the wbc road trip n.
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The WBC Road Trip…… PowerPoint Presentation
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The WBC Road Trip……

The WBC Road Trip……

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The WBC Road Trip……

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  1. The WBC Road Trip……


  3. TheC.O.R.EPrinciples for Successful Collaboration National Awards Excellence in Local Government Category Winner 2009

  4. Communicationwhat, how, when and to whom……

  5. Communication • Promote activities and achievements – newsletters, emails, annual report, monthly report to councils, bi-annual presentations to councils, website, media releases • Communication methods – web conferencing, teleconferencing, face to face off site, • Networking – annual forum, project team meetings shared around venues, connecting work teams and people, 2 monthly Professional Team meetings (all Directors and GM’s), shared training

  6. Opportunity &Order Structure, processes, governance, chances to explore……

  7. Opportunity • - staff involved in project teams • Build it and they will come.....provide venue, make it easy for them to get together..........feed them! • Identify areas of expertise and exploit them! Order • Governance of Alliance – MOU, Board structure, decision making, reporting • Processes for managing finances – bit messy but it works! • Project Management principles applied • Accountability

  8. Resources & Relationships the stuff you need & Who you are travelling with....

  9. RESOURCES • Money to do things • People to do things • Time to do things – staff released to do project work • My position to make sure things get done – focussed wholly on the Alliance • RELATIONSHIPS • Pick your partners well – similar size/challenges/ demographic • Manage relationships – nurture, support, communicate • Manage ego’s and personalities and the “protection of their own patch”

  10. Enthusiasmleadership, common direction and……knowing the way

  11. Enthusiasm • Strong leadership – Board of Mayors, Deputy Mayors and General Managers • Willingness to work together – at all levels • Demonstrated outcomes keep people interested • Management Plan to give direction • Promotion of activities • Dedicated resources (such as my position)

  12. What we have achieved? • 9 years as an Alliance with continuing strength and commitment • Over $4 million in savings and efficiencies • 55 collaborative projects completed • Successful joint funding applications • 2 shared positions

  13. Achievements? • Joint Tender and then purchase of IT Corporate Software – saving of $420k (on price, management of tender, legal fees etc) • Over last 4 years collective grant funding of over $400k (training, planning, water planning) • Worked together to develop Integrated Planning and Reporting plans (joint engagement of consultant saved $42k)

  14. Achievements? Joint project for the initial design of asset plan framework and templates – estimated saving of $90k over 2 years by joint engagement of consultant (started in 2007) Common Engineering Guidelines – consistent approach to engineering design (including generic set of drawings) Standard Conditions of Consent – combined with Environmental Health staff to develop common consent document – reduced from over 900 in use to 280!

  15. Achievements? • New project for standard Development Control Plans • Joint plant purchasing (new project just commencing to review how we manage fleet and if it could be centralised) • “Mates rates”for use of plant……. • Use of neighboring outdoor crews on boundary road maintenance • Joint training

  16. So, where next? • Shared Service Model –Developing Business Case for a shared service model for “niche” functions….. • Fleet Management • Food Shop Inspections • Trade Waste • New Governance Model……..can’t move to shared services without it • Implementation of new and upgraded IT systems and streamlined business processing

  17. So, where next? Destination 2036 Reform Agenda in NSW – significant change expected……….we are currently working on how we will “look” individually or collectively into the future Can a voluntary cooperative model carry us through? Do we need to corporatize? Is shared administration or services a solution ? How does the Alliance support the sustainability of the individual member councils?

  18. My top tips for a successful road trip • Give time and consideration to the C.O.R.E Principles • Communicate • Order and opportunity • Resources and relationships • Enthusiasm • Pick your partners carefully • Don’t be afraid to ask for directions if you get lost

  19. And......don’t forget to celebrate along the way – acknowledge the efforts and achievements.... now... at the end of a long day.

  20. For more information: Contact Donna Galvin, Executive Manager Or check out the website at: