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What is he doing ?

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What is he doing ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is he doing ?. What is he doing ?. He’s painting the wall. What are they doing ?. They ’ re playing with a ball. What are they doing ?. They ’ re eating lunch. What ’s the elephant doing ?. It ’s getting into the car. What are they doing ?. They ’ re playing tennis.

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Presentation Transcript
what is he doing1
What is he doing?

He’s paintingthewall.

what are they doing

They’replayingwith a ball.

what are they doing1


what s the elephant doing
What’s theelephantdoing?

It’s gettingintothecar.

what are they doing2


what is she doing
What is shedoing?

She’s taking a photo.

what are they doing3


what are they doing4


what are they doing5


what are they doing6


what s he doing
What’s he doing?

He’s gettingup.

what s she doing
What’s shedoing?

She’s playingthetrumpet.

what s he doing1
What’s he doing?

He’s cleaninghisteeth.

what s he doing2
What’s he doing?

He’s sleeping.

what s she doing1
What’s shedoing?

She’s riding a bike.

what s she doing2
What’s shedoing?

She’s doingherhomework.

what are they doing7


what is he doing2
What is he doing?

He’s reading a book.

what is she doing1
What is shedoing?

She’s listeningtomusic.

what is he doing3
What is he doing?

He’s walkingtoschool.

what s the man doing
What’s the man doing?

He’s buying a newspaper.

what s she doing3
What’s shedoing?

She’s drawing a bear.

what s he doing3
What’s he doing?

He’s gettingdressed.

what s the boy doing
What’s the boy doing?

He’s sittingatthebus stop.

what s the woman doing
What’s thewomandoing?

She’s driving a car.

what s he doing4
What’s he doing?

He’s watching TV.

what s the girl doing
What’s thegirldoing?

She’s winning a prize.

what are they doing8


what is he doing4
Whatis he doing?

He’s having a shower.

what is he doing5
Whatis he doing?

He’s writing a test.

what is she doing2
Whatis shedoing?

She’s talkingonher mobile.