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Michigan State University Office of Study Abroad Refresher Seminar PowerPoint Presentation
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Michigan State University Office of Study Abroad Refresher Seminar

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Michigan State University Office of Study Abroad Refresher Seminar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Michigan State University Office of Study Abroad Refresher Seminar
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  1. Michigan State UniversityOffice of Study AbroadRefresher Seminar for study abroad program leaders Panama Mexico Australia Updated April 2010 Property of MSU/OSA

  2. Contents OSA Health & Safety Staff Duties of the Health & Safety Team What to Take Abroad 24/7 Int’l Assistance Line Examples of Emergencies 13 Question Self-Quiz Top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Property of MSU/OSA

  3. Human Resources Julie Friend, friendju@msu.edu • 24/7 response • judicial records Cindy Chalou, chalouc@msu.edu • students with disabilities • programs in Africa & the middle east Amy Fekete, fekete@msu.edu • tech support Plus there are other OSA Staff members with regional expertise http://studyabroad.msu.edu/contact/staff.html

  4. Goals: Prevent, Prepare & Respond Prevent foreseeable harm Prepare for conceivable emergencies by providing information, tools and resources Respond to needs of parents, students, faculty, and staff Argentina France Property of MSU/OSA

  5. Leader Resources Complete Program Leader Guide on the web at: http://studyabroad.msu.edu/faculty_handbook/index.html Property of MSU/OSA

  6. Available Resources • Faculty Handbook and Student Handbook • OSA Faculty Web page • EP&R Seminar Schedule • Spring Crisis Management Workshop • Mental Health Workshop • Travel Warning Policies • OSA’s Parent Page • The Travel Clinic • The Counseling Center • Office of Judicial Affairs • MSU’s 24-7 Emergency Line Property of MSU/OSA

  7. 24/7 International Emergency Assistance Line To report an emergency or receive immediate assistance, call 517-353-3784.This number is answered by the Department of Police & Public Safety. They will take your information and contact the most appropriate MSU official to address your concerns. This person will call you back. Important: If you don’t hear back from us in within 10-15 minutes – call DPPS again! We may be having trouble reaching you! 517-353-3784 Property of MSU/OSA

  8. You cannot give medical advice to students, but if they ask about vaccinations, particularly for Africa, Central/South America, Mexico, Russia, Eastern Europe, or Southeast Asia, refer them to the CDC web site AND the Travel Clinic, or their personal physician, especially if they are on medication or have current health problems. CDC - www.cdc.gov/travel However, if your program is located in Australia, New Zealand, or Western Europe, tell students should visit the Travel Clinic or see their personal physician if they: are not up-to-date on their routine immunizations and; are on any medications; or have any pre-existing conditions. Pre-departure: Medical Issues Property of MSU/OSA

  9. Encourage students at orientation to disclose to you any medical conditions that might be important for you to know about (such as insect or food allergies). While students are asked to disclose medications and pre-existing conditions on their health authorization form, many students fear this information will impact their eligibility, and therefore do not report this important information. Medical Issues, cont. Australia Property of MSU/OSA

  10. Water Safety If swimming is a part of your program: Be certain of students swimming abilities Be certain of the location you’re taking students swimming If students intend to swim during free time Students have the right to do whatever they want, go where ever they want, during their free time If there are locations you don’t recommend students go, say so If the students still go to these locations, they were at least informed Midwest students are generally naive about ocean currents – rip currents; undertow; etc., and are at greater risk Property of MSU/OSA

  11. Mental Health & Study Abroad The Counseling Center reports that more students are coming to college with mental health conditions. The most frequently conditions reported on study abroad programs include: anxiety symptoms and panic attacks depression self-mutilation eating disorders chronic alcohol abuse prescription drug abuse If you have a student whose behavior leads you to believe he may have a mental health condition, resist the urge to diagnose. Instead, focus on disruptive or harmful behaviors, and their impact on the learning environment Ask students to report if peers behaviors are hampering their ability to learn or get the most out of their program Dealing with distressed students (guidelines) http://counseling.msu.edu/forms/faculty_staffguide.pdf Property of MSU/OSA

