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I³ Connect. WELCOME. 29th of September 2010 Cathy Van Mullem. FY11 Dynamics organization. Indicators. Growth. Confidence Index. Agenda. 10.30-10.40 Welcome & introduction 10.40-11.10 Dynamics CRM marketing update 11.00-11.30 Dynamics ERP marketing update

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i connect

I³ Connect


29th of September 2010

Cathy Van Mullem


10.30-10.40 Welcome & introduction

10.40-11.10 Dynamics CRM marketing update

11.00-11.30 Dynamics ERP marketing update

11.30-12.10 Dynamics Partner Academy update

12.10-12.15 Closing

i connect8

I³ Connect

29th of September 2010

Frederik Everaert -- Tom Braekeleirs

  • Cloud Transformation
  • Vertical Approach
  • CRM 2011 Sales & Technical Readiness
  • CRM Online Compete
  • FY11 CRM Marketing

Who is Who ?

Your dedicated Dynamics CRM team


Solution Sales

Bart Vierbergen

Technical Sales

Partner Techn. Advisor

Frederik Everaert

Product Marketing

Tom Braekeleirs

Partner Account Manager


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

1. Cloud Transformation

with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

cloud transformation
Cloud Transformation




connected experiences

Your Customers

Strengthen Relationships

Simplify Processes

Optimize Interactions

Establish Insights

crm 2011 delivers choices
CRM 2011 Delivers Choices



(value-added services)

  • Buy
  • Use
  • Develop
  • Change as Needed

Power of Choice

Private Cloud


Microsoft Cloud





  • Cloud Transformation
  • Vertical Approach
  • CRM 2011 Sales & Technical Readiness
  • CRM Online Compete
  • FY11 CRM Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

2. Vertical Approach

a winning strategy
A winning strategy ....


  • Address business needs and avoid technology complexity.
  • Do not show stack slide to business audience.
  • Debunk cost/TCO myths and use as Microsoft advantage.
  • Align and arm IT – Choice, Control, Security, create win-win for everyone
  • Position existing Microsoft investments, Microsoft long-term commitment to CRM

Needs Industry Knowledge !

vertical white spot mapping 1
Vertical White Spot Mapping (1)

1) Count of existing companies by vertical:

This inventory is based on the Sic codes and the Belgian Market (22.000 entities).

The exercise is a combination of a number game based on Trends 30.000 and Sic


2) Inside by vertical:

- Market share

- Market spend

- Growth

- Dynamics sales

- Refresh dates

  • Size of the total market ( Total and by vertical)

4) Partner information: installed base by sic code:

- Number of partners by sic code

- Deals by Sic code

- Coverage in the coming 3 years

Steps in the process

vertical white spot mapping 2
Vertical White Spot Mapping (2)

5) Prioritization and white spot analyse:


Based on potential

Based on number of partners

White Spots:

Where are the biggest opportunities versus market potential

For which sic codes do we have a partner capacity shortage

For which verticals are we saturated / Alternatives

All the info will be relevant for ERP and CRM partners

to remember
To remember ....
  • Learn about your prospect’s industry
  • Choose a vertical market to focus on
  • Talk THEIR language
  • Avoid IT complexity, seed with online
  • Address the BDM, not only TDM (IT)
findings from idc
Findings from IDC

IDC's research has shown that Dynamics partners who focus on specific industries are winning more new customers than those who have less of a focus or no focus.

If they have not already, Dynamics partners should consider beginning a strategy to drive a higher percentage of their revenue within one or a small number of focused industries.

  • Cloud Transformation
  • Vertical Approach
  • CRM 2011 Sales & Technical Readiness
  • CRM Online Compete
  • FY11 CRM Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

3. CRM 2011 Sales & Technical Readiness

crm 2011 sales technical readiness
CRM 2011 Sales & Technical Readiness
  • CRM 2011 SalesReadiness: Nov 16th ‘10

from 17h tot 20h30 at Microsoft offices Zaventem*

  • CRM 2011 Technical Readiness: Dec 1st ‘10

from 17h tot 20h30 at Microsoft offices Zaventem*

We count on you !

crm 2011 sales readiness nov 16 th 10
CRM 2011 Sales Readiness: Nov 16th ‘10
  • Learn about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRM Online
  • Learn how to market and sell the BDM value proposition
  • Learn how to compete and win with this new release
  • Learn about the Dynamics Marketplace, BPOS and Azure
  • Pricing and Licensing – To be confirmed
crm 2011 technical readiness dec 1 st 10
CRM 2011 Technical Readiness: Dec 1st ‘10
  • Learn the features and architecture of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
  • Learn how to demo and sell the TDM value proposition
  • Learn about the new CRM Online developer capabilities
  • Learn about the cloud architecture of CRM Online, BPOS, and  Azure and the new Dynamics Marketplace
  • Learn how to optimize you upgrades
  • Cloud Transformation
  • Vertical Approach
  • CRM 2011 Sales & Technical Readiness
  • CRM Online Compete
  • FY11 CRM Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

4. CRM Online Compete

salesforce com

“…first cloud computing suite for business productivity…”

“…accelerates the demise of Microsoft SharePoint …”

“…delivers applications 4.9 times faster than .NET…”

“…grow your business, not your costs …”

“…form strategic alliance to launch the world’s first enterprise Java cloud …”

  • Cloud Transformation
  • Vertical Approach
  • CRM 2011 Sales & Technical Readiness
  • CRM Online Compete
  • FY11 CRM Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

5. FY11 CRM Marketing

fy11 dynamics crm marketing
FY11 Dynamics CRM Marketing

Dynamics CRM Telesales / Telemarketing (script, briefing, follow-up prospects & leads)

