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Nataliya KLIMOVA director PowerPoint Presentation
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Nataliya KLIMOVA director

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Nataliya KLIMOVA director - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nataliya KLIMOVA director
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  1. PROFI-CONSULTING recruiting company Nataliya KLIMOVA director

  2. PROFI-CONSULTING Mission:To provide our Clients with top-quality services in the area of Human Resources management, constantly improving and developing their range. Motto:Best for the Best!

  3. PROFI-CONSULTING Recruiting company PROFI-CONSULTING (тм) was founded in Kharkov on February 14th, 1997. PROFI-CONSULTINGfoundation target –searching of highly motivated and professional candidates throughout Ukraine and CIS. Currently PROFI-CONSULTINGutilizes modern technologies in searching of candidates and offers the full range of services in the area of Human Resources management. PROFI-CONSULTING is a team of 5 persons including 3 consultants and 1 researchers whose brahch and funcional specialization enablesto perform most complicated projects. PROFI-CONSULTING - above 120 successful projectsa year.

  4. PROFI-CONSULTING Recruiting department Training department • Executive Search • Middle ManagementRecruiting • Outplacement • Outstaffing • Temporary Staffing • Professional skills testing • Business trainings • Salary Surveys • HR Managers’ Club • «HR-Masterskaya» • Academy HRD • School «New HR Generation» • School «English for HR»

  5. Executive Search &Middle ManagementRecruiting Stages of cooperation with Customer and Timings • Conducting negotiations and contract signing – min. 1 day. • Agreeing on the Job Profile of the open vacancy, territory and optimum methods of candidates search – min. 1 day. • Searching specialists - 2-7 weeks. • Selecting specialists by the Consultants of the Agency – 1 day. • Organizing interviews of selected candidates with Customer- • 1 day. • Checking recommendations for the finalist - min. 3 days. • Providing consulting support during probationary period.

  6. Executive Search &Middle Management Recruiting Orders are performed by project team • Director (responsible for agreeing contract terms and making decision on taking an order into execution). • Manager of Recruiting department, Consultant (responsible for order execution). • Members of the project team (Researcher, Consulting Department Assistant).

  7. Executive Search & Middle ManagementRecruitingMethods of candidates search Data Base Search– search of specialists in company’s database. Advertisement & Internet Search – search with using of target advertisement of vacancy in mass-media and Internet. Executive Search – direct search of specifically determined specialists in certain sphere of business. Head Hunting – search of concrete specialist indicated by the Client.

  8. Executive Search & Middle ManagementRecruitingMethods of specialist's selection Estimation of experience and qualification based on CV data Interview over the telephone Deep structured personal interview Competence level interview Testing of special knowledge and skills Psychological testing

  9. Executive Search & Middle ManagementRecruitingServices rendered to the Client Presenting a Client 3-5 resumes of finalists of Agency's search and selection. Organizing interviews in time, confirmed by the Client. Preparing candidates for the interview and other selection procedures. Reference check on Finalist. Consulting both parties during negotiations on salary and compensation package issues. Support of the Candidate at the period of job change. Consulting Clients on adaptation procedures. After receiving the entire fee amount, the Agency takes guarantee obligations.

  10. PROFI-CONSULTINGCooperation benefits Individual approachto each Client, adequate understanding of his needs with a view to meet the highest possible requirements. Clarityof personnel searching and selecting process, observance of high corporative standards when performing the order. Professionalism of consultants– extensive skills of our recruiters, application of various technologies in search of candidates. Brahch and funcional specializationof our recruiters. Extreme search speed due to a perfectly organized, constantly upgraded, unique database of specialists.

  11. PROFI-CONSULTINGOur Clients Amcor Rentsch Europe, Astros, ATP 16363, Avon, В.А.Т., Bears, Danone, Еuromart, Eco Fridge, Global Logic, Hewlett Packard, IPCOM, Kraft Foods, Lafarge Gips, MacCoffee, Malteurop Ukraine, MARS, Metro C&C, Servier, Sun Oil, REEMTSMA, REMS, Perfetti van Melle, Procter&Gamble, Ranilla, ROSHEN, SUN Inbev Ukraine, Sigma Bleyzer, Telesens Ukraine, Volvo Truck Corporation, Wimm-Bill-Dann, Liqui Moly, UMC, Philip Morris, Unitrade, UniZoo, JTI, SC Johnson, W3 Ukraine and etc.

  12. PROFI-CONSULTINGOur contacts UKRAINE, KHARKOV 4 Sumskaya st., 216 of. Tel.: +38 (057) 760 10 66, 719 29 75 Mob.: +38 (050) 325 18 60 email: