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MY FRIENDS (PRONOUN). Taichung Municipal Chung Lun Junior High School 台中市立崇倫國中 教師: Shwu-Wen Chung 張淑雯. My Friends.

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  1. MY FRIENDS (PRONOUN) Taichung Municipal Chung Lun Junior High School 台中市立崇倫國中 教師:Shwu-Wen Chung 張淑雯

  2. My Friends • Everyone has friends. Some friends tell us what is right and what is wrong. Others play sports with us. Others study with us, and so on. There are different kinds of friends. • As for my friends, some of them are interesting; the others are not. One of my friends is called Jacky. He’s a very funny boy. He tells stories which make everyone laugh. He has two dogs. One is big; the other is small. He can make them do something funny, like running after their own tails. • Helen, another friend of mine, has three special pens. One is blue; another is red; the other is black. She can draw many wonderful pictures with the three pens. • Tom, a very serious friend of mine, always let me know what is good to me. He has four mottoes. One is “Serve the people”. The others are “Do your best”, “Always merry and bright”, and “Buy what you need”. • I like all of my friends whether they are interesting or serious, they are all my best friends.

  3. 我的朋友 • 每個人都有朋友。 有些朋友告訴我們什麼是對的,什麼是錯的。有些和我們一起運動。有些和我們一起讀書。有各種不同的朋友。 • 至於我的朋友們,當中有些人很有趣,有些則不。我有ㄧ個叫傑克的朋友。 他是個很好玩的男孩。他講的故事讓每個人都笑出來。他有兩隻狗,一隻是大狗,一隻是小狗。他會叫牠們做些好笑的動作, 像是追著牠們自己的尾巴跑。 • 海倫,我的另一個朋友,擁有三枝特別的筆。一枝是藍色的,一枝是紅色的,一枝是黑色的。她可以用這三枝筆畫出許多奇妙的畫。 • 我一個很嚴肅的朋友,湯姆,總是讓我知道,什麼對我才是好的。他有四則座右銘,一是「服務人群」,其他則分別是「盡力而為」 • 「永遠保持歡樂愉快」 「買你所需要的」。 • 我喜歡我所有的朋友,無論他們是有趣的還是嚴肅的。他們都是我最好的朋友。

  4. I. 限定二者:one…, the other… • (Ex1) I have two dogs. One is big; the other is small. • (Ex2) There are two apples on the table. _____ is red. _____ ______ is green. Back

  5. II. 限定三者: one…, another…, the other… • (Ex3) There are three pets at my home. One is a bird; another is a cat; the other is a mouse. • (Ex4) Li has three hobbies. _____ is playing basketball; _____ is singing songs; _____ _____ is riding a bike. Back

  6. III. 有範圍的:one…,the others… • (Ex5) I have many pens: one is a pencil; the others are ball-pens. • (Ex6) There are many birds in the tree. ____ is yellow;_____ _____ are white. Back

  7. IV. 有範圍的:some…., the others… • (Ex7) Here are lots of trees. Some of them are very tall, but the others are not. • (Ex8) Here are many books. _____ are mine; _____ _____ are Linda’s. Back

  8. V. 沒有範圍的:some…, others… • (Ex9) Some men like singing; others like dancing. (Ex10) _____ women enjoy cooking; _____ enjoy reading. Back


  10. 小試身手 • (A) another (B) the other (C) others (D) the others • 1. Here are two drinks. • One is Coke; ____ is juice. (B) the other • 2. Mr. Wang has four sons. • One is thin; ____ are fat. (D) the others

  11. (A) another (B) the other (C) others (D) the others • 3. Some believe in God; _____ don’t. (C) others • 4. I don’t like this one. Please give me _____ (A)another

  12. (A) another (B) the other (C) others (D) the others • 5. The twins are so much alike. • It’s difficult to tell one from ____. • 6. Jessie has three very good friends. • One is Jack; ____ is Sophia; • the other is Linda.

  13. (A) another (B) the other (C) others (D) the others 7.There are ten pears. One is big; ____ are small. • 8. ____ know something; • ____ know nothing.

  14. (A) another (B) the other (C) others (D) the others • 9. Some of the boys was swimming • while ____ was sitting on the beach • for sunbathing. • 10. Ms Wu: Where are the girls? • Tom: Susie is here, but ____ are still out • in the playground.

  15. 簡報結束 謝謝觀賞

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