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29 May 2002

LW155. Advanced Planning Briefing to Industry. 29 May 2002. Mr. Jim Shields DPM, LW155. XM777 Howitzer. Lightweight High-Strength Titanium Improved Strategic Deployment Improved Ground Mobility Improved Survivability. Towed Artillery Digitization (TAD). Harder to Find,

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29 May 2002

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Presentation Transcript

  1. LW155 Advanced Planning Briefing to Industry 29 May 2002 Mr. Jim Shields DPM, LW155

  2. XM777 Howitzer • Lightweight High-Strength Titanium • Improved Strategic Deployment • Improved Ground Mobility • Improved Survivability Towed Artillery Digitization (TAD) Harder to Find, Harder to Hit, Harder to Kill!! • Dispersed – Flexible Operations • No Survey Assistant Gunner’s Display Radio Antenna Vehicle Motion Sensor Section Chief Control & Display Unit (SCCDU) • Improved Accuracy • More Responsive Inertial Navigation Unit (INU) Gunner’s Display Mission Computer, Battery & Power Supply Radio & GPS Receiver LW155 System XM777 and TAD

  3. Joint Requirements for XM777 & TAD XM777E1 • 9500 -10,500 Lbs. - Deployable and Mobile • Emplace in 3 Min* • Displace in 2 Min* • All USAF (2 per C130, LW155 & FMTV in C141) • Rate of Fire 4-8 RPM, Sustained 2 RPM • Max Range 30km with Rocket Assist • Bold Shift in 3 Min • Primer Feed Mechanism • 800 to 900 Rds Between Systems Abort Towed Artillery Digitization (TAD) • Digital Indirect Fire Control • Inertial Navigation with GPS Backup • 1-Mil Pointing Accuracy • Advanced Direct Fire Sight • TAD Weight: 200-500 Pounds

  4. Program Evolution 2006 2005 2004 US Army TAD IOC USMC IOC 2002 OT & Full Rate Production Dec. 2002 OA & MS C 2001 Final Developmental Testing 1998 Extensive Developmental Testing 1997 Textron Novation 1996 Contract Award & EMD Gun Design (8 Guns) 1994-95 LW155 Shoot-off 1990 Accuracy Demonstrations 1989 USMC & US Army Field Evaluation First Prototype Fired

  5. Engineering and Manufacturing Development • Applied Shoot-Off Lessons Learned • Maximize Safety, RAM and HFE • Comprehensive Evaluation of EMD Prototypes • Joint Marine & Army Live Fire Tests • Detailed Logistics & Fielding Plans • Production Preparation & Decision

  6. Allied Involvement in LW155 • Italy and United Kingdom • Trilateral EMD MOU, March 99 • Both Provided Supplemental Funding • Production MOU Under Negotiation

  7. Digital Fire Control General Dynamics Burlington, VT

  8. Operational AssessmentVideo

  9. Production Readiness • All EMD Weapons Manufactured by BAE SYSTEMS in the UK • Corporate Decision to Produce >70% in the US (Excluding GFE) • EMD Contract Modified to Incorporate Pilot Production • BAE Selected US Partners • Production will Introduce Over 30 Castings • Pilot Production Gun Tested Prior to Milestone C • LRIP Insertion Lowers Production Risk • GUN and DFCS Efforts Combined • Pursuing Multi-Year Procurement Strategy for USMC LRIP • Pursuing Joint Multi-Year Strategy for FRP (FY05 – FY09)

  10. Elevating Mass Castings Front Bridge (P.C.C.) Breech Bridge (Howmet) Balancer Eye (P.C.T.) Buffer Yoke (Howmet ) Axle Housings (Howmet) Axle Caps (P.C.T.) Trunnion Caps (P.C.T.) Elevating Yoke (Howmet )

  11. Elevating Mass Castings Front Bridge Breech Bridge Axle Housing Elevation Yoke Buffer Yoke Balancer Eye Trunnion Cap Axle Cap

  12. Lower Carriage Castings Stabiliser L.H. (P.C.C.) Saddle Arm L.H. (P.C.T.) Trail Casting L.H. (P.C.C.) Stabiliser R.H. (P.C.C.) Saddle Base Casting (P.C.C.) Saddle Arm R.H. (P.C.T.) Trail Casting R.H. (P.C.C.)

  13. Lower Carriage Castings + + = LH Arm RH Arm Base Saddle Trails Stabilizer Body Lugs

  14. Saddle Base Fabrication • Comprising 75 Pre - Prepared Component Parts. • 416 Manhours • Complex Fixturing Required. • Complex Purging. • Skilled Fabrication Resource. • High Risk Of Re-Work, Due To Shrinkage & Distortion Problems All Eliminated by One Casting

  15. TAD/XM777 Integration Status • TALIN 4000 Selected as INU • Mounting Locations On Gun 1008 • Incorporating Excalibur Platform • Integration Kit (PIK) Interface • Successful PDR Held Apr 9th Axel Mods Stabilizer Mods Cradle Modifications