  12. HTH Accident & Sickness Policy The 09-19 insurance policy covers emergency treatment, evacuation and repatriation for students AND ALL faculty and program assistants. For HTH to coordinate direct payment with the local hospital, they must be notified as soon as possible upon admission to the facility. Call HTH for 24/7 Emergency Assistance at 610-254-8771, or OSA at 517-353-3784. Need facilities referrals? Contact Julie (friendju@msu.edu) at least 4 weeks prior to departure. Property of MSU/OSA

  13. Self-Quiz Nepal Property of MSU/OSA

  14. Pre-departure: Vaccinations Question 1: A student enrolled in your program asks what vaccinations they should get prior to departure for their program in Bangkok, and whether or not they should get malaria prophylaxis for their after-program backpacking trip in Vietnam. How do you reply? Vietnam Property of MSU/OSA

  15. Question 1: Answer Students may obtain general information regarding required and recommended vaccinations from the CDC web site. However, because vaccination choice and/or needs are related to one’s personal health history, you must refrain from providing any medical advice. Therefore, Beth Alexander, University Physician, asks you to refer students with such questions to the Travel Clinic. Students should also be reminded that the Travel Clinic gets very busy in the spring, so students who expect to need vaccinations should not delay in making an appointment. The Student Handbook and the OSA website Student Page provide reference information for the Travel Clinic. http://www.travelclinic.msu.edu http://www.cdc.gov/travel Property of MSU/OSA

  16. Pre-departure:Booking Hotel Rooms Question 2: Right before departure, the gender balance changed on your traveling program requiring you to get extra hotel rooms for a single male and a single female. However, a couple enrolled in your program offer to share a room, which will save the program money. Is this arrangement permissible? Australia Property of MSU/OSA

  17. Question 2: Answer No. It is against university policy for students of the opposite gender to room together in MSU-arranged facilities. If you are worried about going over budget, inquire if the facilities can offer triples and if so, request student volunteers. Otherwise, contact Amy Moeder to discuss your monetary concerns. Amy Moeder at moeder@msu.edu Phone: 517-353-8920 Property of MSU/OSA

  18. On site: Pregnancy Disclosed Question 3: You run study abroad program which involves travel to many cities and countries in a short period of time. For the 4th morning in a row, one of your students is holding up the group’s departure because she doesn’t feel well. The other students, who followed instructions and were ready on time, are as annoyed as you. When you reprimand the student for her tardiness, she later reveals that she is 6-weeks pregnant. What do you do? Mexico Property of MSU/OSA

  19. Question 3: Answer Thank the student for confiding in you, and assure her that you will respect her right to medical privacy. Ask the student if she would like to see or speak to a physician, particularly to discuss how to cope with her morning sickness. If your program includes a lot of intensive physical activity, recommend the student confirm with a physician she is clear to participate. With the student’s permission, contact the OSA or HTH directly to arrange an office visit or medical consult (by telephone). Ask the student to develop strategies that can make the mornings easier, such as getting up earlier, or sitting in the front of the bus. 19 Property of MSU/OSA

  20. On site: Serious Slip & Fall Question 4: While hiking on a short but difficult path to a historic site, some students started horsing around on the trail. One slips and falls at least 40 feet into the ravine below. The terrine is too treacherous for anyone to go after him, though students are asking you if they can. What are you next steps? 20 Property of MSU/OSA

  21. Question 4: Answer Prior to beginning such an activity, make sure to have a map of the area and the contact information and procedures for reaching the ranger stations or other forms of assistance. Send at least two to three program participants back to seek help. Stay behind with the rest of the group and prevent other students from trying to go down the ravine. Initiate contact with the fallen student and tell them that help is coming. Follow the instructions of the emergency response personnel when they arrive. As soon as it is feasible, contact the OSA to inform us of the incident. MSU 24/7 Emergency Assistance Line: 517-353-3784 Property of MSU/OSA

  22. On-site: Political Violence Question 5: Violent riots against the current government break out in the city where your program resides. There is extensive international media coverage, but the activity is not near your group and you do not consider your students to be in any danger whatsoever. Should you do anything? Italy Property of MSU/OSA

