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Samsung Group

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Samsung Group. The Samsung Group Currently Operates within 57 countries Generates 117 Billion $ in revenues Operates three core business sectors: Electronics Finance Trade and Services Accounts for 25% of Korean exports

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samsung group
Samsung Group

The Samsung Group Currently

  • Operates within 57 countries
  • Generates 117 Billion $ in revenues
  • Operates three core business sectors:
    • Electronics
    • Finance
    • Trade and Services
  • Accounts for 25% of Korean exports
  • Represents approximately 10% of the value of Kospi (the Korean stock exchange)
business overview
Business Overview

Samsung Electronics

  • Subsidiaries include Electronics, SDI, Corning, others
  • Focuses on high-end consumer technology
  • Strategic decision taken to move from value brand to compete with Sony
        • Telecommunications world #3 after Nokia and Motorola
        • TV manufacturer – world #1
        • Monitor Manufacturer – world #1
  • Brand Equity moved from a position outside the top 100 in 1999 to #34 in 2002 and #25 in 2003
samsung france
Samsung France

Within France, Samsung

  • Exists wholly as a sales and marketing entity (plus one service center)
  • Employs 130 personnel
  • Earns 800 million € (3.9 billion FF) in revenues and annual sales of 300M Euros (comparable to size of Germany and UK markets, taken separately)
  • Enjoys an important market in terms of home appliances
products services
Products & Services

Products sold to the French Market

  • Electronics, including home theatre, digital cameras and video equipment, as well as stereo components
  • Home Appliances: microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc.
  • Mobile Telephones
  • Computers, including LCD screens and monitors, laptops, printers, drive components, etc.

Services include after sales services, with repairs handled externally

company s clients
Company's clients


  • Within France, Samsung markets to a large extent to the general public, with less emphasis on component sales.
  • Taken as part of the European market, France represents a sizeable portion of Samsung’s sales of high quality consumer goods, the company’s strategic market.
  • Samsung approaches marketing with a relatively one-size approach, including commercials which are translated and similar marketing approach in many markets.
adaptation to france
Adaptation to France

Samsung’s method: Interface position

  • Five interface positions, filled by Korean ex-pats.
  • One interface position for each manager.
  • Liaison, with no direct authority.
  • Communicates directly, exclusively, with HQ in Korea.
  • Budget channel: the position through which funding will flow from Korea.
key constraints
Key Constraints

Costs of Entering the French Market

  • The Samsung Electronics European Headquarter is located in UK due to:
    • Larger market size in the UK
    • Samsung’s familiarity with the English language
    • Great Britain being viewed as a more favorable investment environment
  • Manufacturing plants are in UK, Spain and Hungary where labor-related factors are more favorable, including weaker unions than European neighbors France and Germany.
french benefits
French Benefits

Why did Samsung choose to enter France?

  • Samsung Electronics France has acted as a sales and marketing entity, being established to achieve market proximity, thereby positioning Samsung more effectively with respect to international and domestic rivals.
  • In the late 1970’s, the US, Samsung’s largest export market, imposed voluntary export restraints. At this time, Samsung became interested in the European market as a means of market diversification.
  • Based on the market diversification and the globalization strategy of Samsung Electronics in the early 80s, sales subsidiaries have been established in 12 countries in Europe.
european presence
European Presence
  • Sales and service locations in 12 countries throughout Europe
  • European HQ located in UK
  • Production plant of micro oven and monitor in UK and of VCR, TVCR in Spain and TV in Hungary
  • Sales volume in France (Annual Sales 800M Euros) almost same size to that of UK and Germany
  • Samsung Electronics started business in 1986 but Samsung Electronics France established in 1994
global hr management
Global HR Management

”Focus on HR for continued success...”

  • Samsung’s first world HR seminar was held this year in Korea.
  • HR focus based on Korean rules – local towards common goals.
  • Out of 70.000 employees within electronics division, 11 – 12.000 foreign personnel.
  • 300 top executives in Samsung – only 3 non-Koreans.
  • With expasion, more non-Koreans to be eligible for executive positions.
local hr management
Local HR Management

HR Management within the France

  • Korean president
  • 5 Korean Expats in France (interface positions)
  • 5 – 6 cultures in France
  • Performance review twice a year
  • Sept. – competance appraisal
  • Manager recommend employees to a committee
  • Working on managerial program
culture of samsung
Culture of Samsung

Asian versus Western Cultures

  • Asian: emphasis on the group
  • Western: emphasis on the individual

Company culture

  • Private owner – no short-term decisions taken to please the stock-market
  • Immediate action – if you are 80% sure you go for it

Korean philosophy

  • Community oriented.
  • Training and educating people.
  • Sponsors Health Care Research, other philanthropy.
  • Sponsors sporting events, including Olympics.
mission statement
Mission Statement

Management Philosophy

“We will devote our human resources and technology to create superior products and services, thereby contributing to a better global society."

Evolution of Samsung’s Mission Statement

  • Economic contribution to the nation
  • Priority to human resources
  • Pursuit of rationalism
corporate values
Corporate values

Soon to be announced by Samsung are new Corporate Values:

  • Behavior
    • Creativity, Challenge and Strategic Thinking
  • Organizational
    • Simplicity, Self-Control, Speed
  • Individual
    • Customer Focus, Crisis Awareness, Continued Innovation
thanks to
Thanks To

Yang Kyu Kim, President, Directeur General

  • 01 55 68 40 30

Amaury Destailleur, Directeur, Ressources Humains

  • 01 55 68 40 08