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Lacy Burke Knows About Real Estate in the Westside of Los Angeles PowerPoint Presentation
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Lacy Burke Knows About Real Estate in the Westside of Los Angeles

Lacy Burke Knows About Real Estate in the Westside of Los Angeles

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Lacy Burke Knows About Real Estate in the Westside of Los Angeles

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  1. Lacy Burke Knows About Real Estate In The Westside Of Los Angeles For the past two years, Lacy Burke has been a successful real estate agent with ReMax in Southern California. He specializes in the Luxury Homes division, a unique and expensive market. He follows the trends of the neighborhoods he oversees thoroughly and is considered a real estate expert in his area.As a professional real estate agent in Santa Monica, California, Holding the unique position of real estate agent in California gives Lacy Burke access to the important figures and projected housing trends in his state. He is happy to report that while the housing slump has not completely diminished, it is surely on the rise.

  2. Lacy Burke Works with Many Charity Organizations When real estate agent Lacy Burke is not helping Southern Californians to buy and sell homes, he is donating his time to local charities. He has been known to spend weekends at local homeless shelters, donating lunches to those less fortunate. His philanthropic endeavors make him a pillar of his community.In the Los Angeles region, the Make a Wish local chapter has seen the fulfillment of thousands of wishes from ill children. This unique program is geared toward children and adolescents between the ages of two and eighteen who have life threatening or incurable fatal illnesses. These suffering children are offered the chance to wish for something, most often an experience, and then they receive it through the Children’s Miracle Network.

  3. Lacy Burke Adores Animals Many people say that they are an animal lover, but Lacy Burke goes one step further and takes the time advocate for animals. He has been known to support local animal rescue organizations and charities. He has also adopted many animals from these venues over the years. He loves to come home each day to his faithful animal companions.Living in the Santa Monica, Lacy Burke has discovered that there are too many pet stores in California that sell animals which are bred in horrendous conditions. After having visited some of these pet stores looking for a new canine to add to his family, he quickly realized that adoption of a rescued dog was the only wise choice.

  4. Lacy Burke Offers Free Consultations Many homeowners struggle with where to begin when selling their home, as Lacy Burke has found out through the years. To help these sellers get the ball rolling, he often gives free consultations to new clients. In these situations, he will spend time with the seller, walking through the home and making suggestions on what needs to be changed or improved for a great sale. Of course, the homeowners do not always follow every suggestion, especially if budget is a concern.The consultation does not have to take an exorbitant amount of time, and usually only lasts for an hour. A qualified real estate agent, like Lacy Burke, only needs that much time to make decisions about the health and setup of the home.

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