a day 11 1 2011 b day 11 2 2011 n.
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A Day-11/1/2011 B Day-11/2/2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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A Day-11/1/2011 B Day-11/2/2011

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A Day-11/1/2011 B Day-11/2/2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Day-11/1/2011 B Day-11/2/2011. Objective TLW analyze and explain the political, intellectual, artistic, economic, and religious impact of the Renaissance; and analyze the causes of European expansion from 1450-1750 Agenda Renaissance Class Notes

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A Day-11/1/2011 B Day-11/2/2011

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a day 11 1 2011 b day 11 2 2011
A Day-11/1/2011 B Day-11/2/2011


  • TLW analyze and explain the political, intellectual, artistic, economic, and religious impact of the Renaissance; and analyze the causes of European expansion from 1450-1750


    • Renaissance Class Notes
    • Renaissance Most Wanted Poster Introduction
    • Renaissance Most Wanted Poster Work Time
important ideas of the renaissance
Important Ideas of the Renaissance
  • The Renaissance occurred in Italy in the 15th and 16th Centuries. The Renaissance marked a “rebirth” of European culture.
  • Renaissance humanists had a spirit of inquiry. They looked to the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome for inspiration. Painting and sculptures became more realistic, and literature and architecture borrowed from classical styles.
the artistic impact painting and sculpture
THE ARTISTIC IMPACTPainting and Sculpture

Giotto (1267-1337)

  • Painter
  • Scenes with figures in lifelike space
  • Figures stood firmly on the ground, and became smaller as they receded in space
  • Figures were given depth by realistic shading
  • Figures showed emotions and gestures
italian painting reached its peak during the high renaissance

Italian painting reached its peak during the “High Renaissance”

Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael

the artistic impact painting and sculpture1
THE ARTISTIC IMPACTPainting and Sculpture

Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519)

  • Sculptor, inventor, and painter
  • Famous works (paintings)
    • Mona Lisa
    • The Last Supper
  • Used shadowing and blurred lines, especially on the eyes and mouth, to make his subjects appear incredibly lifelike
  • Brilliant scientific mind
    • Dissected human corpses
    • His notes included parachutes and machine guns

Leonardo di serPiero da Vinci

the artistic impact painting and sculpture2
THE ARTISTIC IMPACTPainting and Sculpture

Michelangelo (1475-1564)

  • Sculptor and Painter
  • Major Sculptures (all were startling realistic)
    • David
    • Moses
    • Pieta
  • Sistine Chapel (Rome)
    • Giant fresco painting of Bible scenes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome is considered one the greatest works of art of all time
the artistic impact architecture
  • Renaissance architects studied the ruins of buildings from ancient Rome to develop a new Renaissance style
  • Used the columns and circular arches of ancient architecture
  • Filippo Brunelleschi
    • Won competition to develop a dome for the Florence Cathedral
the intellectual impact scholarship and literature
THE INTELLECTUAL IMPACTScholarship and Literature

What is Humanism?

Start at 7:44-9:17

  • Humanism
    • The study of man and explorations into science
  • Renaissance humanists studied classical Roman and Greek literature, poetry and philosophy
  • Petrarch
    • “Father of Humanism”
    • Collected and studied ancient (Greek) text that supported his Humanist ideas
  • Erasmus
    • Developed new methods of criticizing texts, that lead him to question the Church
the intellectual impact scholarship and literature1
THE INTELLECTUAL IMPACTScholarship and Literature
  • Secular (non-religious) Subjects
    • Other Renaissance authors wrote on secular subjects
  • Vernacular (local) language
    • Many writes wrote in the vernacular language instead of Latin
  • Vernacular Authors
    • As the Renaissance spread, writers started to complete works in their own native languages
    • Rabelais (France)
    • Shakespeare (England)
    • Cervantes (Spain)
the intellectual impact science and technology
  • The Renaissance spirit of inquiry also led to important discoveries in science.
  • The Church taught that the Earth was the center of the universe.
  • Nicolas Copernicus
    • Polish Scientist
    • Took careful measurements that led him to conclude that he Earth orbited the sun
    • His work was banned by the Church, since it opposed Church doctrine
the intellectual impact science and technology1

Galileo Galilei

  • Famous Italian scientist
  • His studies of motion laid the foundation for modern physics
  • His observations with one of the first telescopes strengthened his belief in Copernicus’ theory
  • Charges were brought against Galileo by the Catholic Church
  • He was told that he could no longer publicly state that the Earth moved around the sun
  • In 1632 he was ordered to appear before the Inquisition in Rome
  • At his trial he was found guilty and was confined to his home
the political impact

Niccolo Machiavelli

  • Courtier and Politician in Florence
    • Florence – Most powerful Renaissance city-state
  • The Prince
    • Machiavelli’s book on how to secure and maintain political power
  • Machiavelli argued that the most successful rulers were not those who acted according to laws or conscience, but those who were willing to do whatever was necessary to hold power
    • “the end justifies the means”
gutenberg s revolution in printing

