ouagadougou 8 th october 2010 n.
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Ouagadougou, 8 th October 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Ouagadougou, 8 th October 2010

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Ouagadougou, 8 th October 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2010 CAADP Africa Forum Meeting the Challenges of Climate Change Strategies of Smallholder farmers to achieve Food Security and Income Growth in Africa. Ouagadougou, 8 th October 2010. Objectives of the 2010 CAADP Africa Forum. Objectives of the 2010 CAADP Africa Forum.

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ouagadougou 8 th october 2010

2010 CAADP Africa ForumMeeting the Challenges of Climate ChangeStrategies of Smallholder farmers to achieve Food Security and Income Growth in Africa

Ouagadougou, 8th October 2010

the general approach
The general approach
  • Way forward
  • Which concrete initiatives can countries
  • implement to mitigate climate change?
  • How can countries use the CAADP process
  • to advance climate change policies?
  • Analyzing best practices
  • Strategic responses to climate change:
  • Farmer and Country-led initiatives
  • Setting the Scene
  • Climate change and its impact on
  • food security and income growth
parallel sessions

Parallel Sessions

Country Strategies:

Way forward by regions

termes de r f rence
  • Dans votre groupe régional , developper le plan d’action de l’organisation régionale selon les termes de référence suivants:
    • Chaque pays a 5 minutes pour présenter leur plan d’action
    • Ensuite 10 minutes de questions – réponses sur le plan d’action
termes de r f rence1
Termes de référence
  • Quel type d’appui les RFO peuvent-elles apporter pour la mise en œuvre des plans d’action nationaux sur les aspects suivants:
    • Vulgarisation des meilleures pratiques
    • Renforce ment des organisations comme la voix des agriculteurs au niveau national
    • Intégration du processus du PDDAA afin de donner une voix aux agriculteurs
  • Comment les Organisations Régionales d’Agriculteurs peuvent collaborer avec le PDDAA pour la mise en œuvre des plans pays d’action par pays
terms of reference
Terms of reference
  • In your regional group, develop an action plan using the following terms of reference:
    • Each country has 5 minutes to presenttheir action plan
    • Then 5 minutes for questions and answer on the country plan
terms of reference1
Terms of reference
  • What can regional farmers organization do to support the effective implementation of country action plans regarding:
    • Replication and/ or scaling of best practices
    • Strengthening the organization as the voice of farmers at national level
    • Integration of the CAADP process so as to give farmers a voice
  • How can RFO and CAADP cooperate to support country plans?
success conditions
Success Conditions



  • Turn off the competition for your thoughts and ideas:
      • Cell phones ; Email
  • One person speaks at a time
  • Nobody knows every thing, and every body knows some thing, so...
    • Participate actively



  • Be concise and precise when talking
  • Avoid repetitions
  • Be on time
    • Respect each other’s ideas