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MS Excel 2007 Shortcut Keys . Padma Pendyala. Function Keys. F1 – Excel Help Task pane. CTRL+F1 – Displays or Hides the shortcut menu or icons. ALT+F1 – Creates a chart of the data in the current range. ALT+SHIFT+F1 – Inserts a new Worksheet. Function Keys.

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Function keys
Function Keys

  • F1 – Excel Help Task pane.

  • CTRL+F1– Displays or Hides the shortcut menu or icons.

  • ALT+F1 – Creates a chart of the data in the current range.

  • ALT+SHIFT+F1 – Inserts a new Worksheet

Function keys1
Function Keys

  • F2– Edit the active cells and also moves the insertion point into the formula bar

  • SHIFT+F2 – adds or edit a cell comment

  • CTRL+F2 – Display the Print Preview window

Function keys2
Function Keys

  • F3 – Display the Paste name Dialog box

  • SHIFT+F3– Display the insert Function Dialog box

  • F4 – Repeat the last command or action

  • CTRL+F4– Close the selected workbook window

Function keys3
Function Keys

  • F5– Displays Go TO Dialog box

  • CTRL+F5– Restores the window size of the selected workbook window

  • F6– Switches between Worksheet, Shortcut icons, task pane and Zoom Controls

  • CTRL+F6– Switches to next workbook

Function keys4
Function Keys

  • F7– Spell Check

  • F8– Turn Extended mode Off and On

  • SHIFT+F8 – Enables you to add a nonadjacent cell

  • CTRL+F8– Performs size command when the workbook is not maximized.

Function keys5
Function Keys

  • ALT+F8– Displays Macros dialog box to create run, edit or delete a macro

  • F9– Calculates all worksheets in all open workbook

  • SHIFT+F9 – Calculate active worksheet

  • CTRL+ALT+F9 – Calculates all the worksheets, regardless of whether they have changed since the last calculation

Function keys6
Function Keys

  • CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F9– Recheck the dependent formula and then calculate all the workbook

  • CTRL+F9– Minimizes a workbook window to an icon

  • F10 – Turns key tips On or Off

  • SHIFT+F10– Display the shortcut menu for a selected item

Function keys7
Function Keys

  • ALT+SHIFT+F10– Displays the menu or message for a smart tag

  • CTRL+F10– Maximizes or restores the selected workbook window

  • F11– Create chart of the data in the current range

  • SHIFT+F11– Insert a new worksheet

Function keys8
Function Keys

  • ALT+F11 – Open the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor, in which you can create a macro by using VBA (VB for Applications)

  • F12– Displays Save As Dialogue box

Ctrl combination keys
CTRL Combination Keys

  • CTRL+1– Displays the Format dialog box

  • CTRL+2– Removes or Applies Bold format

  • CTRL+3– Removes or Applies Italic format

  • CTRL+4– Removes or Applies Underlining

  • CTRL+5– Removes or Applies Strike through

  • CTRL+6– Hiding or Displaying Objects

  • CTRL+8– Hide or Display outline symbols

  • CTRL+9– Hide the selected rows

  • CTRL+0– Hide the selected columns

Ctrl combination keys1
CTRL Combination Keys

  • CTRL+SHIFT+( - Unhide any hidden rows within the selection

  • CTRL+SHIFT+) – Unhide any hidden columns within the selection

  • CTRL+SHIFT+& - Applies the outline border to the selected cells

  • CTRL+SHIFT+_ - Removes the outline border to the selected cells

  • CTRL+SHIFT+~ - Applies general format number

Ctrl combination keys2
CTRL Combination Keys

  • CTRL+SHIFT+$ - Applies currency format with two decimal places

  • CTRL+SHIFT+% - Applies % format with no decimal places

  • CTRL+SHIFT+# - Applies date format with DDMMYY

  • CTRL+SHIFT+@ - Applies time format with HH MM and AM or PM

  • CTRL+SHIFT+! – Applies the number format with two decimal places

Ctrl combination keys3
CTRL Combination Keys

  • CTRL+SHIFT+* - Select the current region around the active cell

  • CTRL+SHIFT+: - Enter the current time

  • CTRL+SHIFT+” – Copies the values from the cell above the active cell into the cell or Formula bar

  • CRTL+; - Enter the current date

  • CRTL+’ – Copies a formula from the cell above the active cell into the cell or the formula bar

Ctrl combination keys4
CTRL Combination Keys

  • CTRL+D– Uses the fill down command to copy the contents and format of the top most cell of a selected range into the cells below

  • CTRL+K – Display the insert Hyperlink dialog box for new hyperlinks or the Edit Hyperlink dialog box for selected existing hyperlinks

  • CTRL+T – Display the create table dialog box

Ctrl combination keys5
CTRL Combination Keys

  • CTRL+R – Uses the fill Right command to copy the content and format of the leftmost cell of a selected range into the cells to the right

  • CTRL+Y – Repeats the last command or action

Other shortcut keys
Other Shortcut Keys

  • CTRL+Arrow Key – Moves to the edge of the current data region in a worksheet

  • CTRL+END – Moves to the last cell on a Worksheet.

  • CTRL+ENTER – Fills the selected cell range with current entry

  • ALT+ENTER – Starts a new line in the same Cell

  • SHIFT+ENTER – Complete the cell entry and selects the cell above

Other shortcut keys1
Other Shortcut Keys

  • CTRL+HOME – Moves to the beginning of the worksheet

  • ALT+PAGEDOWN – Moves one screen to right in a worksheet

  • CTRL+PAGEDOWN – Moves to the next worksheet in a workbook

  • ALT+PAGEUP – Moves one screen to left in a worksheet

  • CTRL+PAGEUP – Moves to the previous worksheet in a workbook

Other shortcut keys2
Other Shortcut Keys

  • CTRL+SPACEBAR – Selects entire column in a worksheet

  • SHIFT+SPACEBAR – Selects entire row in a worksheet

  • ALT+SPACEBAR – Display the control menu for the Microsoft office Excel

  • SHIFT+TAB – Moves to the previous cell

  • CTRL+TAB – Switches to the next tab in a dialog box

  • CTRL+SHIFT+TAB – Switches to the previous tab in a dialog box