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  1. Coupons A Powerful Digital Product That Delivers Results for Our Advertisers

  2. Agenda • Introductions • Each Site’s Plan, discussion and Q&A • Congratulations to top performers • Definitions and reporting • 2011 Results of top performers • Benefits and features • Best practices • How CNHI can help

  3. Congratulations to Our Top Performing Titles!Launch Through Year-End, 2011 • The Press-Republican, 74 coupons • The Record-Eagle, 54 coupons • The Sharon Herald, 40 coupons

  4. Reporting & Definitions • Advertisers—The number of unique advertisers who ran coupons during the reporting period. • Coupons—The number of coupons that were active during the reporting period. • Impressions—The number of times coupons were displayed during the reporting periods. (usually 4 per page view) • Clicks—The number of times coupons were clicked on “first click” during the reporting period. • Click Through Rate (CTR)—Expressed as a % of the number of times coupons received a “first click” divided by the number of impressions. • Prints, Emails, Texts, Calls—The number of times each one of these coupon features received a “second click” or follow through action to actually print, email or text the coupon, or to direct-connect with the advertiser via phone. • Conversion Rate—Expressed as a % of the total number of Prints, Emails, Texts and Calls divided by the total number of Clicks. • Facebook and Twitter Shares—The number of times the coupon was shared to an individual’s Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. • Social Share Rate—Expressed as a % of the total number of Facebook and Twitter Shares divided by the number of impressions.

  5. Reporting Examples:

  6. 2011 Results For Top Performers • Top sites are delivering 50,000-85,000 impressions per month. Some sites are delivering over 100,000 impressions per month. • Clicks for some sites in excess of 300 clicks per month. • Over 0.4% CTR--Range of 0.2% to 0.6% (compare to average of 0.09% click-through-rate across all types of ads) • Conversion rate of 95% average of top 3 sites. • Facebook and Twitter shares total 1000-2000/mo for the top 3 sites. • Social share rate 3% average of top 3 sites. Average across all sites is 6%, with many titles in double digits.

  7. Benefits and FeaturesHelp Advertisers Bring in More Business • Easy to use • Available 24/7 on our website • Searchable and browseable: Consumers can browse coupons by category or search by merchant name, zip code, keyword, etc. • A printable map makes it easy to find the store • Consumers can redeem the coupons in 4 ways: • Print it out and take it to the merchant • Email the coupon to themselves or the merchant. (paperless) • SMS text message the coupon to their phone to show in-store.  (paperless) Mobile is HOT!!! • Connect with an advertiser immediately by using the click-to-call button. No additional charge for this feature! Other companies charge on a per call basis • Great reach. • Reach beyond print to our large website audience • Unique URL for each coupon • Advertiser can promote the coupon on their own site • Link to the coupon through online ad campaigns • Coupons appear in Google searches

  8. Benefits and FeaturesHelp Advertisers Bring in More Business • The advantage of social media • Many advertisers are looking for content for their Facebook and Twitteraccounts. They can easily promote their coupons on their own sites • Consumers can post the coupons to Facebook and Twitter • Huge branding across consumers’ social networks • Real time • Advertisers can have a coupon live in a matter of minutes. Proofing, changes and emergency cancellations can be made in real time • You can provide your advertisers with real-time stats on the number of prints, emails, text messages, etc. They can adjust their offers accordingly • Flexibility • Advertisers can offer % off or $ off • Advertisers can limit the number of coupons available for downloading (not recommended, but capability is there) • Branding in addition to promotion. • Coupons can have advertiser’s logo plus another image, promotes brand in coupon and across social networks

  9. Best Practices From Top Performers • Sales management. • Set sales goals. • Keeping coupons in the forefront of sales meetings, including training, discussions of how to overcome objections, congratulating reps on sales. • Sourcing leads from competitive publications. • Reps are held accountable for sales. • Provide sales incentives. • Bundle all coupons with print and online, whether the coupons are ROP, a coupon book, or run under a banner. • Examine the value proposition and make adjustments where necessary. Example: Adding frequency in print on a Monday or Tuesday as added value. • Focus on all the benefits of the program, not just redemption. • Present advertisers with reports highlighting benefits of social sharing and branding/impressions. • Some are using spadeas and wrappers. Spadeas are high profile and appeal to advertisers. • Sell long-term commitments, 6 month and 12 month contracts. • Make sure coupons have a compelling value proposition.