  • Q1
  • Q2
  • Q3
  • Q4

CRM 2011 Launch










P = Partner Seminars *







xRM Framework

Sales Productivity

Customer Care

Ultimate KMO/PME Makeover

Solution Scenarios

Vertical Approach

* Partner Seminars combined with public cases, press & website

ultimate kmo pme makeover campaign boost my business
Ultimate KMO/PME Makeover campaign & Boost my Business

Through-Partner marketing formula:

  • Timing: end of Nov ’10 – June ’11
  • Microsoft worked out a 2nd Wave ‘Find & Manage Customers’ which fully focuses on the BPOS and CRM Online offering, i.e. the Cloud solutions.
  • Audience: Midmarket / Small Bizz
  • Partner opportunities: customer cases / linked seminars / visibility & leads

We have reached more than 400.000 visitors on the website over the entire year. In addition, these visitors stayed approximately 7 minutes.

But did you know that we are running the same campaign in Luxembourg called Boost my Business?

Free video case!

Dynamics CRM 2011 customer


Through-Partner marketing formula:

  • Timing: end of Jan ‘10 – begin Febr ‘11
  • Microsoft works out the email template for the general invite and foresees the catering, the intro speaker, general sessions, the location and coordinates the complete organization of the CRM 2011 Launch Event
  • Agenda:

Intro speaker

CRM 2011 Update (On-premise & Online)

CRM 2011 Demo (Microsoft)

CRM 2011 Customer Testimonial(s)

Audience: prospects / customers (target: +200 people)

  • Partner sponsoring packages: Silver/Gold (special conditions apply)

CRM 2011 Launch Event

Thank you !

Don’t forget your evaluation form 

i connect39

I³ Connect

29th of September 2010

Harald Wentein – PM Dynamics ERP

customer scenario s
“Customer Scenario’s”
  • Multi X
  • 2-Tier ERP
  • Local Vertical
  • Hosted Dynamics ERP
erp product teams
ERP Product Teams
  • “ERP Volume” – led by Paul White
    • Local Vertical and Business in a Box
    • Christian Baek, Eva Sachse, Frank Fugl, Jannik Bausager and Jesper Lachance Ræbild
  • “ERP Industry” – Kees Hertogh and the global industry directors formally in Doug Kennedy’s group –
    • 2-tier ERP and MultiX
    • Industry Solutions Marketing
    • Product Marketing
  • ERP Strategy and Pricing – led by Peter Ruchatz
    • Cloud Strategy
    • Pricing (Carl Radecke)
  • ERP Product Marketing – led by Guy Weismantel
    • Jen Dorsey, LotteCordtIhlemann, Gerice Anderson, Ross Thorpe, Luke Shave, Louise Toubro, Pepijn Richter and Lyle Curry report to Guy
hosted dynamics erp
Hosted Dynamics ERP

Hosted Dynamics ERP

  • Freedom of Choice
  • Rapid time to value
  • Rapid implementation
  • No customization
  • Flexibility


Online Services

strategy local vertical
Strategy – Local Vertical
  • Goal:
  • Position Dynamics ERP as an Industry Solution
  • Create # of Touchpoints with potential prospects
  • Create New Leads
local vertical marketing
Local Vertical Marketing

5 Vertical Markets:

- Manufacturing Process

- Manufacturing Discrete

- Distribution

- Retail

- Professional Services

For Partners

  • 2 Customer references
    • 1 New + 1 max 6 months old
  • >1 vertical event
    • Microsoft Participation
  • 1 Solution on Solution Finder
    • CfMD or Add-on
  • Dedicated Vertical Website
    • Split / vertical
  • 5 new Customers in FY09 & 10

Western European Event

  • Existing Customers & Prospects
  • Executive Meetings
    • Kirill Tatarinov (Corporate VP MBS)
    • Michael Park (Corporate VP MBS)
    • Hal Howard (Corporate VP MBS R&D)
    • Dan Brown (General Manager NAV)
    • Brad Wilson (General Manager CRM)
    • Crispin Read (General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics ERP)
    • Benoit de la Tour (Vice President Dynamics EMEA Time Zone)
  • 1400 attendees
  • 34 Break Out sessions

Use the official Twitter hash tag: #CONV10

break out grid
Break Out Grid
  • CRM Online & CRM 2011
  • NAV 2009 R2
  • AX for Retail
  • Cloud - BPOS
  • Value of Upgrade
  • Integration scenarios – BI – SharePoint - ...
fy11 dynamics erp marketing
FY11 Dynamics ERP Marketing

Dynamics ERP Telesales / Lead Generation / Lead Brokers / Through Partner Marketing

  • Q1
  • Q2
  • Q3
  • Q4

NAV 2009 R2 Launch






Manufacturing Discrete

Local Verticals


Professional Services

Manufacturing Process


Ultimate KMO/PME Makeover

erp product launches
ERP – Product Launches
  • NAV 2009 R2
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration.
    • Online Payment Service for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. RoleTailored Client Access for Remote and Roaming Users.
    • Microsoft Application Virtualization support.  
    • Windows 7 User Experience Improvements.
    • Treemap visualization.
  • Readiness
    • NAV 2009 R2 Developer Day
    • November 10th
      • What’s New in C/Side
      • Application Testability
      • Web Service
      • Integration (including CRM)
      • ...
    • Keep an eye out and register
  • Local Dynamics NAV Powershot
erp product launches49
ERP – Product Launches
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX “6”
  • H2 is technical readiness AX
    • Corp Events
    • Local events through Belux Sub and Partner Academy
  • Local Dynamics AX Powershot

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