parallel structure with paired conjuntions n.
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Parallel Structure with Paired Conjuntions PowerPoint Presentation
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Parallel Structure with Paired Conjuntions

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Parallel Structure with Paired Conjuntions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parallel Structure with Paired Conjuntions. Arranged by : Adestya Ayu, Msi Par. A must Remember!!. AND OR NOR BUT ALSO. BOTH EITHER NEITHER NOT ONLY. Strategy:. Check the paired conjuntion in the sentence. Is it correctly paired?

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Parallel Structure with Paired Conjuntions

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    1. Parallel Structure with Paired Conjuntions Arranged by : Adestya Ayu, Msi Par.


    3. Strategy: • Check the paired conjuntion in the sentence. Is it correctly paired? • Check the structure before and after the conjuntion. Is it the same structure? • Check the verb after the subject used in the conjunction. Is the verb agree with the subject?

    4. Example: • Both my daugter and my son are studying hard for the exam. • I prefer either taking course or studying hard to get the first rank in my class. • He is neither rich nor handsome. • Not only my mom but also my aunties are going to the mall. • Not only my aunties but also my mom is going to the mall.

    5. A. Can you rearrange the sentence? • and-informative-the-enjoyable-was-lecture-both- • exam-on Tuesday-is-the-the-exam-history-either-or-physics- • the-papers-are-missing-nor-neither-his-on-desk-in-file-the • cousin-visited-he-not only-his-grandmother-his-but also

    6. B. Rewrite the sentences�using the paired conjunctions given in brackets.Make any necessary changes. Example: Tom doesn't lie to his friends. Paul doesn't either. (neither...nor) Neither Tom nor Paul lie to their friends.

    7. Exercise! • Fred likes helping his friends. So does Linda.(both...and) • Harry used to date Ann. Or was it Helen?(either...or) • We should learn to accept ourweaknesses and our strengths.(not only...but also)

    8. He never listens to or�advises his friends when they have a problem.(neither...nor) • I've betrayed�your trust. I've betrayed�your love for me.(not only...but also) • He felt disappointed. He felt misunderstood.(both...and) • Brian isn't�very considerate. Neither is Tom.(neither...nor)

    9. A true friend is someone who is caring and loving.(both...and) • Rachel should apologise or leave.(either...or) • Richard and John didn't keep her secret.(neither...nor)

    10. C. Choosethe�mostmeaningful�option • Who�wrote you this love letter? I'm not sure. I think it was ___�Michael�___ Paul. • ___ Linda ___ Helen called to say sorry. I'm very sad and frustrated. • ___ Ryan ___ Susie have disappointed me. They didn't come to my birthday party. • Paul has been neglecting us. He ___ calls ___ hangs out with us anymore.

    11. He�hurt��___ her�feelings ___ her dignity. This is unforgivable. • ___ loyalty ___ honesty are essential in a friendship. • You should ___ disrespect ___ deceive your friends. • I will take you ___ to the cinema ___ to the theatre. That's a promise.

    12. D. Exercise page 164. Correct or Incorrect. • He either lied or telling an unbelievable story. • The music at the concert was neither well played nor well liked. • He lost not only his wallet and his keys. • Both wheat and corn is grown in Kansas. • Either Leopard or tiger faces extinction.

    13. Neiher her roommate nor her brother know where she is. • We could either fly or take a train. • Both smallpox and Malaria are dangerous disease. • Not only coal but also oil is irreplaceable natural resources. • John is an adventurous person who enjoys not only skydiving but also goes parasailing.

    14. The advertisement appeared in the newspaper and on the radio. • She is trained as both an accountant and in nursing. • We can take either my car or yours to the party. • The coffee is too hot, too bitter, and too strength. • He not only passed the test but also receiving the highest score in the class.

    15. Your ideas are neither more important or less important than the ideas of the others. • The meeting lasted only an hour but still seeming too long. • The novel was both emotional and description. • Either the counselor or her secretary can help you with that problem. • The leaves from the tree fell in the yard, in the pool, the driveway, and on the sidewalk.

    16. E. TOEFL EXERCISE page 165 • Ballpoints pens are less versatile but more population than mountain pens. • Riddles varygreatly in both grammatical and phonologyform. • Blood pressure is measured by feeling the pulse and apply a force to the arm. • The moon has no atmosphere, no air, and no watery.

    17. The first matcheswere too hard to ignite, a mess, or too dangerously easy to ignite. • A 1971 U.S government policy not only put warnings on cigarette packs but also banning television advertising of cigarettes. • Demand, beauty, durability, rare, and perfection of cutting determine the value of gemstone.

    18. The Harvard Yard, which was Harvard’s original campus, is still a major attraction for both students and visiting. • In 1862, the American Confederacy raised the Merrimack, renamed it Virginia, covered it with iron plates, an an outfit it with ten guns. • The liquid crystal display (LCD) affect the polarized light so that it is either blocked and reflected by the segments of the display.

    19. F. TOEFL EXERCISE page 166 • Most cells in multicelled organisms perform____functions. a. Specialize b. Specialized c. They specialized d. Specialization

    20. The big island of Hawaii, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, ____by five volcanoes. a. Creation b. It was created c. Creating d. Was created

    21. The sun uses up over four million tons of hydrogen per second____still has enough hydrogen to last for the next five billion years. a. It does not b. It c. But it d. To it

    22. For Katherin L.Bates, who___the top of Pikes Peak in 1893, the view provided the inspiration for her hymn “America the beautiful”. a. Reached b. She reached c. Reaching d. She was reaching

    23. Coal, petroleum, and natural gaseous are all fossil fuels. • The mass of neutron stars generally range from one-tenth to twice the mass of the sun. • Grasses grow in ways that help them to survive being nibbled, chilly, or dried.

    24. Most of Hemingway’s novels glorifies heroic exploits such as bullfighting or boxing. • Paleographers study ancient and medieval handwriting in order to establish not only its age and also the background. • The sounds produced by bullfrogs and toads vary greatly because each species have its own particular call.

    25. Thank You