  10. More Great Ideas From the Coupon Conference Calls • Create custom coupon special sections/banner groups. Just use the “Category” field to create sections like Holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Dads & Grads, etc. • Create SOVA ad campaigns linking to individual advertiser coupons as an upsell. • Commercial print coupons. Glossy/Slick. • Email blasts. • Offer aggressive incentives and pay them in front of ad staff. Incentives include cash, gas cards, time off. • Use the drive team to help with coupon sales. • Get testimonials. • Run coupons in Shoppers/TMC/Magazine, College paper, and other print products. • Gang coupons onto a page of 13 coupons plus an advertorial. Each advertiser gets an advertorial once in the 13 week rotation. • Use color whenever possible. • Post it Notes on the front page • Greater print frequency: some are running weekly, others are running multiple days per week. • Ads above the fold on the front page. • Coupons grouped by category and anchored on section fronts. • House ads in print and online. • Push coupons out onto the title’s Facebook page or Twitter feed. • Use LMS. • Use QR codes in the paper to direct people online. • Spec ads sell! • Promote coupons on advertising and circulation invoices. • Fixed position house ad that tells readers where to go online to get the coupons.

  11. Best Quote from Mark Zappala, The Gloucester Times The way we must position this sales effort as we go to market is not to say...."Do you want to buy an ad for a Coupon"? Instead we should be presenting it as a complete Advertising/Branding/Marketing campaign that involves coupons! It is all about the Total Audience that we can deliver. Tell your clients you have an exciting opportunity for them to participate in a multifaceted media campaign with exposure involving traditional print (weekly ad in paper), digital presence (online coupon for 24/7/30 days); exciting LMS (pop under) traffic opportunity to the coupon site, and social media as well. Ask your client what it is worth to them to have their message posted to ALL of someone's facebook friends? What is it worth to have someone Twitter feed it to all of their followers? These are avenues that no one has been able to deliver for them before - and now we can! Explain to the customer - that yes, it's good if you get some coupons redeemed- but that's only a small piece of the story ! Every page view, every print exposure, every social media feed of their coupon ad - whether it is printed or redeemed or not - is an excellent branding message for their business. It's one thing to try to sell a coupon ad. It's a whole other thing, a lot more exciting message and opportunity, to offer a client a complete media campaign !

  12. Best Practices for Improving Coupon Performance • Increase the number of coupons in your database. • Encourage advertisers to change offers frequently. • Make sure advertisers REAL coupons with offers of real value. • Educate advertisers about all the ways they can benefit, example: direct-connect is available at no additional charge. • Promote social sharing. • Encourage advertisers to post their coupons to their own Facebook and Twitter accounts, and encourage your staff to use and share our coupons. Post to your title’s Facebook and Twitter accounts • Include a logo and photo in every coupon for visual appeal and branding. • Multiple coupons • If an advertiser has multiple locations or multiple coupons in the same print ad, create an online coupon for each location or each print coupon. This allows for better searching by zip or category • Multiple categories • Coupons can appear in multiple categories and subcategories at no additional charge and multiple categories provide a better opportunity for advertisers to be found in a search • House promo ads • If inventory is available run online and/or print promo ads • Make sure your reports are accurate. • Never delete a coupon. • Always enter a new coupon for a renewal, don’t just change the dates.

  13. How CNHI Can Help • Documentation and support materials are available at   >help>CNHI Online Docs>Coupons • One-on-one assistance for sales and sales management to discuss benefits, sales approach and ideas. • Provide customer service and answer questions for your administrative/support staff about process, order entry, issues and concerns • Provide additional one-on-one assistance with real-time reporting, including how to access, download, and interpret your reports • Answer questions and help in any way • Please email customer support for a prompt response: