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United Way Online E-Pledge PowerPoint Presentation
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United Way Online E-Pledge

United Way Online E-Pledge

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United Way Online E-Pledge

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  1. United Way Online E-Pledge

  2. Is it a burden to • personalize, • distribute, and • collect paper pledge forms?

  3. Is it difficult or impossible to get up-to-the-minute reports of who has • pledged, • chosen not to pledge, or • just not responded?

  4. Would you like to significantly reduce the amount of time required to administer and report the results of your campaign?

  5. Do the majority of your employees have internet access at work or at home?

  6. If you answered YES to more than one of these questions, then online E-Pledge is for you.

  7. Workplace E-Pledge is • Online • Secure • Convenient • Integrates a personalized donor experience with the power of group giving • Uses both email and intranet/websites to deliver your giving message

  8. Workplace E-Pledge • Enhances the Donor Experience • Simple and convenient way of making a donation to United Way • Immediate confirmation of gift

  9. Workplace E-Pledge • Employee donors can enter a pledge by: • Payroll • Credit Card (fully paid) • “Bill Me” • Cash • Check • Stock • ACH Bank Transfers(either monthly or one time)

  10. Workplace E-Pledge Employee donors can also: • Enter a “no pledge this year” response • Enter designations from a campaign-specific list of agencies and service categories • Review their account anytime, including • prior recent pledge transactions already in the system, and • residential gifts and gifts pledged through previous employers

  11. Workplace E-Pledge Your Company and United Way decide which options are appropriate for your E-Pledge donors

  12. Workplace E-Pledge • Screens are customizable & flexible • Company specific with your • Logo • Welcome message • Pictures • Thank you message

  13. Workplace E-Pledge Reduces Company’s Staff Time Campaign tracking and re-canvass functionality saves time needed for administration Increases Accuracy All donation and receipting information is entered by donor Built-in review process increases accuracy

  14. Employee Campaign Coordinators can: • Print real-time campaign management data • Total pledged • Number of donors • Average gift • Per capita gift • Company defined goal • Current campaign compared to previous • campaigns • Donor designations

  15. Employee Campaign Coordinators can: • Print lists of employees who have pledged • Through the web • Via traditional paper pledge forms • Have responded “no pledge this year” • Have not yet recorded a response

  16. Workplace E-Pledge • All reports are available in • Adobe Acrobat • Spreadsheet format • Accommodates multiple locations/coordinators with differing levels of authority or access

  17. Thank you. Frequently Asked Questions

  18. Q: Is the United Way E-Pledge system secure? FAQ A: The answer to that question is YES. While no system is impenetrable, our systems are designed for maximum protection of employees’ transactions. • Data is transferred via a "secure session" established with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption technology. • Our servers are located on a secure computer and are behind an Internet firewall. • We observe the security principle of least required access necessary to perform a function for all facets of our operations.

  19. Q: What information is needed to setup the E-Pledge site? FAQ A: We will need the following information for all of your employees who will be solicited: • Unique Employee Identifier such as Employee ID • First Name • Last Name • Email Address • Number of pay periods

  20. Q: Why does United Way want all of our employee information before the start of the campaign? FAQ A: For your employees to sign-in, their information must be pre-loaded into the E-Pledge system with employees’ unique user names and passwords.

  21. Q: Can we define what the user names and passwords are going to be? FAQ A: Yes, certainly you can. Or they can be generated for you. It’s your choice.

  22. Q: How does it work? What do the screens look like? FAQ A: Contact your United Way which will arrange for a live on-line demo.

  23. Thank you.

  24. Brown County United Way E-Pledge Timeline for implementation • June: • New equipment purchased, installed and running • E-Pledge module purchased and installed • July: • Andar creates “mock up” of our e-pledge site PRIOR to training • Andar E-Pledge trainer comes for on-site training –(Three full days and it has to be mandatory for appointed staff to attend) • August: • United Way runs internal campaign as a beta test • Glitches/issues from beta test are addressed • September: • E-Pledge up and running for external campaigns (Schneider and possibly ShopKo) • Separate timeline worked out for companies to do an e-pledge campaign for them