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Effective Use of Volunteers

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Effective Use of Volunteers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Effective Use of Volunteers. Anything a volunteer can do, is one less thing you have to do tonight at home. Tara Best 2 nd grade teacher. What makes us truly happy?. Family, Socializing, being around people in general Prayer, Faith Volunteering, Donating, helping with a charity

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effective use of volunteers

Effective Use of Volunteers

Anything a volunteer can do, is one less thing you have to do tonight at home.

Tara Best

2nd grade teacher

what makes us truly happy
What makes us truly happy?
  • Family, Socializing, being around people in general
  • Prayer, Faith
  • Volunteering, Donating, helping with a charity
  • Benefits of Volunteering Video
if people are so eager to help why am i spending so much of my free time on school related projects
If people are so eager to help, why am I spending so much of my free time on school related projects??

They have a job. Do not have the time.

They have younger children at home and cannot bring them in (they shouldn’t bring them in).

They do not feel comfortable working with children.

They do not speak English very well.

They have never done it before.

They do not know that they can volunteer.

They do not know what you are looking for in a volunteer.

step 1 how do we get parents in the classroom
STEP 1 How do we get parents in the classroom?
  • As the Teacher, be organized and Prepared!!
    • Start recruiting at back to school night, or before.
    • Know what you are recruiting for. Think ahead and give parents ideas and time frames so that they can prepare or think about what needs to be done.
    • Set up an organization system for volunteers. Know who is coming and when, and have something for them to do!
  • Address their issues!!
    • Let parents know how rewarding volunteering is, and assure them there are opportunities that align with not only their schedule, but with their skills or talents. Even if their fear is a language barrier, there are opportunities for them to contribute. Having a translated list of volunteering opportunities is a great idea to include.
    • At back to school night ask for their skills, talents and availability. This will help eliminate asking them during the year to help out with something that might make them uncomfortable.
within the classroom
Within the classroom

Tutoring: Include a tutoring binder and tutor kit to ensure effective tutoring. It helps if you have a tutor curriculum or set of lesson plans to follow. Look in Star tutoring.

Include student name, time frame, subject or skill to work on, what they will work on next time, and any tools necessary to complete the tutoring.

Classroom Help (Whole Group) Give quick concise directions. Eg: Walk around and help students who need it, read with a small group, etc. Help with delivering/ cleaning up Art supplies.

Help with cleaning or organizing the classroom. Re-organize bookshelves, dust counters or bookshelves. Clean out cubbies.

Clerical Help: Making copies, filing papers or decorating the classroom for different occasions. Hanging student work in the classroom or hallway. Checking student folders for work. Assembling homework packets. Helping with a classroom newsletter.

Helping with classroom parties.

Helper for seasonal projects such as making Christmas ornaments. Let the volunteer decide exactly what they want to make and let it be their project.

ideas for volunteering at home
Ideas for Volunteering at Home.

Sharpening pencils

Making classroom games (File folder games)

Cutting out laminated projects or other paper that needs cutting.

Sewing (making chair pockets for the classroom, you provide the materials and they sew)

Scholastic Book Club parent (can be done from home)

Pizza Hut Book it program (can be done from home)

Making birthday bags, crowns etc. Send them the materials and they can put it together at home, writing names on certificates etc.

Making a classroom directory if you would like one. (Get parental permission before adding anyone to the list. This is a great resource for parents who like to get their students together for playdates.

i have tried everything to get them here now what
I have tried everything to get them here, now what??

Parents are not your only source for volunteers in the classroom. Brainstorm a few ideas of who else you could ask?

Have you asked these people?* Grandparents of students : invite them to Granparents day, in September and recruit!

* Retired school teachers

* Aunts and Uncles

* Older Siblings

* Community (check your local police and fire stations, post

office, etc.

Let your parents know that they are NOT the only ones that can volunteer. Help can come from others they may know!

step 2 the volunteers are ready now what let s get organized
STEP 2: The volunteers are ready, NOW WHAT? Let’s Get Organized
  • Classroom Captain : In charge of classroom parties
  • Spreadsheet or sign up form
  • Personal Website
  • Google Docs
  • Volunteerspot.com

My Volunteer is here!

Give your volunteer, quick and understandable directions of what you would like them to do. If it is too confusing they may not come back the next time.

Hold a volunteer training session before or after school one day for all who would like to volunteer in the classroom setting. This could be done at back to school night as well. Emailing the volunteer is also an option. (Add the details to your organization site. Volunteer spot or Google docs, etc.)

Have projects for your volunteers. They gave up their time to come, make it worth their time and yours. Never send them away when you knew ahead of time they were coming.

Make sure you acknowledge everything your volunteer does. Make them feel needed and appreciated and they will be more likely to return.


*Leave small children at home. *

Always be aware of what is, or is not acceptable by law, by the state, district or your school of what you can and cannot have a volunteer work on.

Privacy is always an issue, do not ask your volunteers to

Grade Papers

Enter Grades

Handle situations within the classroom that should be handled by you or administration (bullying, arguing, etc.)

Parents may or may not be allowed to handle responsibilities such as playground duty. Check with your school before assigning any tasks that may be an issue.

back to being prepared
Back to being prepared
  • Give volunteers an opportunity to browse all available volunteer spots before deciding if they would like to volunteer or not. Post a list of everything that will be needed throughout the year. This will take a little time on your part but will give everyone a chance to decide how they can help.
  • You may prefer to have help in one area but realize everyone once to help with something else. Just realize that anything that a volunteer is doing is one less thing to you to have to do!





Drive.google.com (Google docs)