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Rachel Freeman Kansas

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Rachel Freeman Kansas
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  1. Using Interagency Collaboration to Promote Behavioral Health to Improve Quality of Life for all Ages • Three UCEDDs, Including Nevada, Kansas and Virginia, Are Implementing Programs Supporting the Behavioral Health of Children and Adults Across the Lifespan These Behavioral Health Efforts Involve Interagency Collaboration With Professionals In Education And Human Service Systems. Common Themes Related to the Three States’ Implementation Efforts Are Summarized and Recommendations For Other States Are Included Below: Common Themes Value-driven Systems Statewide Training & TA Coaching & Mentoring Multiple Funding Sources Leverage of Limited Funds Common Language Across Agencies Evidence-base Practices Use Data, Systems, & Practices to Implement Change Begin Statewide Planning ByExpanding Relationships & By Finding New Champions (e.g. Start Where You Are) Three-tiered Prevention Model Including School-based Mental Health & Positive Behavior Support Leadership Team Active Coordination Behavioral Expertise Coaching Evaluation Training APBS Local Demonstration Organizational Pilots PBS Interagency Statewide Team Meetings Self-assessment Documenting Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary Services and Programs Goals & Objectives Meet the Needs of Agencies/Stakeholders Braid Funding Across Prevention Programs Establish Evaluation Plan & Logic Model Use Data, Systems and Practices to Interconnect Prevention Efforts With Positive Behavior Support Create Layers of Training and TA For Different Stakeholders & Levels of Complexity Examples of Complementary Efforts: Systems of Care Wraparound Planning Person-centered Planning Positive Psychology Substance Abuse Prevention Examples of Training Layers: Awareness Level Skill Building Level Facilitator (Implementer) Experienced Trainer Recommendations Rachel Freeman Kansas Molly Dellinger-Wray Virginia Don Jackson Nevada