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Selected Studies in Lyon (eLINK Erasmus-Mundus) PowerPoint Presentation
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Selected Studies in Lyon (eLINK Erasmus-Mundus)

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Selected Studies in Lyon (eLINK Erasmus-Mundus)
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Selected Studies in Lyon (eLINK Erasmus-Mundus)

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  1. Selected Studies in Lyon (eLINK Erasmus-Mundus)

  2. ‘‘Lyon capitale des Gaules’’… Rhône-Alpes area, known for its diversified industry (Renault/Volvo Trucks, SEB, Schneider, Rhodia, Sanofi-Aventis…), culture (Gastronomy, Fashion, ski, Wine… 10% of the city is a Medieval city and registered as a «world heritage» by Unesco… People: 1 Million, 3rd area in France.

  3. Universities and Schools… Lumière Lyon2 University (28000st) Claude Bernard Lyon1 University (29000st) Jean-Moulin Lyon3 University (21000st) Central School of Lyon – ECL National Inst. of Applied Sciences – INSA Catholic School of Applied Arts and Crafts – ECAM Others private/state schools: Management school – EM…

  4. 28000 students including 5000foreign students (16%) 15 departments and institutes 220 StateDiplomas (under-, post-, graduate) 5 Doctoral schools (20 « doctorate fields ») 45 Research Labs (including 20 University-CNRS research units) 1,750 teaching staff Université Lumière of Lyon (ULL) • 2 campuses: Lyon Centreand Bron(110 000 m2) • Budget: 60 million Euros 2008

  5. ULL International Scientific Cooperation Joint-directorships of PhD theses Currently: Germany, Greece, Brazil, USA, Hungary, India, Lebanon, Mexico, Poland, Switzerland, Tunisia and more. International partnership (research, teaching, student exchange…): 230 partners European (Socrates, Tempus…), Bi-National (Cofecub…), Inter-Regions (MIRA, ATU…) "Integrated studies" exchange programmes

  6. Doctoral Schools Universities and technical schools collaborate for research activities within Doctoral Schools. Our Doctoral School is InfoMaths (informatics & Mathematics) InfoMaths ULL UCBL1 INSA ECL ENS

  7. InfoMaths Research laboratories Key competencies: • Computer science • Information Science • Production management • Supply chain management • Knowledge management • Innovation • E-learning • Telecommunication • Image and signal processing • Computer graphics and multimedia • etc.

  8. InfoMaths: 4 main research Master/PhD programs Knowledge and Decision Making Data Mining Computer graphics and multimedia Telecommunication, networks and services

  9. LIESP lab (Informatics and Information Systems for the Entreprise) is a laboratory that covers the whole research in the field of all the universities of Lyon (INSA, Central School, U. Lyon1 and ULL). Research themes evolved gradually from the Design and the Management of the Products/Services Systems towards Information Systems, Decision and Management Systems for the Extended Enterprise, concerning at the same time multiple disciplines (computer science and engineering, management and economical sciences, etc), with the following major domains: Models for the analysis and decision making (knowledge extraction, learning algorithms for decision making, dynamic graphs) Organisation, Piloting and Integration(Information Systems integration PLM/ERP/EMS, SCM Configuration, Human Resources Management) Distributed and collaborative Architectures Mediated collaborative interaction (Human-Machine_Interaction, Individual interactive systems and collective collaboration, environnement for human learning).

  10. Production Démentellement & Recyclage Conception Service Chain Supply Chain Design Chain Distribution Usage Maintenance & Support Value Chain

  11. LIESP ULL team: Research (PhD) SC Management and Control Study of the collaboration mecanisms within the SC and their instruments (Copilotes Project) Business Process Modelling SC processes analysis and definition of methodological referentials (using SCOR) – deployment for big industrial groups (Rhodia Group Project) Simulation MAS based simulations for SC constraints optimisation (Copilotes Project) Distributed Architectures Collaboration architectures SOA, MDA/MDE for domain processes transformation into services (ISPRI-PLM project). Knowledge Management Use of “knowledge cards” and ontologies for the SC semantic web: knowledge description, transmutation and exchange Product and Service Lifecycle Management Reference models (DCOR, VCOR) for technical data organization and traceability through the products lifecycle phases (Sanofi-Aventis Pasteur, Airbus, Renault, Peugeot… and local SMEs)

