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The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby. By: F. Scott Fitzgerald. Presenters: , Michael Martin, Dashaunta Himmon, Khalil Hardee, Shari Palmer and Syieta Robinson. Setting. New York City in 1922, hot summer day in the city that never sleeps. Daisy.

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The Great Gatsby

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    1. The Great Gatsby By: F. Scott Fitzgerald Presenters: , Michael Martin, Dashaunta Himmon, Khalil Hardee, Shari Palmer and Syieta Robinson

    2. Setting New York City in 1922, hot summer day in the city that never sleeps.

    3. Daisy Daisy- daisy Buchanan is nick caraway cousin and the woman Gatsby loves. She fell in love with Gatsby when he was in the war and she promised to wait for him. Daisy meet and married a wealthy men named Tom. Strengths: charming and careless. Weakness: fickle and in love with money. Daisy biggest conflict is leaving tom and all his money for Gatsby. Money or love.

    4. Gatsby Strengths; Manipulator Money Weakness: Daisy The truth Gatsby went into war hoping to make more money and a better life for him and Daisy. However Daisy did not stick by his side and married Tom. His family was rich which is where he got most of his money from. He also was a bootlegger and had other illegal jobs. Conflict: That he wanted to get Daisy back.

    5. Plot . Nick Caraway lives next to a wealthy, mysterious man names Gatsby. . Tom and Daisy introduced Nick to Jordan Baker. . Tom is cheating on Daisy with Ms. Wilson. . Nick travels to New York with Tom to see Ms. Wilson Nick gets invited to Gatsby party, he sees Jordan there. . Gatsby tells Jordan that he’s in love with Daisy. . Nick invites Daisy to his house for tea. . Gatsby and Daisy reestablished their connection. . After a short time Tom grew suspicious of his wife and Gatsby.

    6. Plot 2 . At a luncheon at Tom’s house, he realizes Gatsby is in love with his wife. . Gatsby tells Tom that his wife loves him and tells about there history. .Nick, Jordan, and Tom drove through New York and witnessed Gatsby car and a dead Ms. Wilson . Nick learns from Gatsby that Daisy was driving the car when it hit Ms. Wilson. . Tom tells Mr. Wilson that Gatsby was the driver of the car. . Mr. Wilson finds Gatsby in the pool of his house then shoots him dead, then kills himself.

    7. Plot Diagram Daisy and Gatsby love affair Gatsby tells Tom that their in love ( Daisy) Daisy and Gatsby reunite Nick goes to Gatsby party. Mr. Wilson finds out Daisy is the cause of his wife death. Tom and Daisy Gatsby gets killed 1922

    8. Relation to Life The book relates to Trey Songz “one love”