, science-based curriculum to develop an approach to the prevention of childhood obesity.
    • Custom Professional Development
      • Educators learn the OrganWise Guys curriculum and focus on integrating components into the overall education
      • Food-services learn how to create an environment that supports healthy lifestyle, food, and beverage choices.

Why Staff Wellness?

  • Lets focus on
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Stress Management

Health Education

  • The Healthy Lifestyle Choices program (HLC) meets all 7 of the National Health Education Standards.
    • Core Subject Integration
    • Includes Assessment tools
  • HLC provides FREE online training
  • and web-based resources for teachers.
    • Life Skills
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Nutrition
    • Substance Abuse Prevention
    • Safety
    • Fitness
and more spark
…And More SPARK
  • On-Site Consultation Models
  • Booster workshops
  • Institutes in each program
    • 2 full days each
    • Spring and Summer
  • Train the Trainer Model
coming soon
Coming Soon
  • Password accessible website
  • Videoclips
  • Standards alignment tools
  • E-textbook capability
  • SPARKlights
contact me for
Contact me for…
  • Free grant development services
  • Free webinars and newsletter registration
  • Free consultations
  • Free program and/or equipment quotes

Ellen Ormsby – East Coast Program Consultant

By phone – 443.995.9011

By email -

great reasons to choose a spark program
Great Reasons to Choosea SPARK Program
  • SPARK content and instruction give teachers tools to align with their state/district/national PE standards!
  • Proven effective in research
  • Cited in the U.S. Surgeon General’s report
  • Awarded “Exemplary Program” of the U.S. Departmentof Education, 1993
  • Received “Governor’s Commendation” award from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, 1993
great reasons to choose a spark program1
Great Reasons to Choosea SPARK Program
  • Over 100,000 (teachers) served!
  • The only research-based, nationally disseminated program Pre-K through 12th gr., in and out of school
  • In 2005, SPARK was awarded “Gold” status for BOTH elementary and middle school programs by a Cooper Institute study in 2005
  • Twelve SPARK schools have won awards for their physical education programs!
  • Leading University’s use SPARK as part of their curriculum!
financial strength organizational capacity
Financial Strength,Organizational Capacity
  • 810 workshops conducted, plus7 Institutes
  • Trained 25,000+ teachers
  • Effected over 1 million students
  • 50+ conference presentations
  • 60+ staff with international reach

Not since 1989; all this last fiscal!


In Closing; a Thought to Live By…

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become manifest, strength cannot be exerted, wealth becomes useless, and reason becomes powerless.”

Herophilus, 300 B.C.