food product recalls n.
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Food product recalls PowerPoint Presentation
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Food product recalls

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Food product recalls - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Food product recalls
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  1. Food product recalls

  2. Definition of a food recall • FSANZ defines a Food Product recall as action taken to remove from distribution, sale and consumption, food that may pose a health and safety risk to consumers.

  3. Why might a food recall be necessary? • Foods have been incorrectly labelled. • A batch of food may contain a contaminant. • Food items may be contaminated with a bacterium. • Food has been chemically contaminated. • Food for which a problem has arisen during processing.

  4. So what gives suggestion to needing a recall? • Consumer complaints to the manufacturer. • Health authorities that undertake testing. • Medical practitioners.

  5. If there is a problem, who initiates the recall? • If the manufacturer becomes aware of the problem, they may initiate a voluntary recall. • Where there is significant risk to public health, and the problem becomes evident to medical practitioners or the health authorities- then the Commonwealth Minister responsible for consumer affairs has the legislative power to issue a mandatory recall of the food.

  6. National level: FSANZ • Development of food recall standard: FSANZ has developed Food Safety Standard 3.2.2 to ensure the recall of unsafe food. • Development of recall protocols for food industry. ROLE Coordination of food product recalls- liaises with manufacture, state authorities to gather and collect all information about the recall.

  7. State level: Department of Human Services (DHS) • Must appoint a food recall action officer who will oversee the recall of the product. • Notifies local councils of any actions required of the recall of this product. • Monitors the effectiveness of the recalls and provides scientific and technical advice. ROLE The state and Territory governments have mandatory powers to legally recall food products If a severe health and safety risk arises.

  8. Local level: Municipal councils • Employing environmental health officers may be involved in overseeing the destruction and disposal of recalled foods. • Employing EHO’s who may issue a statement to certify that the food has been destroyed. ROLE Enforce food product recalls in conjunction with information provided by the state government.

  9. A recall scenario

  10. So what may have happened here? • Suggest 3 reasons how the listeria outbreak was first bought to attention. • Create a flow chart that outlines the steps in a food recall and identify the roles and responsibilities that FSANZ and each level of government would have carried out in this process.