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Baby animals life time PowerPoint Presentation
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Baby animals life time

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Baby animals life time - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Baby animals life time

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  1. Baby animals life time Done by Tagan

  2. The baby elephant life time • The life cycle of the elephant can be into 3 main periods • Baby adolescent adult elephant • The baby stage lasts from birth until the elephant has been weaned off its mother’s milk completely. • This can be anywhere between 5 and 10 years of age. • This means it does no longer drink milk from it`s mother • The next period is used to teach the young one all they will need to know about the herd and their environment in order to be able to survive alone • The adolescent stage extends from the time that the elephant has been weaned (5 to 10 years of age) until about 17 years old. It is during this stage that the elephants reach sexual maturity.

  3. The baby Tigers life time • Tigers live about eight to ten years in the wild, but they can live up to twenty-six years in captivity. • Tigers are the biggest of all cats.There are 6 different kinds of tigers.Most tigers live and hunt alone.Tigers catch and eat meat.Baby tigers are called cubs. • About 103 days after mating with a male tiger, the female gives birth to a litter of 2 or 3 cubs, but sometimes up to 7. She looks after the cubs, feeding them milk for about 8 weeks. Later she teaches them to hunt. The cubs stay with their mother for up to three years.

  4. The polar bears life time • Mating Season: Late March through MayGestation: About 8 months with delayed implantationLitter size: 1-4 cubs; 2 cubs most commonFemale polar bears locate denning sites in October on thick stable pack ice or on land. The young are born from November through January while the mothers are hibernating. Cubs will remain with their mothers for at least 2 ½ years. Female polar bears can produce five litters in their lifetime, which is one of the lowest reproductive rates of any mammal

  5. The baby Giraffe life time • A baby giraffe is called a calf • Female giraffes give birth to a calf about 15 months after mating with a male. The mother gives birth standing up, so the calf drops to the ground. The calf is about 2 metres tall, and during its first week it grows about a centimetre a day. About an hour after birth, the calf can walk. It suckles milk from its mother, but starts nibbling at other food within days.

  6. The baby rhino life time • Biologists estimate that wild rhinos live up to 35 years. In captivity, a rhino may live 40 years. • Males and females frequently fight during courtship, sometimes leading to serious wounds inflicted by their horns. After mating, the pair go their separate ways. A calf is born 14 to 18 months later. Although they nurse for a year, calves are able to begin eating vegetation one week after birth.