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Hands-on on Information System

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Hands-on on Information System. Manuel Rubio del Solar CETA-CIEMAT EELA Tutorial, Mérida, 07-10.11.2006. lcg-infosites. Exercise 1. Get CE information $ lcg-infosites - -vo gilda ce. $ lcg-infosites --vo gilda ce These are the related data for gilda: (in terms of queues and CPUs)

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hands on on information system

Hands-on on Information System

Manuel Rubio del Solar


EELA Tutorial, Mérida, 07-10.11.2006

exercise 1
Exercise 1

Get CE information

$ lcg-infosites - -vo gilda ce

$ lcg-infosites --vo gilda ce

These are the related data for gilda: (in terms of queues and CPUs)


#CPU Free Total Jobs Running Waiting ComputingElement


4 3 0 0 0 cn01.be.itu.edu.tr:2119/jobmanager-lcglsf-long

4 3 0 0 0 cn01.be.itu.edu.tr:2119/jobmanager-lcglsf-short

34 33 0 0 0 grid010.ct.infn.it:2119/jobmanager-lcgpbs-long

16 16 0 0 0 grid011f.cnaf.infn.it:2119/jobmanager-lcgpbs-long

1 1 0 0 0 grid006.cecalc.ula.ve:2119/jobmanager-lcgpbs-log


exercise 2
Exercise 2

Get SE information

$ lcg-infosites - -vo gilda se

$ lcg-infosites --vo gilda se


These are the related data for gilda: (in terms of SE)


Avail Space(Kb) Used Space(Kb) Type SEs


143547680 2472756 disk cn02.be.itu.edu.tr

168727984 118549624 disk grid009.ct.infn.it

13908644 2819288 disk grid003.cecalc.ula.ve

108741124 2442872 disk gildase.oact.inaf.it

28211488 2948292 disk testbed005.cnaf.infn.it

349001680 33028 disk gilda-se-01.pd.infn.it

31724384 2819596 disk cna03.cna.unicamp.br

387834656 629136 disk grid-se.bio.dist.unige.it

exercise 3
Exercise 3

Get information about installed software

$ lcg-infosites - -vo gilda tag


$ lcg-infosites --vo gilda tag


Information for gilda relative to their software tags included in each CE


Name of the TAG: VO-gilda-GEANT

Name of the TAG: VO-gilda-GKS05

Name of the CE:cn01.be.itu.edu.tr

Name of the TAG: VO-gilda-slc3_ia32_gcc323

Name of the TAG: VO-gilda-CMKIN_5_1_1

Name of the TAG: VO-gilda-GEANT

Name of the TAG: VO-gilda-GKS05

Name of the CE:grid010.ct.infn.it


lcg info

We can use this command to list which CE and SE satisfies a set of given conditions. We can also show values of a set of given attributes.

Information is taken from BDII especified in LCG_GFAL_INFOSYS variable.

Request sintax is:

attr1 op1 valueN, ... attrN opN valueN

exercise 5
Exercise 5

Get supported attributed list

$ lcg-info --list-attrs

$ lcg-info --list-attrs

Attribute name Glue object class Glue attribute name

MaxTime GlueCE GlueCEPolicyMaxWallClockTime

CEStatus GlueCE GlueCEStateStatus

TotalJobs GlueCE GlueCEStateTotalJobs

CEVOs GlueCE GlueCEAccessControlBaseRule

TotalCPUs GlueCE GlueCEInfoTotalCPUs

FreeCPUs GlueCE GlueCEStateFreeCPUs

CE GlueCE GlueCEUniqueID

WaitingJobs GlueCE GlueCEStateWaitingJobs

RunningJobs GlueCE GlueCEStateRunningJobs

CloseCE GlueCESEBindGroup GlueCESEBindGroupCEUniqueID

CloseSE GlueCESEBindGroup GlueCESEBindGroupSEUniqueID

SEVOs GlueSA GlueSAAccessControlBaseRule

UsedSpace GlueSA GlueSAStateUsedSpace

AvailableSpace GlueSA GlueSAStateAvailableSpace

Type GlueSE GlueSEType

SE GlueSE GlueSEUniqueID

Protocol GlueSEAccessProtocol GlueSEAccessProtocolType

ArchType GlueSL GlueSLArchitectureType

Processor GlueSubCluster GlueHostProcessorModel

OS GlueSubCluster GlueHostOperatingSystemName

Cluster GlueSubCluster GlueSubClusterUniqueID

Tag GlueSubCluster GlueHostApplicationSoftwareRunTimeEnvironment

Memory GlueSubCluster GlueHostMainMemoryRAMSize

exercise 6
Exercise 6

Show all CEs on BDII satisfiying some given conditions

$ lcg-info --list-ce --query 'TotalCPUs>=30,OS=SL*' --attrs 'RunningJobs,FreeCPUs‘

