Video production 2a soft news morning announcements seneca says
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VIDEO PRODUCTION 2A Soft News Morning Announcements Seneca Says. WHY IS THIS CLASS VALUABLE?. BROADCASTING BASICS —learning positions in a TV studio. STRENGTHEN VIDEOMAKING —make several videos & expand

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Video production 2a soft news morning announcements seneca says

VIDEO PRODUCTION 2ASoft NewsMorning AnnouncementsSeneca Says

Why is this class valuable

  • BROADCASTING BASICS—learning positions in a TV studio.

  • STRENGTHEN VIDEOMAKING—make several videos & expand

  • PROBLEM SOLVING—I will gladly answer questions, but you must learn to solve problems on your own as well.

  • INDEPENDENCE—always work to do—planning, storyboarding, writing questions, making plans, creating graphics, learning new programs or techniques, planning your producing week.

  • TEAMWORK—work together to generate amazing ideas! The show fails if one person does not do his / her job.

  • CREATIVITY—you have a tough audience to appeal to.

  • ENTERTAINMENT—1st and foremost we need to report the announcements… but… they’re really boring. We need to appeal to short attention spans.

Here is what you ll do more specifics to follow
Here is what you’ll do(more specifics to follow)

  • Generate Ideas: write a treatment for each half of 9 weeks.

  • Make Videos: your choice but should all be different, dynamic, interesting, & appealing to many different types of people

  • Be a producer / director: you’re in charge! With 1 or 2 other people for your week

  • Be an ANCHOR—only if you want to

  • Be a part of the crew: Work tech positions most weeks

Making videos

As a video producer, here’s what you should do:

  • Keep us interested & intrigued

  • Use cams / mics for quality material

  • Make sure you have intro / conclusion and it is clear

  • At least 3 videos per 9 weeks; at least 1 per half 9 weeks; no individual segments over 2 minutes

  • Edit in Adobe Premiere

  • Export and upload on your own

  • -10 points on half 9 weeks eval for

    each day it is late.

Things to avoid when making videos
THINGS TO AVOIDwhen making videos

  • Same people

  • Inside jokes—nicknames, inside stories, slang, gangster spoofs, party references…

  • Parodies / copycat videos (same as movie/ tv show /youtube video, meme, etc), strictly “blog” type videos

  • Wrong aspect ratio if you’re using an iPod / iPhone, etc.

  • Overdone ideas: best cars, hallway interviews, minute to win it, what are you excited about for next year, etc…?,

  • Overdone locations: right outside of SVTV studio (NO!), right against a brick wall

  • Crooked tripods / shots

  • Unprofessional / cheesy fonts: comic sans / apple casual / papyrus

  • Long interviews, interviews with only 1 angle, lack of close-ups, lack of b-roll, inaudible interviews or interviews in really noisy places

  • Overpowering music, that “Up, Up, and Away” song, “Eye of the Tiger”, etc.

Making videos1

X 2

each 9 weeks

Video production 2a soft news morning announcements seneca says


  • Get several musicians together for improvised jam session

  • The “Yarn Bombing” of the Andy Warhol Bridge!

  • Interview new IHS principal, Mrs. Perry about her new job

  • The Giant Rubber Ducky coming to Pittsburgh

  • Background on Mrs. Klein and the new strings program

  • Feature students with interesting talents

  • The SV Performing Arts Dance Program—a feature on the program and its director

  • Create a PSA on the dangers of texting while driving or talking on the phone while driving.

  • A documentary on chemistry lab experiments and chemical reactions / explosions

  • Create a PSA in which the roles of teachers & students are reversed to prove some kind of a point.

  • Social Studies Current Events—have an outgoing history teacher quickly discuss news each week.

  • Series based on new technologies coming out

  • Music album reviews

  • Behind the scenes of marching band

  • Movie reviews and student reactions

  • Promotional videos for student organizations

  • Seneca’s new teachers

  • Students’ biggest new school year fears

  • weekly or bi-weekly feature on international news

  • PSA about studying tips

  • Seneca’s reactions to the Pirates’ quest for the playoffs

  • Informational video about tips on applying to college

  • Behind the scenes of cheerleading / dancing

  • Art class spotlight of specific artists or pieces

  • Provide information on local charities and how students can get involved

  • Ceramics and how a piece is made

  • Science-themed video with experiments, etc.

  • Ask random people to do their best impersonations of famous people

  • Make a very fast-paced cooking show series

  • Ask people for summer travel pictures and show them in a montage with music and titles

  • Try to get hundreds of students on video, even for a few frames, as a long-term video project.

