king midas and his gold n.
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“King Midas and His Gold” PowerPoint Presentation
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“King Midas and His Gold”

“King Midas and His Gold”

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“King Midas and His Gold”

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  1. “King Midas and His Gold”

  2. rewardIf you reward someone, you give something special or nice to that person for something he or she has done.

  3. reward Senor Rattlesnake promised that if Rabbit would help him, he would reward Rabbit. I might reward you for your good behavior in class by giving you extra time at recess. Would you prefer a reward of extra recess time or no homework?

  4. reward What kind of reward would you like for doing a good deed? How might you reward someone for helping you learn to play a new game? Tell about a time when you were rewarded for doing something.

  5. handsomely To do something handsomely means to do it in a way that is great or more than you expected.

  6. handsomely Rattlesnake says that he will reward Rabbit handsomely for helping him. If you found someone’s wallet and returned it, the person might reward you handsomely by giving you something special. What would be a handsome reward?

  7. handsomely If you were paid $100 to clean the classroom, would you be paid handsomely? Why or why not? What are some ways you could treat your family members handsomely? When have you been treated handsomely? Tell about it.

  8. cruelSomething is cruel when it brings pain or makes you feel bad.

  9. cruel Rattlesnake calls the stone that rolled onto him cruel. Which do you think is cruel, to say mean things to someone or to share something with someone?

  10. cruel Would you say something was cruel if it made you feel sad? Why or why not? Tell about something that is NOT cruel. When have you seen someone being cruel? Tell about it.

  11. greedyA greedy person wants a lot of something and does not want to share any of it.

  12. greedy King Midas was greedy because he wanted more gold. I am greedy with ice cream. I want a lot of it, and I don’t want to share. Would you feel more greedy about ice cream or broccoli?

  13. greedy Do you think a greedy person would share? Why or why not? If a person is greedy about watching TV, what might the person do? How would a greedy dog act with a bone?

  14. consequences Consequencesare thing that happen as a result or another action. If I throw a ball at a window and break it, the consequences might be that I get in trouble for it.

  15. consequences When King Midas wished for gold, he did not know that some of the consequences would be that he could not eat or rest. When I stay up too late, a consequence is that I am tired the next day. Name some consequences of not doing your homework.

  16. consequences What would some consequences be if you did not clean your room? What are some good consequences of sharing toys with a friend? What are some bad consequences of not sharing toys with a friend?

  17. regretA person who has a regret feels sorry for something he or she did.

  18. regret King Midas will regret making his wish for gold when he turns the things and people he loves to gold. I regret saying hurtful things. Would you regret being mean or being nice?

  19. regret Would you regret spilling your milk? Why or why not? Suppose you ate the last cookie. Would you regret it? Would you regret helping your family set the table? Why or why not?

  20. Let’s recap…and review what we learned.

  21. Fill in the blanks with the correct word.consequence cruel greedy It is ___________ to say something mean to another person. You would be __________ if you took more food than you could eat.

  22. handsomely reward regret I will _________ you for helping collect the papers in the class. You may be rewarded ______________ if you cleaned up the playroom after your little sister played in there.

  23. consequences regret greedy What _________might result from not studying for your test? You might ________ getting in front of someone in line.