$ lcg-info --list-ce --query 'TotalCPUs>=30,OS=SL*' --attrs 'RunningJobs,FreeCPUs‘

- CE: grid010.ct.infn.it:2119/jobmanager-lcgpbs-long

- RunningJobs 0

- FreeCPUs 33

- CE: grid010.ct.infn.it:2119/jobmanager-lcgpbs-short

- RunningJobs 0

- FreeCPUs 33

- CE: grid010.ct.infn.it:2119/jobmanager-lcgpbs-infinite

- RunningJobs 1

- FreeCPUs 33

- CE: skurut1.cesnet.cz:2119/jobmanager-lcgpbs-long

- RunningJobs 0

- FreeCPUs 26


r gma command line 1
R-GMA – Command line (1)
  • To start R-GMA command line type:


  • On begin this message appears.
command input
Command input
  • To launch a command type it after rgma> prompt and press “enter”.
  • Command history is managed with “up” and “down” keys.
  • For quick access to a command type it’s first characters and press “CTRL-R”
  • Use TAB key to complete the command input.
general commands
General commands
  • help

Shows general help

  • help <command>

Show specific help

  • exit or quit

Quit RGMA command line.

  • Show tables

Show all table names of the schema. (Schema)

  • Describe <tablename>

Show table structure information.

querying data 1
Querying data (1)
  • To obtain data use SQL SELECT clause:

rgma> SELECT * FROM GlueService

SELECT behaviour is according to the request type. There are three request types of SELECT:

  • LATEST. Return most recents rows for each primary key.
  • HISTORY. Return all historic rows for each primaty key.
  • CONTINUOUS Return rows as soon are being inserter.
querying data 2
Querying data (2)
  • To change request type use SET QUERY :




  • To show current request type:



1.Show all schema tables:

rgma>show tables

2. Show information about GlueSite table:

rgma>describe GlueSite

  • Make a query about GlueSite table:

rgma>set query latest

rgma>show query

rgma>select Name,Latitude,Longitude from GlueSite

row max age
Row max age
  • Rows max age can be configured. To limit latest or history rows age use SET MAXAGE

rgma> SET MAXAGE 2 minutes

rgma> SET MAXAGE 120

  • To show row max age:


  • To unable max age:

rgma> SET MAXAGE none

timeout property
Timeout property
  • Another property of requests is “timeout”
    • We can use timeout to prevent network failure or other situations
    • In continuous type, timeout means how long the request will continue returning new rows.
    • Default timeout it’s 1 minute.

rgma>SET TIMEOUT 3 minutes or

rgma>SET TIMEOUT 180

  • To show current timeout


data production and insertion 1
Data production and insertion (1)
  • We can use SQL INSERT to add new data:

rgma>INSERT INTO userTable VALUES (’a’, ’b’, ’c’, ’d’)

  • Producer component inserts data on R-GMA. This component manages INSERT clause.
data production and insertion 2
Data production and insertion (2)
  • To show the current producer type:

rgma>show producer

  • To set the producer type:

rgma>set producer latest


1.Insert and select one row using a contiuous producer to support Continuous and historic querys.

rgma>set producer continuous

rgma>insert into userTable values('cod','string',1.4,66)

rgma>set query continuous

rgma>set maxage 1 minutes

rgma>set timeout 5 seconds

rgma>select * from userTable

secondary producer
Secondary producer
  • To set the secondary producer for consume from userTable table:


  • Secondary producer can be set for latest or history request.


  • To show current secondary producer type:


  • Insert and select data using a secondary producer supporting latest querys.

rgma>set secondaryproducer latest

rgma>secondaryproducer userTable

rgma>show producers of userTable

rgma>set producer continuous

rgma>insert into userTable values ('cod','string',5.2,44)

rgma>set query latest

rgma>select * from userTable