Johann Gutenberg

  • Developed a printing press with moveable type in Germany around 1450
  • The invention of movable type, along with the use of a special press and oil-based inks, allowed the mass production of printed books for the first time
  • This encouraged the spread of new ideas
  • More people also began to read

Renaissance Man

the renaissance s most wanted

The Renaissance’s Most Wanted

Due – A Day 11/9, B Day 11/10

johann tetzel
Johann Tetzel
  • Offered indulgences for money to Christian’s

2 Cooper Sanders

3 SaxxHoward

5 Eduardo Martinez

6 Madison DeVinny

leonardo davinci
Leonardo DaVinci
  • Italian genius who excelled in science, art and engineering

2 Sandra Ramos

3 Taylor Mathis

5 Emily Uhrin

6 Julio Martinez

elizabeth i
Elizabeth I
  • Ruler of England for 45 years and supporter of the arts

2 Matt Means

3 Cassidy Weigold

5 Kendal Graves

6 Kyra Washington

miguel cervantes
Miguel Cervantes
  • Spanish author who wrote about love and amazing adventures

2 DamirMehic

3 Kris Griffen

5 Jacob Ewing

6 Rodray Perkins

desiderius erasmus
Desiderius Erasmus
  • Humanist priest who criticized corrupt popes and monks

2 Devon Palmer

3 NyalBarnes

5 Megan Lipps

6 Daniel Castillo

albrecht durer
Albrecht Durer
  • German artist who created spectacular woodcuts

2 Christian Bodin

3 Brittany Aldridge

5 Rafael Palos

6 Christopher Holliman

william shakespeare
William Shakespeare
  • English author who wrote sonnets, poetry and plays

2 Aracely Figueroa

3 KarliCurtius

5 Leslie McCracken

6 Sydney Roseboro

john calvin
John Calvin
  • Preached predestination, that all are saint or sinners

2 Hannah Helm 3 Heather Patillo 5 Ashley Barnes 6 Taylor Brill

king henry viii
King Henry VIII
  • “Defender of Faith” who broke from the Catholic Church



2 Cullen Ellis

3 Carson Peters

5 Ericka May

6 Cara Divita

thomas more
Thomas More
  • English humanist/lawyer who wrote a book about ideal society

2 Shane Mooring

3 Michael Howle

5 Matt Montgomery

6 Sarah Trees

  • Artist and sculptor who laid on his back 4 years painting a ceiling

2 Chase Pond

3 Kelly Jackson

5 Gigi McGuire

6 Kaylie Burt

francois rabelais
Francois Rabelais
  • French humanist who used his characters to offer opinions on religion and education

2 Mercedez Johnson

3 Robert Moran

5 Griffin Potts

6 Marissa Alba

cosimo medici
Cosimo Medici
  • Rich Italian Merchant who controlled the Florentine Government

Medici Video

2 Haley Bently

3 Kaya Hargrave

5 Emily Fannin

6 KorinneManjarres

francesco petrarch
Francesco Petrarch
  • An Italian humanist whose love poem inspired later writers

2 Hannah Gabaldon

3 Jeffery Taylor

5 Bryan Sanchez

6 Aidan Connors

mary tudor
Mary Tudor
  • Burned hundreds of English Protestants at the stake

2 Chase Divine

3 Leah Kranenberg

5 Mary Chapman

6 Taylor Logsdon

  • Studied the other great masters and painted The School of Athens

2 Caleb Winkler

3 Jenifer Fang

5 Brittany Reynolds

6 Allison San Miguel

martin luther
Martin Luther
  • Urged Christians to reject the authority of the church

2 Marquis Jordan

5 Cameron King

6 Alvin Fu

  • Wrote a book to offer guidance to rulers on how to keep power

2 Holly Wills

5 Wendy Isidro

6 Tori Rodosta

johann gutenburg
Johann Gutenburg
  • Printed the first complete Bible using moveable type

2 Jimmy DeMartino

5 Jonathan Kelly

6 David Regalado

pope leo x
Pope Leo X
  • A religious leader from the powerful Medici family

2 Brandon Phan

5 Lauren Wooten

teresa of avila
Teresa of Avila
  • Helped to reform convents and monasteries

5 Alex Leverett

jan van eyck
Jan van Eyck
  • Introduced oil paint which produced strong colors

Maria Tovar

peter bruegel
Peter Bruegel
  • Flemish artist who painted realistic scenes with common people

5 Lauren Mitchell

ignatius of loyola
Ignatius of Loyola
  • Set up Jesuits as “soldiers of God”

5 Nelson Richardson

pope paul iii
Pope Paul III
  • Led a religious movement called the Catholic Reformation

6 Quinn Bailey

baldassare castiglione
Baldassare Castiglione
  • Courtier who wrote a book on court life and manners
john knox
John Knox
  • Led Scottish Protestants to overthrow their Queen