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Lessons Learned from textsfromlastnight.com. (567): i feel like the dude nobody likes from the mikes hard lemonade commercial. There is no need to feel like you don’t have a place. Get involved in RHA, with floormates & in groups on campus. .

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(567): i feel like the dude nobody likes from the mikes hard lemonade commercial.
  • There is no need to feel like you don’t have a place. Get involved in RHA, with floormates & in groups on campus.
(770): next person that tells me facebook is a professional tool is getting kicked in the teeth.
  • Like it or not, what you put on Facebook really can be seen by EVERYONE. Be smart and think about what you are putting out there, a good laugh now is not worth regretting it later! Just ask someone from the Career Center in (insert location), they will tell ya!
(619): I’m not even planning on drinking that much tonight…but I’m writing “emergency contact number” and your number on my hand just in case.
  • Being safe about drinking is imperative. Always have a plan before going out. You can always get help for a friend in need.
(704): I can make a handprint turkey for extra credit in history. I feel like the word college should be in quotes on the school letterhead.
  • Maybe in other places but NOT HERE! Be sure you stay on top of all your readings and do not leave studying to the night before an exam. Visit (list university resource) for tons of helpful hints & resources.
(248): hey dude. Went to hospital. Call me when you get up.
  • HORRIBLE IDEA! Be sure you are checking up on friends & roommates if they have been gone for awhile without notice. Speak to your RA or any university staff member if this ever occurs.
(503): I am one bad relationship away from having 30 cats.
  • College alone puts a lot on your plate without worrying about a relationship. There is plenty of help if you need it, talk to a friend or an RA.
(248): that Arnold Schwarzenegger picture looks strikingly similar to Paul.
  • That may not be everyone’s goal but it is important to stay healthy while at (insert college name). Pay attention to what you are eating and take advantage of the exercise options available on campus!
(353): i just thanked the ATM machine for giving me cash.
  • If your bank account is running on empty hit up (insert college resource) for part time job information on campus!
(509): Guess what I'm doing 2morrow?(860): Becoming a productive member of society?
  • Why not? There are tons of civic engagement and leadership opportunities on & around campus. Visit (insert college resource) for all the listings!
(513): i am not allowed to pick who i sleep with anymore.
  • Be sure to respect & take care of your sexual health. Call the health center (insert phone number) to get tested or (insert college phone number) to receive help related to sexual assault.
Just change things around to tailor it for your university. I had guys on my floor come to my room within an hour of finishing the board to tell me how cool it was.
  • www.textsfromlastnight.com
  • Feel free to contact me and send me pictures of your boards. I would love to see how you use the materials!

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