the battle of the alamo n.
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The Battle of the Alamo PowerPoint Presentation
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The Battle of the Alamo

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The Battle of the Alamo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Battle of the Alamo
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  1. The Battle of the Alamo Chapter 10 Section 1

  2. Remember the Alamo • After the Battle of San Antonio, Colonel James Neill commands Texans in San Antonio. • Colonel James Fannin commands Texans gathering at Goliad. • No Mexican Troops remained in Texas.

  3. Santa Anna, North to Texas. He was determined to take Texas back. • Texans were unorganized and scattered.

  4. Movement of the Mexican Troops • Two roads entered Texas and continued through San Antonio and along the Gulf. • In January 1836, Santa Anna took the main part of the Army toward San Antonio. • General Jose Urrea led the remaining Mexican forces along the Gulf.

  5. Neill fortifies the Alamo with 21 Cannons.

  6. Wanted: Volunteers to Fight • Neill had about 30 men to defend the Alamo. • Jim Bowie and 30 men arrive. They were sent by Sam Houston from Gonzales to abandon and destroy the Alamo. Neill and Travis refuse, so Bowie stays to help.

  7. William B. Travis, under orders from Provisional Governer Henry Smith, had arrived from San Felipe with 100 men to help defend the Alamo. • Davey Crockett, the famed frontiersman and politician, arrived with 12 of his Tennessee volunteers.

  8. Neill leaves the Alamo due to a family emergency. • Travis takes full command when Bowie gets sick and is bedridden. • Travis sends letters to Texans all over, seeking aid. No major help arrives.

  9. Santa Anna arrives, beginning a 13-day siege on February 23, 1836. • Travis sends his most famous appeal, “Victory or Death”, For help to Sam Houston’s forces at Gonzales.

  10. Fall of the Alamo • Santa Anna probably attacked the little garrison at the Alamo for political, not military reasons. • The Mexican Army bombarded the Alamo for 13 days trying to gain surrender. • Santa Anna raised the Red Flag of no mercy to warn Texans of their fate.

  11. March 6, 1836: 6:30am: The Mexican Army attacks in 3 waves, eventually overwhelming the Texans. The Battle lasted only about 90 minutes.

  12. Casualties and Survivors • Most estimate about 189 Texans and 600 Mexicans died in the battle. • William B. Travis, Bowie, Crockett were all killed.

  13. Santa Anna spared a large group of women and children at the Alamo. Most were sent with letters instructing others to give up the fight, or they too, would also die. • Video Clip