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Innovative products

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Innovative products. Innovative products. Simply place objects on the surface and they just stick. Introduction. No pins * No glue * No magnets * Just science * Justick

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Innovative products

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    1. Innovative products

    2. Innovative products Simply place objects on the surface and they just stick..

    3. Introduction • No pins * No glue * No magnets * Just science * Justick • Justick is a patented and award winning electro-adhesion technology that offers a solution for a variety of display needs. It is a revolutionary electro-adhesion sheet, less than 1mm thick, capable of attracting paper, laminates, plastics, etc., with sufficient force to be used in various office, commercial, advertising and educational applications. • Justick sheets attract display items over the entire contacting surface fixing them firmly without the need for pins, glues or magnets...they just stick! • Justick electro-adhesion technology is patented in all major countries globally. After many years of research and development, Justick is introducing this remarkable technological breakthrough to the world market through numerous innovative applications.

    4. About Justick • Justick International (Pty) Ltd, a South African registered company, invented and patented the Justick electro-adhesion surface. • The South African market was used as a base to pilot production, gauge market perceptions, generate sales and form alliances with partners across the globe. Justick products have been tested in the market for several years and the success has led to an international expansion strategy. • It was no surprise that Justick received several awards for its hugely innovative product portfolio at America’s largest invention trade show, INPEX 2006: • Justick received a gold medal in recognition of innovative excellence in the category of Office Supplies and Stationery. Justick won the acclaimed XEROX Innovation Award. Justick was awarded overall Grand Prix first runner up of all inventions, in all categories • In 2006 Justick continued to excel by being awarded “Best Locally Manufactured Product” by the Southern African Association of Stationery, Home and Office Products, competing with more than 7200 trade members. • In 2007 Justick was a finalist in the Technology Top 100 award for “Excellence in the Management of Innovation”. • In 2008 Justick proceeded to win the Australian Promotional Association’s “Best New Promotional Product” award. • Justick continues to aggressively pursue innovation excellence ultimately leading to an internationally recognized quality brand

    5. Technology • Justick is a unique and effective adhesion surface. Electrical energy flowing through the surface creates enough Coulomb forces to attract objects for a variety of practical purposes. • The Justick surface composition and functionality is a logical alternative to conventional adhesion methods. • Justick surfaces are smooth, polymer based, non-tacky and engineered to be easily manufactured and integrated as sub-components into a wide spectrum of end products. While primarily used in the display industry, its application is practically limitless, enabling a myriad of future applications. • Justick meets the high regulatory standards required in global markets as well as all safety requirements for home, office and commercial use.

    6. DESKTOP • A Justick Desktop unit on a desk or counter is ideal as a copy holder or as a desk organizer. • An ideal corporate gift with branding space on the base or on the Justick surface for corporate or personal promotion. • Justick Desktop is placed on the desk as a practical and interactive tool in view of the user making it a lasting and effective promotional gift.

    7. Justick Lite • Justick lite is a low cost entry level notice board. Ideal for small and medium offices. • A mass produced retail product. • Different framing options available to the end user (Thin black, wide wood, wide black, wide silver, wide aluminum and thin aluminum).

    8. A0 Notice Board • All the large format notice boards have wide aluminum frames and wooden backing. • Ideal in the corporate environment for use in their offices, training and planning rooms. • These boards provide a practical and quality display for static and information that changes regularly. • For larger areas these boards may be panelized to form 2 and 3 AO panel systems.

    9. A0 White Board • The Justick board with the added benefit of a writable surface. This product offers the benefits of both a Justick electro-adhesion notice board and white board in one product. • The user simply places the material that they want to display on the Justick surface and writes on the protective sheet that is mounted into the frame of the product.

    10. XPO Lite • Justick Exhibition System. A modular, portable stand for use at exhibitions, trade shows and corporate presentations. • The Xpo Lite consists of six A1 aluminum framed Justick boards. The system is sold with a carry bag and is easily transportable and simple to assemble. • The advantage that the XPO Lite has over other portable exhibition systems is that the user can change the graphics at any time. No special graphics need to be printed. Displays may be various sizes and shapes.

    11. Justick Strip The Justick strip is a 1500mm x 200mm Justick sheet that is used in meeting rooms to display flip charts during training or brainstorming sessions. Multiple strips can be linked and powered from a single power supply to create a continuous adhesive surface that can cover training room walls.

    12. Benefits The benefits of the Justick technology are obvious when the user becomes familiar with the remarkable simplicity and versatility of the extraordinary adhesion force on the surface that defies the common perception of physics. Justick products: • hold materials flat over the entire surface ensuring superior presentation quality • negate the need for pins, glue, sticky putty or magnets • are completely re-usable during their extended lifespan • retain their adhesive capabilities over time • do not damage the display material with normal use • save costs by printing on less expensive materials • make the placing and manipulating of objects easier, even with one hand • are lightweight and easily transportable • are non-tacky and easy to clean • are powered by compact battery, AC power supply or USB

    13. Other Justick Products

    14. Current product range • Justick Desktop ~ A versatile table-top unit perfect to use as a desk organizer, script holder, advertising display, corporate gift and much more. • Justick Compact 16”x24” ~ A display board retro-fitted to office and cubicle dividers for more efficient use of vertical space, clearing up the clutter around the common workstation. • Justick Lite 24”x36” ~ A display board for anything from training material, time tables, planners, calendar displays, important notices, etc. • Justick Strip ~ A wall mounted strip creating the ultimate solution for securing and displaying flipchart sheets in boardrooms and conference facilities. • Justick Exhibition System ~ A modular, portable stand for use at exhibitions, trade shows and corporate presentations. • Justick Large Format ~ Custom manufactured display boards in larger sizes and various frame options. • Visit for additional product offerings including: Justick Manager Special, Justick Lollipop, Justick Clear, Justick Dry-Erase and more...

    15. Justick products in use: