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A a Alligator , Alligator a-a-a

A a Alligator , Alligator a-a-a. (Open mouth and clap hands together like alligator jaws). B b Bouncing ball , Bouncing ball b-b-b. (Pretend to bounce ball). C c Coughing caterpillar , Coughing caterpillar c-c-c. (Cover mouth like a cough). D d Drumming drum,

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A a Alligator , Alligator a-a-a

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  1. A a Alligator, Alligator a-a-a (Open mouth and clap hands together like alligator jaws)

  2. B b Bouncing ball, Bouncing ball b-b-b (Pretend to bounce ball)

  3. C c Coughing caterpillar, Coughing caterpillar c-c-c (Cover mouth like a cough)

  4. D d Drumming drum, Drumming drum d-d-d (pretend to be holding drum sticks and playing a drum)

  5. E e Echoing elephant, Echoing elephant e-e-e (Cup your ear like you are listening carefully)

  6. F f Fighting feline, Fighting feline f-f-f (Use hands like paws and pretend to claw)

  7. G g Gulping ghost, Gulping ghost g-g-g (Put hand to throat and make a gulping sound)

  8. H h Heavy hippo, Heavy hippo h-h-h (Put hands in front of body like it’s too heavy to carry)

  9. I i Icky insect, Icky insect i-i-i (Shake hand up and down like you are trying to shake something of)

  10. J j Juggling juggler, Juggling juggler j-j-j (Move your hands like you are juggling)

  11. K k Kicking kangaroo, Kicking kangaroo k-k-k (Slight kick with leg)

  12. L l Leaping lizard, Leaping lizard l-l-l (Move your hands in a leaping motion)

  13. Mm Marshamllow,marshmallowm-m-m (Rub tummy in a circular motion)

  14. N n Noisy noise, Noisy noise n-n-n (Cover ears for a loud noise)

  15. O o Operation, operation o-o-o (Point finger toward open mouth and say “ah” as you would for a doctor)

  16. P p Panting pig, Panting pig p-p-p (Put hand in front of mouth and make a puffing sound)

  17. Q q Quacking quacker, Quacking quacker q-q-q (Make a duck beak with one hand and make a quacking motion)

  18. R r Roaring robot, Roaring robot r-r-r (Make a robot motion with hands and make roaring noise)

  19. S s Slippery snake, slippery snake, s-s-s (Make sliding movement with hands)

  20. T t Ticking time, Ticking time t-t-t (Make a pendulum motion with hands)

  21. U u Ugly underwear, Ugly underwear u-u-u (Hold nose and scrunch up)

  22. V v Vibrating vacuum, Vibrating vacuum v-v-v (Move arm in back and forth motion like you are pushing a vacuum)

  23. W w Whistling rope, Whistling rope w-w-w (Move arms like you’re a lasso rope)

  24. X x X-ray, X-ray x-x-x (Put pointer fingers in an X shape)

  25. Yy • Yodeling yak, Yodeling yak • y-y-y

  26. Z z Zipping zipper, Zipping zipper z-z-z (Pretend to zip a zipper up and down)

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