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Politecnico di Torino. Fulvio Corno, Laura Farinetti, Alessandro Garbo, Isabella Signorile http://elite.polito.it. Kick-Off meeting 05-06/09/2004 Tampere, Finland. The University. Politecnico di Torino. Teaching. Research. Architecture (2 faculties).

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Politecnico di torino

Politecnico di Torino

Fulvio Corno, Laura Farinetti,

Alessandro Garbo, Isabella Signorile


Kick-Off meeting


Tampere, Finland

The university
The University

Politecnico di Torino




(2 faculties)

Research Departments(18 departments)

Dipartimento di Automatica

e Informatica (Computer science)


(4 faculties)

e-lite research group

Facoltà di Ingegneria

dell’Informazione (ICT)

Service Centers

(12 centers)

  • Est. 1859 (Royal Military School), re-est. 1906 (Public University)

  • 25.000 students, 115 degrees

  • 860 teaching staff

  • 800 technical/administrative staff

  • 7 locations

Centro per i Servizi Teledidattici

e Multimediali (CeTeM)

LISAD laboratory

The department
The Department

  • Computer Science and Control Engineering

  • 58 Faculty, 40 PhD, 15 technical staff

  • In computer science: VLSI design and test, electronic design automation, data bases, computer networks, computer security, software engineering, web and distributed applications

  • 2nd most active Department in European projects

  • Faculty involved in BS, MS, PhD degrees in Computer Engineering and post-grad Masters

The e lite research group
The e-lite research group

  • Established in 2000

  • 2 Faculty, 4 PhD students, 2 graduate engineers

  • Mission: e-learning, e-intelligence, e-interaction

  • Open to collaborations with other research groups and external entities

  • Previous experience

    • E-learning

    • Accessibility, assistive devices



  • Laboratorio per l’informatica, il supporto e l’accessibilità ai disabili (Laboratory for computers, support and accessibility to disabled students)

  • Availability of a range of assistive devices

  • Accessible to disabled student, enrolled in regular or e-learning courses

  • Accessibility for e-learning portal (courseware and student administration) and for didactical multimedia material

  • Service to other Centers of the Politecnico

Current research projects






Integrando las Nuevas Tecnologías en la Escuela

eLearning System for Water and Environmental Studies

Current research projects


Current research projects1
Current research projects

  • CABLE: Case-Based Learning for Educators (Socrates-Minerva, coord.), 2003-2005

  • PRAISE: Peer Review Network Applying Intelligence to Social Work Education (eLearning), 2004-2005

  • Olympia: e-Learning environment in sports training (Leonardo), 2003-2004

  • INTEGRA: Integrando las Nuevas Tecnologías en la Escuela (@LIS – Alliance for the Information Society), 2003-2006

  • COGAIN: Communication by Gaze Interaction (FP6/NoE), 2004-2009

  • eSWES: e-Learning System for Water and Environments Studies (Tempus), 2004-2005

  • Passepartout: Information service for disabled in City of Torino

  • PiemonteVirtuale: Virtual environment encompassing all the region Piemonte for information, services, entertainment

  • Telecom Italia Lab: Semantically enabled automatic composition of web services

Research semantic web
Research – Semantic Web

  • User modeling

  • Action prediction

  • Context-aware applications

  • Intelligent “transparent” search

  • Easy-to-integrate platform

  • Multilingual

User groups involvement
User groups involvement


Istituto Superiore

Mario Boella

Politecnico di Torino

  • Public-private foundation

  • ICT development for existing and new SME

  • Social impact of ICT

  • Research laboratories

    • Services applications

    • Usability



  • Disabled students

  • Distance students



Existing research collaborations



Don Gnocchi

  • Center of information and exhibition of technologies for elderly and disabled

  • Domotics

  • Nation-wide charity foundation

  • Rehabilitation and consultancy center

People involved in cogain
People involved in COGAIN

Fulvio Corno (project responsible, e-lite)

Laura Farinetti (assistant professor, e-lite)

Isabella Signorile (graduate technical, LISAD)

  • Partial involvement of other PhD students

  • Focused collaboration with other research groups

Alessandro Garbo (PhD, e-lite)

Main role in cogain
Main role in COGAIN

  • WP1: Participation in community building

  • WP3: User involvement

  • WP4: Gaze communication systems

    • Versatile and adaptive platform

    • Web usability

  • WP5: Eye tracker development

    • Eye-tracking (multiple low-cost cameras)

    • Head- and eye-tracking