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Welcome to Technology Literacy. Ms. Jessica Simmons, Instructor. Seating. Please always sit in the same seat everyday. The teacher uses the seating chart to give you your grades. Day 1. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3. Day 4 Day 5. Week 1 Objectives.

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Welcome to technology literacy

Welcome to Technology Literacy

Ms. Jessica Simmons, Instructor


Please always sit in the same seat everyday. The teacher uses the seating chart to give you your grades.

Day 1
Day 1

  • Day 1

  • Day 2

  • Day 3

  • Day 4

  • Day 5

Week 1 Objectives

Day 1: objective #1You identify and explain the goals and expectations for the expectations and goals of your Tech Literacy course.

Day 2 objective 1 you will be able successfully log into the school network system

Day 2: objective #1You will be able successfully log into the school network system.

Tech Objective #2Students learn to create parent/subfolders on their storage drives in order for them to organize their computer files.

Tech Objective #3Students learn to use Edmodo in order for them to interact with the teacher at home and at school.

Tech lit expectations
Tech Lit. Expectations

  • Seating (subject to change)

  • Network Logins

    • Access this PPT before further presentation

  • Class/ UA Team Rules

  • Supplies

  • Laminated Assignments

  • Saving Your Work

  • Submitted work to Edmodo…

  • Folders creations on your H: drive activity


Network login procedure
Network Login Procedure

  • Username =firstnamelastname

  • Hit “Tab”

  • First time

    • Password =capital E, lowercase m cafeteria pin number

New password will be Ems (café#) quarter #

Network folders creations activity
Network Folders Creations Activity

  • EB (Message Board)

  • KB (Keyboarding)

  • WP (Word-Processing)

  • PPT (PowerPoint)

  • SP (Spreadsheets)

    How to create folders …

  • MMV (MovieMaker)

  • My Notes

  • Web Links

  • LJ (Learning Journals)

  • Software


  • Loose-Leaf paper or notebook paper

  • Folder with pockets/prongs

    • Folders will be kept in the classroom)

    • Work for grading and graded work will be kept in the folder

    • Checklists, etc.

  • Pencil- You need a pencil everyday for this course.

  • Flash drive

  • Colored pencils

    This list is added to Edline.

Creating folders directions

  • Go to MY Computer

  • Double click and open your H: drive folder

  • Right click in the white space area of this drive location and create a parent folder called Tech Literacy

    • Create all the sub folders as requested by the teacher.

Saving your work
Saving Your Work

  • Primary Storage Area

    • H: drive

  • Edmodo Website (new)

    • Upload for Grading

  • Work on Work at Home

    • Flash drive

Computer lab signals
Computer Lab Signals

  • Surround Round Table

    • With journals and pencils

  • Ctrl alt delete

    • Pay attention to teacher at this up



Day 2 tech lit
Day 2 Tech Lit

Today’s Main Objective:

Students will complete a Technology Literacy Assessment in order for them to demonstrate their current knowledge about computers and technology.

  • Nov. 10th Assignments

    • Access www.Edmodo.com

      • Login to the site with your new username and password

    • Complete the question of the day

    • Take the Tech Lit Pre- Assessment

    • Take the Tech Survey

    • Review yesterday’s PPT

    • Finish creating the folders as requested onto your H: drive.

    • Start researching what software is…

      • May work with a partner

    • We will start our keyboarding instruction tomorrow.