  12. 3 other Labs participate in eLINK: LET (Economy and Transport Lab) ERIC (Data Mining and KM Lab) CoActis (Management)

  13. Bachelor/Master: INFORMATICS • Conseil & auditinformatique • Resp. sécurité du systèmed’ informations • Adm. réseaux &BDD • Resp. informatique,,, • Enseignement supérieur & Recherche • Secteur informatiquede grands groupes et de SSII,,, • Resp. bases donnéesdécisionnelles • Resp. infocentre • Chef de projet • Ingénieur d’études,,, • Consultant eninformation décisionnelle • Gestion Relation Client • Chargé d’études • Statisticien,,, Computer Engineeringfor Decision and Economical Evaluation Organisation & Protection ofComputer Systemsin the Entreprise Statistics & Socio-Economics Information Master 2 Knowledge & Decision Making Master 1 INFORMATIQUE Bachelor B3 Decision Informatics &statistiques B3 Econometry B2 Economic sciences & Management B2 Decision Informatics & Applied Econometry 2nd year of « Technology Institute » Statistics and Data Mining

  14. Bachelor/Master: ECONOMY & MANAGEMENT • Enseignementsupérieur & Recherche • Collectivités territoriales • Organismes internationaux,,, • Entreprises transports urbains & non urbains • Chargé d’étude ou marketing • Resp. exploitation,,, • Cadre dirigeant de PME • Chef de projet • Resp. Export • Consultant,,, • Dir. logistique • Resp. d’exploitation • Cadre commercial,,, • Chargé de projet • Veille • Audit & expertise,,, Economy and Management of the Organisations, the Innovation and the Intellectual Property Management of the SME and Economy of the International Activities Transports & Industrial and Commercial Logistics Urban and regional people transport Transports Spaces Networks Master 2 ECONOMY & MANAGEMENT Master 1 Economic Sciences & Management Bachelor (3 years)

  15. Training (Resarch Master) • Information Systems – Information Technologies • Integrated IS, Distributed IS, IS Modeling, Interactions an Data Exchange,… • Applications/tools: ERP, APS, EAI,… • Multi-Agent Systems • Distributed Artificial Intelligence, MAS concepts, Cognitive and Reactive Agents, MAS Simulation,… • Applications/tools: JADE Platform, MAS, BeerGame,… • Product Lifecycle Management Architectures • Product data management, data exchange standards, SOA architectures… • Applications/tools: Windchill, @udros, Express/STEP, XML, PHP …

  16. Production management • Inventory control, planning and scheduling, enterprise production simulation, … • Applications/tools:Turbix, Prelude, Ortems, Arena, … • Supply chain management • SC concepts, SC modelling, SC management, SC execution, SC collaboration, Demand management, … • Applications/tools: CPFR, Beer game, marketplaces, MES/WMS, SCOR, … • Enterprise modelling • EM concepts, EM Methodologies, Business Process Modeling, Entreprise Network Modeling… • Applications/tools: SADT, IDEF, UML, CIMOSA, GRAI, ARIS, QFD, … • Project management • Concepts of SEAM, Hidden cost and hidden performance, Learning to improve economic performance, Project implementation, evaluation tools … • Applications/tools: Kalypso

  17. 2 faculties participate to eLINK: • - Faculty of Economy and Management • - Technology Institute (Cooperative Studies, 500 companies)

  18. Événements • Conférences Internationales sur le PLM • (Lyon’05, Bangalore’06, Milan’06, Seoul’08…) • Workshop Stratégique Fr-USA • Meeting Euro-Asie • Journée PLM PME Éditions International Journal of Product Development - IJPD International Journal of PLM - IJPLM Livres/Proceedings : Product Lifecycle Management (depuis 2005) Liesp Lyon2 Team • Groupes de travail • Internationaux : SIG-PLM (IFIP) • Nationaux : IS3C (GDR MACS) • Projets de recherche • Européens : Asia-Link East-West, NoE IMS • Nationaux / Régionaux : Ancar PLM • Conventions de formation • par la recherche (CIFRE)

  19. Partenaires industriels RA  More Than 450 companies Marmillon Volvo, Peugeot, Airbus, Areva, Rhodia, • Partenaires institutionnels • Universités: • Europe, Africa, US SMEs: 3 Industrial Clusters

  20. Team Life! • « Hors-les-murs » days! • cultural/Sport activties… • International Doctoral PhD Schools (IFIP, IWG PLM…)