  16. XM777E1 Schedule XM777E2 XM777E2 Block 2 P3I Mat’l Release P3I Mat’l Release TAD Objective Software, TAD Objective Software, Direct Fire Sight & MVS P3I Direct Fire Sight & MVS P3I Block 1 APS+ DFCS APS+ DFCS XM777E1 XM777E1 M777A1 XM777E1 XM777E1 M777A1 Development Development IOC MS C FRPD MSIIIa MSIIIb IOC Objective Objective XM777E1 System XM777E1 System XM777E1 M777A1 XM777E1 M777A1 Design Design M777A2 M777A2 Integration & Test Integration & Test LRIP & OTE Prod LRIP & OTE Prod Integration Integration System System (M777 with (M777 with Full TAD) Full TAD) XM777 Gun XM777 Gun XM777 Gun M777 Gun XM777 Gun M777 Gun Development Development LRIP & OTE Production LRIP & OTE Production XM777 XM777 XM777 XM777 FRPD MSIIIb MS C MSIIIa FY02 FY03 FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY02 FY03 FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07

  17. JPMO LW155Recent Program Additions • Improved Position and Azimuth Determining System (IPADS) -- New start, successor to PADS • Gun Laying and Positioning System (GLPS) -- In final stages of fielding • M198: 155mm Howitzer (Medium Towed Artillery) -- Fielded, sustainment initiatives • M119: 105mm Howitzer (Light Towed Artillery) -- Fielded, sustainment initiatives Newly Chartered Life Cycle / Management Oversight -- Result of AMC – ASA(ALT) Reorganization -- Management / Execution based out of Rock Island, IL

  18. Summary Near Term Focus • Completing OA • Incorporate Changes from OA Onto PPG • Complete Test of Pilot Production Gun • Complete MS C Documentation • Facilitization and Readiness of Value Chain for Production • Continue DFCS Development and Integration Efforts Program on Track for for MS C

  19. Back-Ups

  20. TDP Status • OA Build standard • 2062 Drawings • 100 % complete • Pilot Production build standard • 107 planned changes from OA standard • 59 incorporated in TDP • 28 in progress • 9 accelerated for PP2 build standard • 11 deferred to LRIP • Process in place to incorporate any additional producibility changes from supply chain during PP build

  21. 7. Mississippi SEN Thad Cochran (R) (SAC) SEN Trent Lott (R) REP Gene Taylor (D-5th) (HASC) Joint Lightweight 155mm Howitzer (LW 155) Funding FY02 Fiscal and Congressional Information Contractor City (Dist) Major Comp FY02$ FY03-FY07$ United Defense Hattiesburg Final Int/Assy $51.5M 2 11, 12 13 3 8. California SEN Dianne Feinstein (D) (SAC) SEN Barbara Boxer (D) REP Howard P. (Buck) McKeon(R-25th) (HASC) 6 5 4 14 8 9 Contractor City (Dist) Major Comp FY02$ FY03-FY07$ Hydro-Mill Chatsworth Body 74.2M* 15 7 1 9. Kentucky SEN Mitch McConnell (R ) (SAC) SEN Jim Bunning (R) (SASC) REP Ken Lucas (D-4th) 10 Contractor City (Dist) Major Comp FY02$ FY03-FY07$ Rotek, Inc Florence Traverse Rack 20.5M 1. New Jersey SEN Robert Torricelli (D) SEN Jon Corzine (D) REP Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-11th) (HAC) SEN John Warner (R) (SASC) SEN George Allen (R) REP Virgil Goode (I-5th) (HAC) REP Bob Goodlatte (R-6th) 10. Virginia Government City (Dist) MajorComp FY02$ FY03- FY07$ Contractor City (Dist) Major Comp FY02$ FY03-FY07$ ARDEC Picatinny Engineering 5.0M 20.0M Wegmann Lynchburg Elevation Assy 15.5M SEN Patrick J. Leahy (D) (SAC) SEN James M. Jeffords(I at large) REP Bernard Sanders (I at large) 2. Vermont 11. Oregon SEN Gordon Smith (R) SEN Ron Wyden (D) REP David Wu (D-1st) Contractor City (Dist) Major Comp FY02$ FY03-FY07$ Contractor City (Dist) Major Comp FY02$ FY03-FY07$ GDAS Burlington TAD 10.0M 140.4M Precision Castparts Corp Portland Castings 37.1M SEN Charles Schumer (D) SEN Hillary Rodham Clinton (D) REP Michael R. McNulty (R-21st) 3. New York SEN Gordon Smith (R) SEN Ron Wyden (D) REP Peter DeFazio (D-4th) REP Darlene Hooley (D-5th) 12. Oregon Government City (Dist) Major Comp FY02$ FY03-FY07$ Contractor City (Dist) Major Comp FY02$ FY03-FY07$ Watervliet Arsenal Watervliet Barrel Assy 3.4M 106.6M Pacific Cast Technologies Albany Castings 37.1M 4. Ohio SEN Mike DeWine (R) (SAC) SEN George Voinovich (R ) REP James A. Traficant, Jr. (D-17th) 13. Michigan SEN Carl Levin (D) (SASC) SEN Debbie Stebenow (D) REP William Clay, Jr. (D-1st) Contractor City (Dist) Major Comp FY02$ FY03-FY07$ Contractor City (Dist) Major Comp FY02$ FY03-FY07$ RTI International Metals Niles Titanium 80.3M Howmet Castings Whitehall Castings 49.4M SEN Richard G. Lugar (R) SEN Evan Bayh (D) REP Julia M. Carson (D-10th) 5. Indiana 14. Missouri SEN Christopher Bond (D) (SAC) SEN Jean Carnahan (D) (SASC) REP Peter Hoekstra (R-2nd) Contractor City (Dist) Major Comp FY02$ FY03-FY07$ Major Tools & Machine Inc. Indianapolis Spades/Trails 37.1M Contractor City (Dist) Major Comp FY02$ FY03-FY07$ Seiler Instrument & Mfg St Louis Optical Fire Control 0.9M 19.4M 6. Illinois SEN Richard J. Durbin (D) (SAC) SEN Peter G. Fitzgerald (R) REP Lane Evans (D-17th) (HASC) 15. Mississippi SEN Thad Cochran (R) (SAC) SEN Trent Lott (R) REP Gene Taylor (D-5th) (HASC) Gov/Contractor City (Dist) Major Comp FY02$ FY03-FY07$ Contractor City (Dist) Major Comp FY02$ FY03-FY07$ Rock Island Arsenal Rock Island B.O.L.T.S. 21.1M Camp Shelby Hattiesburg Acceptance Testing 2.2M

