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Looking at Different Cuisines

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Looking at Different Cuisines - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Looking at Different Cuisines. World Foods. Influences affecting a region’s cuisine. Geography Climate Religion Culture. More than one cuisine?. The climate and geography can vary widely so different foods are more readily available.

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influences affecting a region s cuisine
Influences affecting a region’s cuisine





more than one cuisine
More than one cuisine?

The climate and geography can vary widely so different foods are more readily available.

The original settlers of a country may have been different from one region to another.

influential factors
Influential Factors

Immigration: new immigrants from throughout the world bring their traditions to our culture.

Mobility: We travel and move throughout the world more than ever before, so we are exposed to more cuisines and we take our cultures with us when we move.

Technology: food is able to be easily transported throughout the word so it is more available to all throughout the year.

Media: We are more exposed to different foods through the various media forms of today.

what is cuisine
What is Cuisine?

Cuisine is the method or style of cooking along with the foods eaten by a particular culture or region.