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Just the FACTS 5W-H Questions (who, what, when, where, why, how) Organize by importance Don’t use first person pronoun “I” Be objective Don’t be Bias. News Article. Headline—use action verbs and important nouns and adjs. Byline—by your name

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news article
Just the FACTS

5W-H Questions (who, what, when, where, why, how)

Organize by importance

Don’t use first person pronoun “I”

Be objective

Don’t be Bias

News Article
format of news article
Headline—use action verbs and important nouns and adjs.

Byline—by your name

Lead—first sentence/ paragraph—include 5W-H Qs—put most important first—attract the reader’s attention

Body—explanation, details, info., quotes, facts, etc.

Background information—brief info leading up to or supporting story (this info may be cut from article when printed)

Format of News Article
news writing values
News writing Values…
  • Impact—will it make a difference in readers’ lives?
  • Timeliness—Is it current? (Consider paper will be out 1 wk after deadline).
  • Proximity—Is it valuable? Is it interesting?
  • Prominence—status of people, event?
  • Human Interest—touching, stirring, interesting, emotional, etc.
newswriting style
Newswriting Style
  • Sentences and Paragraphs—short & simple
  • Clarity
  • Accuracy
  • Details
  • Objectivity—none of your opinion
  • Brevity
  • Quotes—must have in all articles
  • Attribution—by your name
  • Names—spelled correctly
  • Titles—give if person has one
  • Abbreviations—use only if clear
finding the news
Finding the NEWS
  • School
    • Clubs
    • Activities
    • Curriculum
    • Codes of Conduct
    • Sports
    • Student Council
    • Awards, Scholarships
    • Policy Changes
    • Education Standards
    • Counseling
    • Improvement of facilities
    • Noteworthy Individuals
  • Community
    • Laws/curfews affecting students
    • Community concerns and large events
    • Entertainment
    • Local youth programs
    • Job opportunities
    • Volunteer possibilities
  • National and World Issues
    • Close-up coverage of wider concerns as they directly relate to student in your school
finding the news1
Finding the NEWS
  • Hard news
    • Events, stories,
  • Once-a-year activity
    • Prom, homecoming, play, blood drive, etc.
  • Human Interest
    • Stories that appeal to softer side of human nature
    • Emotional
  • Participatory Journalism (P84)
as a journalist you


  • Your assigned area to cover
    • Who is sponsor?
    • List of members of club, sports, event, etc.
    • Make contact once a week for NEWS
sources for the news
Sources for the News
  • Make list of sources to contact
  • Write interview questions for each source
  • Interview all sources
  • Take excellent notes
  • Double check all info for accuracy
  • Ask if you can quote the source
  • Get correct spelling of source name
procedures for news writing
Procedures for news writing
  • Topic and Type of article—news, feature, sports, editorial—write on story board (must be approved by Editor-in-Chief and Mrs. Childers)
  • Write interview questions
  • Have questions approved by Editor-in-Chief
  • Conduct interview and research
  • Draft article immediately after interview & research
  • Revise article
  • Have Editor-in-Chief to revise and approve of article
  • Edit article
  • E-mail article to club sponsor for revisions and approval
  • Edit article
  • E-mail article to Mrs. Childers for approval and publication (at this point article should be PERFECT and ready for publication in county newspaper)
active vs passive voice
Active vs. Passive Voice
  • School Newspaper Adviser’s Survival Guide(P 96-103 for info and exercises)