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SV-ITS Program Manager PowerPoint Presentation
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SV-ITS Program Manager

SV-ITS Program Manager

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SV-ITS Program Manager

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  1. TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT UNIT PROPOSED STAFFING New SV-ITS Program Manager Staff Technician Project Engineering Software/hardware Project Engineering Construction/Integration Project Engineering Grant Comp/Dev./Studies Associate Engineer Upgrade Associate Engineer Associate Engineer Upgrade STAFF POSITIONS Civil Engr I/II Sr Engr Tech Analyst New VTA/MTC/SCC Liaison Research & Development Systems Manager City Hall TMC Planning Configuration Management Plan Review Research & Development DEN Main/Mgnt. Grant Development Contract/Agreement Dev. Grant Compliance Pre- & Post-Audits Public Relations Customer Service CORE WORK ASSIGNMENTS SVSC ITS Enh.: $4.1M SVSC ITS West: $3.1M FHWA Study SJC-ATMS: $2.0M SVSC Milpitas/Fremont: $2.9M Pro-Active Signal Timing: $500k SV-ITS Traveler: $300k Downtown Pedestrian Study 87 Ramp Study Strategic Plan Action Items SPECIAL PROJECTS

  2. June ‘00 Jan ‘01 June ‘01 Sept ‘01 Mar ‘02 Sept ‘02 Develop RFP Advertise RFP Award Design Contract Commence Design Deliver Design to County Award Const. Contract Missed Deadline SV ITS West Grant Mandated Deadline 00/01 Grants: SV-ITS West ($3.1M) Pro-Active Signal Timing ($500,000) SV-ITS Traveler Web Site ($300,000)

  3. STAFFING JUSTIFICATION Opportunity: ITS National Leader: DST can distinguish itself by advancing technological solutions as part of the south bay’s integrated transportation plan. • Achievements to date: • San Jose is lead agency for the SV-ITS Program as directed by management. • Program work plan is documented and compliant with VTP 2020 to ensure buy-in. • Silicon Valley Smart Corridor is a model for multi-agency partnership (as recognized by FHWA) • Program has 9 active ITS projects with a $16,000,000 grant-funded budget (unique City-led effort) • Staff Technician, Analyst, Engineer I/II and Engineering Technician is 100% grant funded positions TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT UNIT Challenges: • Program is highly visible: Public (Mr. Roadshow & SVMG), Systems O&M Committee, Mayor’s Office, Media and Federal government are stakeholders. • Four projects ($3.9M) are unassigned – Vacancies and staff capacity. • Difficult to maintain moral when special projects are not being completed. 99/00: 5 of 7 projects were delayed 00/01: 8 of 17 projects are likely to be delayed • Unit manager is dedicating 75% of time to training/guiding/reviewing work, as a result, is unable to address high level responsibilities. • With limited staff, DST is unable to address basic and peripheral O&M issues (ie. Fiber, copper breaks, operation of TMC, etc.)

  4. CURRENT STAFFING TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT UNIT Associate Engineer Program and project management, Staff training & support SVSC I/II & III, TETAP Ramp Meter Evaluation, FHWA Study, Julian/87 Study, Civic/SJSU Pedestrian Study…($2.7M) Civil Engr I/II SVSC ITS Enh, SVSC Operations Manual, DSL Testing ($4.1M) Civil Engr I/II SJC-ATMS, DTS Video Sharing, Agreement Development …($2.0M) Analyst Grant oversight, agreement development, project support Steering Committee support, action items, customer service, project support 50% Staff Technician Civil Engr I/II Unassigned work – ($6,800,000) Milpitas/Fremont….(2,900,000) SVSC ITS West Corridor….($3,100,000) SV-ITS Traveler….($300,000) Pro-Active Signal Timing….($500,000) VACANCY 100% Sr Engr Tech