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  1. JOYXY To create a delightful myth world

  2. JOYXY • Developed & Operated by:The9 • Game Graphic:2D graphic & transverse scroll • Game Type:MMORPG • Game Style:Cute Style • Game Mode:Real-time Mode • Charge Style:Item Sales • Official

  3. Unique Style & Exquisite Game • Huge and Kinds of Game Scenes • Cartoon Style & Cute AVATAR • Individual Shining Weapon & Equipment • Fashion Pretty Clothes • Gorgeous Skill Effect • Perfect Weapon & Equipment Upgrade System • New Class--Transfor, Flexible Changed • Particular Happy Post System • Heartfelt Mentor & Disciple System • Great Guild & Communication System • Abundant Emotion System • Interesting Mount System • Special Humor Way of Opening a Store • Various Story Quests System • Hunter Quest with Money & Reputation • Devil Boss Comes • Mysterious Gate of Secret Treasure • Searching Treasure & Killing Monsters • Marvelous Dragon Palace Treasure Quest System Happy without Limitation Game Feature

  4. Unique Style & Exquisite Graphic Game Feature • It adopts the cute style graphic and uses the vivid lovely images combine the game world. • 2D graphic and transverse scroll stage which help characters perform exciting experience.

  5. Huge and Kinds of Game Scenes Game Feature Game presents the scenes of Journey to the West, which helps players to experience it personally. Green Penglai Island South Gate of Heaven Weird Skull Cave Grand Sea Dragon Palace

  6. Cartoon Style & Cute AVATAR Game Feature • There are cute style characters in game. • Players can create the appearance you like by combination.

  7. Individual Shining Weapon & Equipment Game Feature • There are hundred kinds of weapons and equipments here. • Player s can choose them as you like to show your personality.

  8. Fashion Pretty Clothes Game Feature • There are fashion clothes for you to choose. • This provides players more chances to be unique and special.

  9. Gorgeous Skill Effect Game Feature • Skills with gorgeous vision effect provide players a much better gaming feeling.

  10. Perfect Weapon & Equipment Upgrade System Game Feature Killing monsters cant get the Happy Star or Lucky Star But need to combine kill monster with Happy Star Book or Lucky Star Book. Combination success rate is 100%. • Happy Star and Lucky Star are the ways for players to obtain advanced equipments and weapons. • They can upgrade the level of your equipment and weapon to be better. ﹢ ﹢ ﹢ = ×3 ×3 ×3 Happy Star Happy Star Book Three kind of Happy Stone ﹢ ﹢ ﹢ = ×3 ×3 ×3 Lucky Star Lucky Star Book Three kind of Lucky Stone The highest level of weapon and equipment is 5 golden stars. Lowest level is no star. It is 1 golden star after 4 sliver stars. All the weapons and equipments are divided into 10 levels. You must use Lucky Star when you want to upgrade your equipment or weapon. You may fail while in a much higher level.

  11. New Class—Transfor, Flexible Changed Game Feature • It is a character who is the same as Sun Wukong in Journey to the West. • Transfor can change into different kinds of appearance which makes the game to be more interesting.

  12. Particular Happy Post System 游戏特色 • Happy Post brings more funny to players. • You can buy Happy Post in some NPCs. There are 30 kind of Happy Post right now, and each one has different usage. Some of them have special functions.

  13. Game Feature Heartfelt Mentor & Disciple System • This system is special for new players to get familiar with the game. • Advanced players can teach new players how to level up faster.

  14. GreatGuild & Communication System Game Feature • You can create your own guild when you are level 30. • The dynamic emotion makes it more vivid. Multi-channels settings and dynamic emotion system better the communication between players. Players can set their favorite emotion as a Hotkey and there is also automatic moves and emotions in game.

  15. Game Feature Abundant Emotion System • Interesting moves and emotions better the communication between players. • There are lovely emotions while you are using skills or beating by the monsters.

  16. Game Feature Interesting Mount System • Not only buy mount from the certain NPC but also can obtain unique mounts in invisible quest or special event . • Mount can faster your speed and also attractive.

  17. Special Humor Way of Opening a Store Game Feature • Differ from other stores , our stores are cute and lovely. • You can experience to be a ”Boss” while selling the items you have.

  18. Game Feature Various Story Quests System • Colorful quest modes • Changeable quest modes • Experience different quests Abundant story quests tell us the whole story which helps players to know the culture of China.

  19. Hunter Quest with Money & Reputation 游戏特色 • Players can get money and reputation while competing the Hunter Quest. • You will get corresponding quest according to your level. Independent money-making system which balance in game market.

  20. Game Feature Devil Boss Comes • Happens everyday • Happens to the NPC around players • For you to Save • Lovely reward for you Time event will open every day which is interesting and funny.

  21. Mysterious Gate of Secret Treasure Game Feature • Look for key of Secret World • Look for the Maze Treasure • Catch the BOSS You will like it!

  22. Game Feature Searching Treasure & Killing Monsters • Story mode is looking for treasure while killing monsters. • Time Limited Mode • Exciting and Tense

  23. Game Feature Marvelous Dragon Palace Treasure Quest System • Large instance map • Great level breaking mode • Tacit team cooperation • Super equipment Popular game style, but special in Happy West Journey

  24. Item Mall System • Functional Item Mall support the Item Sales style perfectly. • The background of Item Mall is easy for setting the kind, price and time of each item.

  25. Charge System • Charge style of Happy West Journey: • Item Sales

  26. Wedding System • It will be the focus of all players. • Interesting cute Wedding System will help players around by happiness.

  27. JOYXY Full of Happiness Beautiful Journey