Great turkish inventions
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GREAT TURKISH INVENTIONS. As they lived ,human-being tried to change their life styles for a better condition. So they decided to create new things to simplify their lives in hard conditions.

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Great turkish inventions

Great turkish inventions

The first flying attempt
The First Flying Attempt Math,Science,Medical,Geography,Architecture,Physics,Astronomi,Zoology,Bothanics and many others.

  • One of the biggest achievements of man ,is ‘’flying like a bird in the sky’’.

Hezarfen ahmet celebi
HEZARFEN AHMET CELEBI Math,Science,Medical,Geography,Architecture,Physics,Astronomi,Zoology,Bothanics and many others.

  • Hezarfen Ahmed Celebi is the first Turkish Scientistwhomanagedto fly. He lived in the 17th century, in the sultanate of Murad IV. He was famous for his unlimited inteligent and imagination.He was commonly known as Hezar-fen , because his flight and his deep knowledge of science.Some people around him thought that he is a crazy man.

Great turkish inventions

  • He Math,Science,Medical,Geography,Architecture,Physics,Astronomi,Zoology,Bothanics and many others.madeexperimentsandsearchesaboutdifferentkinds of subjects in his houseandcreatedthebasicshapes of today’sairtransportationdevices. He prepared his wings, byexaminingthewings of birds.

Great turkish inventions

  • One morning, in front of Math,Science,Medical,Geography,Architecture,Physics,Astronomi,Zoology,Bothanics and many others.all the people in Istanbul, he jumped fromthe Galata Tower and bymoving his wings, he passedthrough he Golden Horn and landed to Uskudar.

  • Sultan Murad IV watchedthe event from Sinan Pasha Villa in Sarayburnu. At first he appreciated Ahmed Chelebi, but, later he became suspiciousabout his talents and knowledge. At last , the Sultan exiled Celebi toAlgeriaand he diedthere.

The first world map by piri reis
The First world map by Piri Reis Math,Science,Medical,Geography,Architecture,Physics,Astronomi,Zoology,Bothanics and many others.

  • In 1929, a group of historiansfound an amazingmapdrawn on a gazelle skin.

  • Researchshowedthat it was a mapdrawnbyOttomanadmiralandcartographer Piri Reis.

  • The Piri Reis mapshowsthe western coast of Africa , theeasterncoast of South America , andthenortherncoast of Antarctica. Thenortherncoastline of Antarctica is perfectlydetailed.

Great turkish inventions

Who is piri reis
Who is Piri Reis? of Europe and North Africa and the coast of Brazil with reasonable accuracy. Various Atlantic islands including the Azores and Canary Islands.

  • Piri Reis  was a Turkish military captain was an Ottoman admiral, geographer and cartographer born between 1465 and 1470, and died in 1553.

  • He is primarily known today for his maps and charts collected in his Kitab-ı Bahriye (Book of Navigation), a book thatcontainsdetailed information on navigation, as well as very accurate charts (for its time) describingthe important ports and cities of the Mediterranean Sea

Volitan of Europe and North Africa and the coast of Brazil with reasonable accuracy. Various Atlantic islands including the Azores and Canary Islands.

  • The Volitan is a sea-boat equipped with solar cell panels, which uses both wind and solar energy.

Great turkish inventions

  • The of Europe and North Africa and the coast of Brazil with reasonable accuracy. Various Atlantic islands including the Azores and Canary Islands.Volitan is a proposeddesignfor a boatequippedwith solar cellpannels , whichusesbothwindand solar energy.

  • Thedesign has beenawardedfirst prize in the "TheBestNautical/Boat" and "TheBestTransportationVehicle of theYear" categories at theInternationalDesignAward, 2007.

Great turkish inventions

  • So ıt ıs a green technology ,and doesnt pollute the enviroment.It produces clean and cheap energy.

Great turkish inventions

Hakan g rsu
Hakan Gürsu Nautical/Boat" and "The Best Transportation Vehicle of the Year" categories at the International Design Award, 2007,in New York.

Hakan Gürsu was born in 1959 in Ankara.he graduated from the Middle East Technical University (METU), Department of Industrial Design.

  • He has a full time academicposition in University, Department of Architecture and Industrial Design.

Great turkish inventions

  • Since May 2007, he has been a regular author of the Science and Technology magazine of TÜBİTAK wrote many articles in the field of creativity and design.

  • In 2009 he also won 3 international green dot awards in USA.