  23. Question 5: Answer Yes, even though your students are safe, the extensive news coverage of the incidents may make both university officials and parents nervous. Therefore, please call the 24/7 Int’l Emergency Assistance Line to inform MSU of your status. If you are calling MSU late at night and do not think the situation warrants waking an official, simply inform the cadet that the call is for information purposes only, and to contact OSA at the start of business the next day. You should ask students to phone or e-mail their loved ones to reassure them that they are not in harm’s way. If the situation persists, please maintain communications with MSU/OSA. MSU 24/7 Emergency Assistance Line: 517-353-3784 MSU Main Office Line: 517-353-8920 MSU E-mail: studyabroad@msu.edu Property of MSU/OSA

  24. On-site: Medical Emergencies Question 6: A student on your program complains of extreme intestinal discomfort, so you arrange for her to see a reputable, local physician that you have used in the past. He admits the student to the local hospital for routine tests, but assures you that it is “probably nothing serious.” Do you inform OSA of the hospitalization? South Africa Property of MSU/OSA

  25. Question 6: Answer Yes, regardless of what the physician says, OSA must be informed any time a student is hospitalized. Not only can OSA advise you on how to manage the situation given your many other responsibilities, but can also work with MSU officials and the student’s family should the situation become more serious. In addition, it is crucial that our medical insurance provider, HTH, is notified as soon as possible of any hospitalization abroad, so that direct payment may be made. If HTH notification is delayed until the student is discharged, it is likely that the student will be required to pay in full for her care (although HTH can reimburse her upon her return). Other students in the program may inaccurately report the incident to their own parents, causing unnecessary concern or panic. If OSA is informed of the incident abroad, we can provide other worried parents with accurate information (while protecting the medical privacy of the affected student). Property of MSU/OSA

  26. On-site: Extra Activities Question 7: While on-site, a reputable travel agency has offered to put together an “adventure package” day-trip for your liberal arts program. The package includes bungee jumping and hang-gliding. All the students want to participate, you have plenty of extra money in your budget, and all required safety precautions will be taken in the course of the activities. Can you book this arrangement? Switzerland Property of MSU/OSA

  27. Question 7: Answer No. Study abroad program funds should support the academic content of the program. In addition, injuries or illnesses associated with ultra hazardous activities such as “hang gliding, parachuting and bungee jumping” are expressly excluded from the HTH insurance policy and such activities cannot be supported with MSU funds. Students may elect to participate in this activity on their own. However, students should be aware that any treatment of illnesses or injuries as a result of participating in such activities will be at their own expense. Read the entire insurance policy (which covers students as well as accompany assistants, faculty, and staff) at: http://studyabroad.msu.edu/studenthandbk/predeparture_health/health_insurance.html Property of MSU/OSA

  28. On-site: Terrorist Attack Question 8: One morning before class, several bombs go off in quick succession on local buses in the downtown area. This is near the route your students take to get from their residence hall to their classes. Emergency vehicles, TV cameras and panicked residents flood the streets. What do you do? Property of MSU/OSA

  29. Question 8: Answer Use whatever means you have to safely track down and account for all of the students. Make sure they are safe, or if involved in the incident, that they are receiving appropriate care. Contact the 24/7 Int’l Emergency Assistance Line to inform MSU of the status of the group and your present location. OSA will implement our emergency response protocol. Contact and get advice from the nearest U.S. Embassy/Consulate. Consider the impact of the attack on the availability of food, water, and medical supplies, as well as on the location of the group and travel issues. When the situation stabilizes, help the students to get access to counseling or other services. OSA will inform the MSU community, parents and the media about the situation. Maintain communication with OSA until the situation is resolved. Property of MSU/OSA

  30. On-site: OTC Medications and Basic First Aid Question 9: You are in Arga, India, when one of your students complains of diarrhea. She would like to know if you have some Imodium – she left hers at the hotel in New Delhi. Can you give her the medication? Another student slipped on the marble floor and scraped up her knees pretty bad. She said she doesn’t need a doctor, and knows you have a first-aid kit. Can you dress her wounds? India Property of MSU/OSA

  31. Question 9: Answer It’s not unreasonable or unusual for a program leader to carry a wide variety of over-the-counter medications or even a first-aid kit. You can even include the cost of a first-aid kit in your program fee, and purchase one from Olin Health Center or an area pharmacy. Allowing a student access to these items is not practicing medicine without a license. Do not, however, dole out the medication or suggest the dosage. Allow the student to read the instructions and make her own decisions. Suggest the student dress her own wound, or ask a friend to assist her. Property of MSU/OSA

