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A Taste of the New Jersey Shore: Boardwalk Favorites PowerPoint Presentation
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A Taste of the New Jersey Shore: Boardwalk Favorites

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A Taste of the New Jersey Shore: Boardwalk Favorites
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A Taste of the New Jersey Shore: Boardwalk Favorites

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  1. A Taste of the New Jersey Shore: Boardwalk Favorites By: Stephanie Yednak ARAMARK Dietetic Internship April 24, 2012 Beach Plum Cafe

  2. Statement of purpose • To provide the intern an opportunity to develop a business plan aimed at the implementation of a retail theme day • Includes: • Exploration of company • Services provided • Market analysis • Marketing strategy • Finical plan • Resources required for successful implementation

  3. Mission Statement • “We are a professional services organization dedicated to excellence. • We develop and sustain our leadership position by engaging and supporting our most valuable and differentiated asset; the competence, commitment and creativity of our people.” • Meridian Health is committed to improving the health and well-being of the residents of New Jersey by providing quality, patient-centered health care services delivered in hospital, community and in-home settings, and to advancing medicine through clinical education and research.

  4. Business objectives primary goal: to increase sales Objective 1 Objective 2 • To increase the total cafe sales by 10% compared to the average pizza Thursday over the past 4 weeks • To increase total café sales attributed to employee traffic by 5% compared to the last four Tuesday’s sales

  5. Business goalssecondary goal: to increase customer satisfaction Objective 3 • As a result of the boardwalk favorite’s theme day, 80% of all visitors will be satisfied with their meals and selection offerings

  6. Company summary • Southern Ocean Medical Center, the newest addition to the Meridian Health family • Meridian Health is the largest employer in Monmouth and Ocean counties • Meridian Statistics: • Houses over 11,000 team members • Affiliated with over 2,000 physicians • Offers over 1,700 acute hospital beds Our Vision:To be the best health system in New Jersey Our Values:Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Balance, and Diversity Our Promise:We provide the best health care experience

  7. Market analysis and Segmentation Identifying local demographics and businesses is necessary to implement a successful theme

  8. The Beach Plum Cafe • Seasonal -based 4 week rotation menu • Seats 180 diners • Majority of diners are employees with employee discount • 6 Stations including: • Grill • Simmer • Crisp • Build • Exhibition • Home

  9. Swot analysis STRENGTHS • Only on-site dining option • No other establishment available within walking distance • Low prices • Quality product • All food made on site • Employee discount • Fresh new ideas WEAKNESSES • Not easily assessable to public • Lack of marketing efforts to outside customers • Event occurs on a Tuesday afternoon • Small capacity and seating THREATS • Café closed between 2:30- 4 pm daily • Various other establishments within a mile radius • Hospital Concierge service • New ER construction until next year • Lack of parking OPPORTUNITIES • Able to try new products and vendors often • Many diversity days to sample new recipes and ideas • Room Service • Can increase prices due to extremely low starting point

  10. The competition • Largeretail driven community of Manahawkin, NJ • Easily assessable from Routes 9 and 70, 72 and the Garden State Parkway • Similar styles of service and food offerings such as: • pizza, sandwiches, salads, hot entrees, and soups • Other establishments include: • Fast food, casual and fine dining restaurants, pizza places, coffee shops, delis, and supermarkets • Direct Competitors include: • Stafford Diner, Wawa, Wendy’s, KFC, McDonalds, Friday’s, Applebee’s and Joey’s Pizza

  11. T H E C O M P E T I T I O N

  12. Local Demographics

  13. Local Demographics of Stafford Township, New Jersey: Population

  14. 2010 Population by Race for Stafford Township, NJ

  15. Target Market • Employee Participation • According to the Customer Close Up Survey (2010) • 91% buy at least one meal at the Beach Plum Café a week

  16. Employee Dining Behavior and Market Share of Alternatives for the Beach Plum Café

  17. Strategy Boardwalk Favorites

  18. Boardwalk Theme day • Southern Ocean Medical Center is located in the heart of the Jersey Shore • Minutes from Long Beach Island • Short distance to Seaside Heights • 30 minutes from Atlantic City • 1 hour to Ocean City

  19. Marketing Plan

  20. Resources Equipment, labor, food and financial

  21. Equipment Needed

  22. Employee Labor

  23. Food resources Ordered

  24. Financial Resources • $734.17 purchased in food • 8 employees needed to implement theme day • no additional labor costs to be incurred to operate the theme day • No additional costs were incurred for promotion, advertising, or decorations • The budget for this event assumes no additional costs other than the normal budget for the Beach Plum Café

  25. Financial Data Budget, sales forecast, breakeven analysis

  26. Sales Forecast Goal 1 Goal 2 • To increase sales of the Beach Plum Café compared to a typical pizza Thursday by 10% or showcase a net sales of $1964.58 for lunch and dinner • The Boardwalk Favorites theme day hopes to increase the employee sales market and exceed $1115.63 as a result of the menu

  27. Typical Sales: Beach Plum Cafe

  28. Breakeven Analysis

  29. Evaluation Analysis of theme day

  30. Evaluation

  31. Objectives Objective 1 (not met) To exceed typical pizza Thursday sales Objective 2 (met) To increase employee participation by 5% • Net sales of $1964.58 for lunch and dinner would be needed to meet the specifics of the objective and the theme day needed to bring in an additional $245.53 to meet that goal • This was achieved by employee spending above an average Tuesday of $1062.50. The Boardwalk Favorites theme day surpassed the goal of exceeding $1115.63 by ringing in $1223.65 in employee sales

  32. Objectives con’t Objective 3 80% of all visitors will be satisfied with their meals and selection offerings • Was met easily • Customers agreed that the food fit the theme • They were satisfied with their selections • Customers enjoyed their meals

  33. Photo Gallery A visual representation of the theme day

  34. Featuring: Buffalo Chicken Pizza Bar Pies Whole Pies Various Toppings Located at the exhibition Station Pizza Bar

  35. Featuring: BBQ Chicken Fried Shrimp Steamed Broccoli Corn on the Cob Zucchini Sticks Curly Fries Cheese Sauce Home Station

  36. Featuring: Hot funnel Cakes Ice Cream Sundaes Granola Pineapple Cherries Nuts Sprinkles Oreos Chocolate Syrup Sliced Strawberries Funnel Cake Station

  37. Decorations Music

  38. Questions? Thank You