  22. Program Management JPMO LW155, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ Prime Contractor & Developer, Cradle Assy BAE SYSTEMS, Barrow-in-Furness, UK Titanium RTI International Metals, Niles, OH Spades & Stabilizers Major Tool & Machine Inc., Indianapolis, IN Digital Fire Control General Dynamics, Burlington, VT Body Assembly Hydro-Mill, Chatsworth, CA Breech Operating & Loading Tray System RIA, Rock Island, IL Cannon Assembly Watervliet Arsenal, Watervliet, NY US Integrator Final Assembly United Defense, Hattiesburg, MS Traverse Rack Rotek Inc., Florence, KY Elevation Assembly Wegmann, Lynchburg, VA Titanium Castings Pacific Castparts Corp, Portland, OR Pacific Cast Technologies, Albany, OR Howmet Castings, Whitehall, MI Optical Fire Control Seiler Instrument & Mfg, St Louis, MO LW155 Team


  24. Producibility Mods for Pilot Production • 8 EMD guns manufactured using manual TIG • 3200 lbs of titanium per gun • 6000 welding hours per gun • Early distortion issues • 21 Castings introduced for gun 1009 (PP1) • Reduces welding hours by @ 50% • Reduces Ti structures part count by 51% • Reduces manufacturing variability • Allow for ‘targeted’ strengthening of structures • New Jigs and process controls • Greatly reduced distortion and variability of fabrications

  25. Casting vs. Fabrication Part Count Titanium StructureFabricationCasting Cradle 324 172 Body 215 166 Saddle 116 9 Stabilisers 70 2 Spades 120 120 Trails 98 8 Elevating Yoke 19 1 Buffer Yoke 11 1 Total Part Count 973 479 51% Part Count Reduction for Ti Structures

  26. Schedule FY02 FY03 FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 2002 2005 2001 2003 2004 2006 J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D O N D TAD Block 1 Development TAD Block 2 - Delta Development (SW, Direct Fire, & Objective MVS) TFT Event 2: Components Qualified PDR EUA DDR Fire Control HW Bench Integration Testing Land Warrior Assess. RQMTS Development Procure/Fab & Qualification DESIGN SW CODE & TEST Material Release APS+ Bench DVT HW FAB/PROCURE 1 Oct 01 Assumed Start of Focused APS+ Development CONF TEST INTEGRATION VERIF / FQT Functionally Verified APS+ OTE Report / MS Prep Validated Interface Environments Qualified APS+ Components OTE Systems IAT&C & Safety Release OA Training XM777E1 Integration TFT Event 4: Integrated Technical Test FQT Start EUA FQT Complete DFCS / M777E1 IAT&C E1 PDR E1 DDR MS C M777E1 IOC TFT Event 1: Interfaces & Environments Validated TAD IF & Mass Mock Up Production MS FRPD JOINT DVT (12mo) IF Design LOG DEM LUT Report / MS Prep IF Prototype XM777E1 LRIP IF Eval OA Training OA Systems IAT&C & Safety Release Report / MS Prep OTE PP1 TEST PP2 TEST Howitzer/DFCS Interface Design Review OTE Systems IAT&C TFT Event 3: Integration Evaluated XM777 Development Legend: LLIPR Block 1 Development Task XM777 EMD W I P OA REPORT 5 XM777 Development Task 2 XM777E1 Integration Task 1008 (TAD I/F) First Production XM777 Deliveries PP1 M/F PQT/FAT Block 2 P3I Task PP2 M/F TFT Event “Test-Fix-Test” Event OTE MS FRPD Program Milestone MS C

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