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Media Specialist

Media Specialist. By: Erin Scott. “Library media specialists empower students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information.” -Sara Kelly Johns. Definition.

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Media Specialist

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  1. Media Specialist By: Erin Scott “Library media specialists empower students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information.” -Sara Kelly Johns

  2. Definition • Advise teachers and administrators on the use of non-print media, such as movies, audiotapes, filmstrips, and slide presentations • Experts in the area of media production and presentation • Help teachers plan programs for their classes • Also called Library Media Specialists

  3. Education & Training • Varies between states but some of the standard requirements include: • Bachelor’s Degree in Education Media or in another field of education is the basic requirement, but a Master’s Degree would be beneficial • Course work in Media • Teacher certification • In PA there is also a Praxis exam required to gain certification as a Specialist

  4. Receiving a Degree • It is recommended you attend a program which is accredited by the ALA (American Association of School Librarians) • The school and their program review is performed semi-annually, which includes a review in the Spring which is due 9/15 and the Fall which is due 2/1

  5. Currently Accredited Schools • Maryland: • McDaniel College (Westminster, MD) • Accredited through Fall of 2010 • Towson University (Towson, MD) • Accredited through Spring of 2014 • Pennsylvania: • Kutztown University (Kutztown, PA) • Accredited through Spring of 2013 • Mansfield University (Mansfield, PA) • Accredited through Fall of 2009

  6. Basic Responsibilities • Help teachers and lecturers choose audiovisual aids • Acquire, collect, and maintain films, videos, audiotapes, photographs, and software programs • Assist teachers in choosing the proper training aids for use in the classroom • Simple maintenance (ex. Cleaning monitors and lenses, and changing light bulbs or batteries) • The following link provides a great overview of the responsibilities: • Meet Your New School Library Media Specialist

  7. Importance of Media Specialists • Help the students to become more literate in the world of Information Technology • Develops policies, practices and curriculum that guide students to develop the full range of information literacy skills • Evaluates information sources in all formats and alerts school personnel as needed • Guides and directs all activities related to the library media program • Plans, executes, and evaluates the library media program to ensure its quality and relevance in the learning community

  8. Importance Continued… • Responsible for collecting, evaluating, and organizing a media collection which provides a solid information base • Promotes the importance of reading • Collaborates with teachers to plan and develop units that integrate multimedia, research, and information literacy skills into instruction • Instructs teachers and students in finding and using age and ability appropriate resources

  9. Importance Continued… • Uses technology as an instructional tool to support content learning • Provides access to local, state, national, and international sources of information • Teaches students and staff how to choose and use the most effective resources for their needs • Models ethical and responsible behavior with regard to the use of information • Participates in school improvement processes

  10. The 21st Century Media Center Program Watch the following video outlining the importance of Media Specialists and Media Centers: The 21st Century Media Center Program

  11. Job Outlook • Median Salary: $45,900/year • Job Outlook: Fair • Can advance from the school level to the district level or become heads of media for several school districts or states Department of Education • Little growth is anticipated through the year 2014 • Job opportunities rely heavily on the retirement of experienced workers and public funding for education • It is estimated the Library Media Specialists leave the profession within 12 years

  12. Does Your Child’s School Measure Up? • Many parents wonder if their child’s school has a Library Media Center to assist in learning the essentials of Information Technology • If your child’s school has a Library Media Center do they have a Library Media Specialist? The following website provides essential questions each parent should ask: • What Parents Should Know

  13. The 21st Century Library • Includes distance-learning capabilities • Includes up to date equipment such as MP3 players and video equipment • To meet the advanced training Media Specialists receive many schools will need to upgrade their existing facilities • No longer full of books and bookshelves, must also deliver interactive media and instruction

  14. Conclusion • Very rewarding career focused on current Information Technology • Work one on one with teachers and administrators to develop effective means of content delivery • Work with the students directly by providing valuable resource information • Many possibilities for advancement and career paths once hired within a district or at a state level

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