  • Highlight the school’s diversity. Have students speak other languages.

  • PSA about embracing diversity

  • Seneca’s best pets

  • Best dressed teacher of the week

  • Extreme sports athletes in our district

  • Random historical people of the week; make it funny and informational

  • Interview parents about their kids in school and what has changed since their high school days.

  • A historical movie about what the local area was like 100 years ago, 1,000 years ago, etc.

  • Have students or parents act as restaurant critics, visiting local establishments.

  • Interview young kids—little brothers / sisters—and ask them funny questions about high school, etc.

  • Gym class documentary following a group of students participating in various activities.

  • Ask teachers questions about their school days

  • Restaurant review show


  • Interview the secretaries about their jobs

  • Guidance Counselors’ Corner—guidance counselors discuss important upcoming events.

  • Teacher Spotlights

  • District events RECAP—what is going on in Evans City, Cranberry, Harmony, etc?

Writing treatments
Writing Treatments

  • PURPOSE: Explain the purpose of your video, what will audiences get from it, your message, how will it appeal to an array of people, and what makes it interesting. Make it sound as appealing as possible, using strong wording.

  • DESIGN / STYLE: Describe the design of the video (editing, shots, graphics, use of music, sound effects, stop motion, mood, tone, feel, pacing, etc.)

  • Write one at the beginning and at the midpoint of each 9 weeks. Use the template online or paper copy.

  • Your 1st treatment is due WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th and is only for 1st half of 9 weeks: SEPTEMBER 27.

Writing treatments1
Writing Treatments

X 2 each 9 weeks

Producing directing

  • Write the script / rundown, provide transitions, have a meeting with crew each time you produce / give rundown of every show & important things you planned. After you write the “script”, print three copies—two for the anchors and one for yourself. Know what videos are playing each day and what they are about. It is not sufficient to have the anchors say: “Now here’s a video by _____.”

  • You have creative control! Each week should be original. See the

    ideas sheet and planning document on my website.

  • Bring on at least 1 new adult—teacher, administrator, coach, etc. each week.

  • You will work in a pair or group. One of the producers must direct the show each day.

  • Directing the show: call shots for whole crew, tell switcher when to switch, tell roll-ins when videos are, tell audio to get ready for credits, keep cameras notified when they’re on or up next, provide countdowns, etc.

Producing directing1

X 1

each 9 weeks


  • Nobody is required to anchor, but you are all welcome to as long as you take it seriously and are appropriate.

  • Anchoring for the whole semester will count for 100 points. If you choose not to anchor, your 2nd video evaluation for the 9 weeks will count for 200 points instead of 100.

  • Tell me which week or weeks you’d like to anchor if you have a preference.

  • Tell me who in your class you’d like to be teamed with.

  • You must be professional and dress nicely! (Professional does not have to mean stuffy & boring).


X 1

each 9 weeks

(if you do not anchor, your end of 9 weeks video evaluation is doubled)

Studio rules

  • You must always take a pass wherever you go.

  • No extra people are required for shoots

  • Meet deadlines or suffer a severe penalty (-10 each day it is late).

  • You must ask me for help.

  • All equipment must be properly signed out and returned at the beginning of each day—if the door is locked, bring it up to room 218 1st period.

  • Whatever your job is, you need to make that your first priority. Mics should be checked (with the actual anchors for that day), graphics should be created, cameras turned on, script written, etc.

Other goals

  • Keep the audiences interested & excited to see each new show.

    • NO: “The announcements are boring” / “I hardly ever watch them” / “It’s the same thing every day” / “I keep seeing the same people”

  • More positive school and community spirit videos

  • Be diverse & reach out to as many different types of people as possible

  • Have students dress more professionally—no t-shirts, hoodies, revealing garments, graphic t-shirts.

  • Make every show unique and interesting!

  • Be the best Seneca Says semester EVER!!!

  • Other goals1
    Other GOALS

    • Increase our viewership & improve our image

    • Use social media to promote as much as possible





    Video production 2a soft news morning announcements seneca says

    LET’S DO IT!

    What do you think?

    Thoughts? Comments?

    Questions? Let’s talk…

    Video production 2a soft news morning announcements seneca says

    • How many videos must you produce (minimum) per 9 weeks?

    • How many videos must you produce per half 9 weeks?

    • Do you have to be a news anchor?

    • How many treatments must you complete each 9 weeks?

    • What is the maximum length for each video you make?

    • When should cameras be returned if taken overnight?

    • When is your first treatment due?

    • Name two specific things the producer/director does:

    • Name at least 2 things you should avoid in your videos?

    • How many mammals are in this powerpoint presentation?