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How to Bustle an American Wedding Gown PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Bustle an American Wedding Gown

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How to Bustle an American Wedding Gown - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Anyone who has ever gotten married can testify that weddings are incredibly expensive. Most couples look for ways to cut corners and save money, and one way you can do that is by bustling your gown yourself.\n

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Measure the trainTo add an over bustle, start by measuring the back seam of the dress’s train from the waistline seam to the floor and again from the edge of the train to the base of the dress.Mark the place between these two distances with a pin.


Pin The Waistline Seam:-Lift the center back seam where you made the pin mark and position it so it is flush against the center of the waistline, at the base of the bodice. Adjust the positioning so the train is ½”– ¾” (1.3 – 2 cm) off the floor.Attach the train to the seam using a pin.


Fold and pin the train. Lift the dress’s train off the floor, and pin it so the sides of the train are positioned ½” to ¾” (1.3 – 2 cm) off the floor and secured to the sides of the dress’s back seam.

1) Fold and pin the train to lift any remaining train off the floor.2) If the train is too long or heavy, redistribute the already existing folds into two smaller folds.3) When the folds are securely pinned, release the bustle and remove the pins.


Attach the buttons or hooks. In order to secure the dress on the day of the wedding, the bustle will need to be connected to the dress using either buttons or hooks. Sew these on wherever you made pin marks along the waistline.

1) Make sure to stitch securely – you don’t want the bustle coming undone.2) If the buttons or hooks need additional reinforcement, attach a small piece of interfacing under each one.


Bustle the dressOnce the loops have been added to the dress, bustle the train by fastening the loops to the buttons or hooks. Adjust the folds of fabric on the train to create a fuller and more voluminous bustle.If you don’t like the look of the exposed buttons or hooks, you can hand-sew lace appliqués on top of the buttons or hooks to conceal them.Be sure to stock up on safety pins. American bustles are not as strong as French bustles and there's a chance that the bustle may break over the course of the evening.

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