  32. On-site: Parental Concern Question 10: While abroad, Susan’s mother keeps e-mailing you that Susan has not contacted her family since the program began. You have repeatedly told Susan that her family is interested in her well being, but according to Susan’s mom, Susan has taken no action. Susan appears happy and is doing well in her courses, so you think Susan’s mom has no cause for alarm. What can you say to Susan’s mom while respecting Susan’s right to privacy? Greece Property of MSU/OSA

  33. Question 10: Answer You may acknowledge that Susan appears happy and well, but refrain from going into any detail about Susan’s activities or class performance without her permission. You may also be frank with Susan’s mother that you continue to pass on her messages to her daughter, but you cannot require her to contact home. You may also wish to refer the parent to your OSA coordinator, who can assure the parent that Susan’s behavior is typical. You may also direct Susan’s mom to the Parent Page of the OSA website for additional information. http://studyabroad.msu.edu/people/parents.html Property of MSU/OSA

  34. On-site: Behavior Problem Question 11: The hall manager of your students’ residence phones to report that Johnny came in drunk earlier this morning. On the way to his room, he vomited in the lobby and the hallway. She expects the student to pay for the cleaning costs, and would like him removed from the facility. How do you deal with the student and the hall manager? London Property of MSU/OSA

  35. Question 11: Answer Call OSA to discuss the incident with your program coordinator or a member of the health and safety team. OSA will support the manager’s request for cleaning costs and the removal of the student from the facility. In that case, the student will not be refunded any housing costs, and the student will be responsible for finding their own alternative accommodations. However, it may behoove the student to offer an apology to the hall manager as well as promise not to misbehave again. Sometimes students are given a second chance, but this is left to the discretion of the hall manager. If the student is unable to provide cash to cover the cost of the cleaning, you may pay the hall with program fee money, but be sure to obtain a receipt. Or, the hall can bill OSA. In any case, we can then charge the student’s account. Johnny should receive a written warning that acknowledges his bad behavior, warns him not to do it again, and describes the consequences of disobedience, such as dismissal from the program. Property of MSU/OSA

  36. On-Site: Death of a Student Question 12: It is the late afternoon and there are no scheduled program activities, so your students are on their own. You receive a call on your cell phone from the local police who tell you that your phone number was found in the wallet of a young man who was struck and killed by a metro-rail train. They are asking you to come to the hospital to identify the body. What do you do? Property of MSU/OSA

  37. Question 12: Answer While on the phone with the police, try to establish the identity of the student and gather as much information about the circumstances of the student’s death as possible. Contact the Office of Study Abroad so that we can implement our crisis response procedures. Go to the hospital and cooperate with the police in the identification of the deceased. Call the OSA again to provide us with any new information. MSU will notify the student’s designated “Emergency Contact.” In consultation with the OSA, develop a plan to provide support to the other program participants. Be sure to take care of your own emotional needs, and do not be afraid to ask OSA for assistance in arranging your own grief counseling. Property of MSU/OSA

  38. Upon Return: Personal Liability Question 13: Even though you advised your students not to go to a certain part of town after dark, a few went to a bar in that area and got drunk anyway. Instead of taking a taxi home, they hitched a ride from some locals, who beat and robbed the students. One student suffered serious and permanent eye damage. His parents are threatening to sue you for negligence. Are you liable? Kenya Property of MSU/OSA

  39. Question 13: Answer Probably not. The parents will have a difficult time proving negligence. First, the students were not participating in any program-related activities at the time of the incident. Second, they had been specifically warned not to go where they did. Third, OSA orientations and the Student Handbook strongly discourage students from hitchhiking. While you may be personally threatened with a lawsuit, since the accident happened while you were in the course of MSU’s employment (even if you weren’t teaching at the time of the incident), the University will indemnify you. Property of MSU/OSA

  40. How did you do? If you need to review the full content of the Seminar, go back to the faculty web page and upload the 2008-2009 Seminar Powerpoint. http://studyabroad.msu.edu/people/EP&R_powerpoint.html If you would like to attend a seminar again, consult the following schedule. You do not need to RSVP - just show up. http://studyabroad.msu.edu/people/emergency_response.html Property of MSU/OSA

  41. Upon Your Return To the US:Talk to us London We improve our services by analyzing past problems and OSA’s overall ability to mitigate risk and respond to emergencies. Property of MSU/OSA