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Global network of innovation

Global network of innovation. Siemens is committed to both continuity and change. Management continuity is a key factor in our success. Werner von Siemens Wilhelm von Siemens, Carl von Siemens Carl Friedrich von Siemens Hermann von Siemens Ernst von Siemens.

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Global network of innovation

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  1. Global network of innovation

  2. Siemens is committed to both continuity and change

  3. Management continuityis a key factor in our success Werner von Siemens Wilhelm von Siemens, Carl von Siemens Carl Friedrich von Siemens Hermann von Siemens Ernst von Siemens • 1847 – 1890 • 1890 – 1919 • 1919 – 1941 • – 1956 • 1956 – 1968 1968 – 1971 1971 – 1981 1981 – 1992 1992 – 2005 since 2005 Gerd Tacke Bernhard Plettner Karlheinz Kaske Heinrich v. Pierer Klaus Kleinfeld

  4. Siemens is one of the world's most successful companies in electrical engineering and electronics

  5. We are one of the largest companies in our field 119.0 in bns. of € Total sales in bns. of € Sales in electrical engineering and electronics 77.8 75.2 67.4 73.9 65.6 67.7 61.6 63.7 55.9 54.5 58.5 49.0 49.2 43.4 38.8 43.6 39.1 38.8 30.9 Samsung Electronics Toshiba GE IBM Siemens Hitachi Hewlett- Packard Matsu- shita Sony Dell

  6. Our key figures reflectan outstanding performance Change in % 20041) 20031) in billions of euros New orders Sales Net income Net income provided by operating activities Net cash used in investing activities Research and development expenses Shareholders' equity (September 30) Dividend Employees (September 30, in thousands) Number of shares (in millions) 80.830 75.167 3.405 5.080 (1.818) 5.063 26.855 €1.25 430 891 75.056 74.233 2.445 5.712 (3.939) 5.067 23.715 €1.10 417 891 + 92) +32) + 39 – 11 1) Fiscal year: October 1 to September 30 2) Adjusted for currency effects and portfolio activities

  7. With production facilities all aroundthe world, we are a true global player 96 72 61 44 14 4 North America and Mexico Germany Europe (excl. Germany) Asia- Pacific South America Middle East, Africa

  8. We have 430,000 employees and activities in more than 190 countries 430,000 373,000 344,000 2% Other Asia-Pacific 12% 1% 4% 2% The Americas 22% 13% 5% 9% 20% 17% Europe(excl. Germany) 26% 67% 62% Germany 38% 2004 1990 1980

  9. Our sales are generated all around the globe 75.2 74.2 84.0 (in billions of euros) 6% 12% Other 8% 6 % 29% 12% Asia-Pacific 12% 25% The Americas 23% 32% Europe(excl. Germany) 34% 34% 23% Germany 23% 21 % 2004 2003 2002

  10. Siemens boasts a comprehensive portfolio in six business areas

  11. Our broad portfolio gives us a competitive edge Managing Board of Siemens AG Corporate Departments Operations Automation and Control Information and Communications Power Corporate Development (CD) Power Generation(PG) Automation and Drives (A&D) Communications (Com) Corporate Finance (CF) Siemens Business Services GmbH & Co. OHG (SBS) Power Transmission and Distribution (PTD) Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S) Corporate Personnel (CP) Logistics and Assembly Systems (L&A) Corporate Technology (CT) Financing and Real Estate Siemens Building Technologies (SBT) Transportation Corporate Centers Transportation Systems (TS) Siemens Financial Services GmbH (SFS) Medical Corporate Communications (CC) Corporate Information Office (CIO) Global Procurement and Logistics (GPL) Chief Economist/ Corporate Relations (ECR) Management Consulting Personnel (MCP) Medical Solutions(Med) Siemens VDOAutomotive AG (SV) Siemens Real Estate(SRE) Lighting Osram GmbH Regional organization Regional Organization Germany (RD), Regional Companies, Representative Offices, agencies As of January 1, 2005

  12. Our business areaInformation and Communications TheCommunications Group (Com) and Siemens Business Services (SBS)provide a broad range of complex information and communications solutions.

  13. Our business areaAutomation and Control The Groups Automation and Drives (A&D), Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S), Logistics and Assembly Systems (L&A) and Siemens Building Technologies (SBT) offer systems, solutions and services for industry and building automation.

  14. Our business areaPower The Groups Power Generation (PG) and Power Transmissionand Distribution (PTD) create high-tech solutions for generating power and transporting electricity from the power plant to the consumer.

  15. Our business areaTransportation The Transportation business area, comprising Siemens VDO Automotive (SV) (automobile systems) and Transportation Systems (TS) (railway systems) is making mobility moreefficient and environmentally friendly.

  16. Our business area Medical Medical Solutions (Med) develops innovative technologies for diagnostic and therapeutic applications and provides services that optimize complete workflows in clinics and doctor's offices.

  17. Our business area Lighting The Lighting business area, comprising our subsidiary Osram, specializes in lighting sources, related electronic control gear and light management systems.

  18. Customers Innovation Value People Responsibility Our Corporate Principles give us our basic orientation WE STRENGTHEN OUR CUSTOMERS – to keep them competitive WE PUSH INNOVATION – to shape the future WE ENHANCE COMPANY VALUE – to open up new opportunities WE EMPOWER OUR PEOPLE – to achieve world-class performance WE EMBRACE CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY– to advance society

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