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DCON 2014 Registration PowerPoint Presentation
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DCON 2014 Registration

DCON 2014 Registration

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DCON 2014 Registration

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  1. DCON 2014 Registration Katrina Nguyen Anna von Wendorff

  2. Step 1: Gathering Information • Gather all accurate information from club members before registering. When you begin, you cannot save any parts(you may find a checklist here:

  3. Step 2: Getting to the registration page • Go to: • * When you’re on the • Cyberkey, hover over • the “events” tab and • click on the DCON link

  4. Step 3: Start the registration process * Put official registration link here This is the first page you should see. You must complete the Following tabs before you register the members: Accommodations Elections / SAA & Delegates

  5. Agenda The agenda tab includes the three day convention schedule. You will always be able to view the agenda and share it with your members! Proceed to the accommodations tab.

  6. Step 4: Accommodation Deadline for housing: TBD Rate: Varies by hotel Hotel options include: Hyatt Regency, Sheraton Grand, Holiday Inn Capitol, Holiday Inn Express, Fairfield/Courtyard, Residence Inn, & Hawthorn Suites

  7. Advisor Responsibilities • Please ensure that the advisors attending DCON read their responsibilities. • Also, ensure that each member fills out the following forms: • Medical Authorization Form • Code of Conduct • Submit a code of conduct for EACH attendee with registration. Advisors keep the medical authorization forms with them at all times during convention.

  8. Step 5: Registering SAAs & Delegates Minimum of 2 Sergeant at Arms are required per club and a maximum of 2 Delegates may be registered

  9. Important Information • To avoid common mistakes, please read the following information: • - Advisors must be 21 years or older • There must be a 10:1 Key Clubber to Advisor ratio (this will be enforced) • EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: The Key Clubber to Advisor ratio is BY GENDER this year. • - Registration fee must be sent for all attendees (including advisors) • - Checks only, credit cards are not accepted. • * One check per club (can be paid by the Key Club by fundraisers, • parents, students, Kiwanis clubs, and/or advisors/chaperones) • Each accompanying adult must have a background check submitted online.* Background checks are required every 2 years. • - On-time registration $178 (received by February 20th) • - Late registration $218 (received by March 15th)

  10. Dates and Deadlines Items to submit to the district office in one envelope. (must be received by February 20th, 2014 or else late fees apply). - Copy of convention registration invoice - One Check ($178 per person) - Code of conduct for each person attending - Late registration must be received by March 15th ($218) Online tasks - Sergeant-at-Arms Registration (2 volunteers required) - Delegate registration (2 volunteers maximum) - Contest judging at convention - Adult background check Bring to convention - Medical Authorization for each member - Advisor responsibilities form - On-site entries (scrapbooks) Accommodation – TBD

  11. Step 6: Adult Registration Since you may not save your registration process & there is a 30 minute time limit, please have each member’s - T-Shirt Sizes - Member ID numbers Any vegetarians Member ID Number This page has a lot of important information regarding reminders, deadlines, and if the advisor is advising more than one club. Start with registering the primary advisor. When finished, click “add” For every additional adult register them under “additional attendee”

  12. Step 7: Vegetarian Registration Next, include the number of vegetarians in your group. If none of the members are vegetarians, insert “0” After that, click add registration to add the members.

  13. Step 8: Member Registration • This box should pop up. • Please ensure that for every 10 members, there • is one advisor. • For each member, you need to know their: • E-Mail • T-Shirt Size • Member ID Number • (receive this # from • the update center) • When finished, scroll down and click add > save

  14. Continue adding members, • by clicking “Add Registration” • Repeat step 8 for • each member When you are finished, click the “review registration” button

  15. When you are finished, you will be able to review who you have registered. If you would like to alter your registration, scroll up and click “back to registration” DO NOT click backspace. When you are satisfied with your registration, select the check payment method and submit your registration!

  16. Receipt Option • If you are a student, you have the option to e-mail this receipt to your faculty and/or Kiwanis advisor. • Do not forget to print out an invoice of the registration so you can mail it to the District Office along with: • One check • Code of conduct (each attendee) • For each accompanying adult, remember to submit an adult background check which is done online.

  17. Thank you for registering! • Congratulations! You have registered to attend District Convention 2014! We cannot wait to see celebrate a GOLDENyear of service with your club! • If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact the district convention chair • (Madison Draper) at: • * Please refer to our frequently asked questions before e-mailing Chair Madison.