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Business Solutions Division PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Solutions Division

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Business Solutions Division - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information Display Management Software. Business Solutions Division. Main Features. Launcher. 「 Distribution Tool 」 Distributes schedule to Information Display (Panel PC). Program Editor. Schedule Editor. Timetable Editor. 「 Timetable Creation / Editing 」 Sets timetable to play program.

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Business Solutions Division

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Presentation Transcript

Information Display Management Software

Business Solutions Division


Main Features


「Distribution Tool」Distributes schedule to Information Display (Panel PC)

Program Editor

Schedule Editor

Timetable Editor

「Timetable Creation / Editing」

Sets timetable to play program

「Program Creation/ Editing」Sets layout, image data, movie and scroll message

「Schedule Creation / Editing」  

Sets calendar schedule to execute timetable


Program Creation / Editing

■Setting layout

① Set screen size, starting position

②Set the number of frames and scroll messages

by close button and check box.

③Set the frame and scroll message sizeClick the frame and drag to set size and position

※In order to play 4:3 contents (800x600 for most movies), set W1,440 x 1,080H.

However, full screen is 16:9 creating blank space. Please adjust the screen placing additional image or scroll message.



Program Creation / Editing

■Setting contents

① Double click on the tab

(Background, Frame, Scroll Message, Sound)

Background, Frame, Scroll Message, Sound tabs

②Select the content and click ≫≫≫ button

Select the contents folder from the tree

Contents list is shown


Program Creation / Editing

■Displaying Web page

① Click on the frame tab (1 to 4), select URL tab

② Input the URL and click ≫≫≫ button




Program Creation / Editing

■Setting the PIP

①Click the “PinP” Tab

② Select monitor model name, size,

Aspect Ratio, Input Source, Sound

Source, Direction etc.

※PinP : Function to play AV screen on PC screen


Program Creation / Editing

③ Double click the contents file on the play list to show contents property.

Property allows automatic resizing of data ‘keep aspect ratio or not) etc.


Check to make the screen transparent

*Background cannot be transparent

Click to select color

※Notes for playing MPEG (movie)

Aspect ratio is automatically kept, frame size must be adjusted to the movie data


Program Creation / Editing


■Creating new scroll message

① Select Message tab, and click

“Create New Scroll Message”

Create New Scroll Message

② Type scroll message

* More letters in one line consumes more power.

Please start break lines for long message.


Program Creation / Editing

③ Setting text direction, font, background

Horizontal / Vertical

Fontト : Click “Select Font” to change font name, style, size

Click on each box to select font / background



Scrolling Speed

* Full size letters must be used for vertical scroll


Program Creation / Editing

■Editing scroll message① Select message, click “Edit” or “Delete”

Right click “open saved contents folder” to find where the data is saved

Select message

Scroll edit button


Program Creation / Editing

■ Partially changing message color / font① Click the check box “Use HTML tag for scroll message”。 

< font color = ="red",face= =" MS明朝"> <b> <i>シャープ株式会社が</b>

Partially changed in red font

Check box

<Tag Description>


Program Creation / Editing

② Changing color

Input “#000000” or “black” inside tag (<font color>)

<Color sample>

SHARP Corporation aims to be ”The only-one enterprise to create 21st century life through electronics technology”Tag:<font color="red",face=“font name"><b><i>SHARP Corporation</b></i><font color="white",face="MSPfont name>は、<font color="blue"><big> ”The only-one enterprise to create 21st century life through electronics technology”/big> <font color="fuchsia"> <small> <u> aims to be


Program Creation / Editing

■Playing preview

① Playing full preview

Click “Fit Screen” button

  * For Scroll message only preview, click “Scroll message preview” on scroll message editor

Program Editor

Scroll Message Editor


Crating Timetable

① Register a program in the timetable

Timetable Editor

Select program and set duration

② Register panel control in a timetable

Panel Control Tab

Sets time for POWER ON/OFF, input change etc.


Creating Timetable


SHARP 20:00~12:00


SHARP 2 0:00~12:00


SHARP 2 0:00~12:00

① Copying and pasting timetable


Click “SHARP”, and click “SHARP 2” while holding Shift key


Click copy icon

Click paste icon

② Clicking on past icon again allows repeated pasting


Creating Schedule

① Setting monthly schedule

Select timetable created in timetable editor and set span

Schedule Editor

Register timetable for all day of the month

Choose only Tuesday

Choose only 2nd week

Choose only 16th


Distributing Schedule (USB Memory)

① Distributing the program and schedule by USB memory

“ Distribute the schedule or program”  Distribute the schedule using external memory storage such as USB memory”

② Select the program and send to USB memory

  • Master schedule update highly recommended
  • Please do not make any additional distribution. Additional distribution may mistakenly overwrite the schedule stored in the panel, and additionally distributed schedule may apply only for that day.

Distributing Schedule (via Network)

①Setting panel control

Click add panel

Open panel control

Define panel name, group name

IP address etc.

②”Distribute the schedule or program”  “Distribute the schedule through the network”


Distributing Schedule (via Network)

③Select the program, then select panel

④ Set distribution time, and click Finish


Distributing Schedule (via Network) Break-in Distribution

① “Distribution methods”  “Display the break-in program through network”

② Select the program and click “next”


Distributing Schedule (via Network) Break-in Distribution

③ Select the panel and click “next”

④ Set the time of break-in and display time, and click “next”

Check the settings and click Finish to complete


Status Monitoring Tool (via Network)

①Start  All programs  SHARP e-Signage  Tools  Status Monitoring Tool

Turns on the power of selected panel PC (controller)

Restarts the selected panel PC (controller)

Turns off the power of selected panel PC (controller)

Obtains status of all panels


Tips for creating contents on PowerPoint

■ Page setting for LCD screen

Set the slide size as 6:9

Slide size : User settingsW: E =16:9*In case of full screen display

16:9 slide size

■ “Slide Show”  “Screen Switch”


Tips for creating contents on PowerPoint

■ Set “Screen Switch”

Screen switch effect

Screen switch speed

Automatic switch

Settinng switch time

Click to apply same settings on all slides

Preview screen

■ Setting “Screen Switch “ on each slide

① Select the slide to add effect, and right-click

② Select “Screen Switch”

Click for screen switch

Select slide to change


Tips for creating contents on PowerPoint

■ Select “setting slide show”

■ Check “Auto presentation (full screen) and click OK