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Inclusive Membership

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Inclusive Membership. District 24-A. Using all of human potential to FULLY serve humanity. District Key Goal 3: Achieve an overall net growth of 2% by June 2011. Year end growth to exceed net +37 members, 25 of which are women. . “Charity begins at home”.

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using all of human potential to fully serve humanity
Using all of human potential to FULLY serve humanity
  • District Key Goal 3: Achieve an overall net growth of 2% by June 2011. Year end growth to exceed net +37 members, 25 of which are women.
charity begins at home
“Charity begins at home”
  • Spouses, partners and family members. These individuals already participate in our activities. They know our philosophy and what it takes to be a Lion. They are the friends and family members of Lions.
  • Remind spouses reluctant to impede on “boys night out” that they can join different clubs or work on different projects within the same club.
general membership tips
General Membership Tips
  • Prepare and Practice “Elevator Speech”
  • Just Ask “Are you interested?”
  • Don’t have preconceived notions of who a Lion is-be self reflective
  • Do you have to “like” the person?
  • Focus on Lions service projects
ways to reach new members
Ways to reach new members
  • Word of mouth.
  • Information tables at community events.
  • Presentations to community groups.
  • Recruitment meals. These could be potluck dinners or breakfasts that include presentations about your club’s activities.
  • Flyers, posters and brochures. Be sure the flyers are 8 1/2" by 11" so that they can be easily mailed or posted on bulletin boards.
  • Articles or press releases in local and community newspapers. Write a one- or two-page press release describing your club and the need for volunteers, and include a high-quality black and white photograph.
address issues most specific to women members
Address issues most specific to women members
  • Advertising and brochures should show diverse demographics. Consciously try and take photos that are less staged with members of both genders interacting.
  • Information tables at community events should be manned by cross section of club members when practicable.
  • Be flexible and forgiving with missed meetings and events-parents will always need to take care of their children’s needs first.
  • Post advert in craigs list, volunteer match, etc. encouraging all to participate.
  • Consider changing some social events to allow children, (i.e. less formal Christmas Party, Summer Picnic.)
charity begins at home1
“Charity begins at home”
  • Identify and overcome the barriers that may deter women from joining Lions, which may include:
    • Cultural myths and perceptions that Lions is for older, white men. Lions was the first service club to allow women members.
    • Lack of confidence in their ability to contribute — inability to translate their life experiences and skills to a particular program's needs. Ask them to attend a service activity, assign meaningful work and be sure they feel included.
    • Lack of time/childcare issues. Assign tasks that can be fit in during the day or done with kids such as sorting glasses ore preparing mailings. Include family members of all ages in service projects and social events.
    • Financial issues, including concerns that expenses associated with joining may strain their already limited financial resources. Consider having some meetings at public place where food purchase is not required. Remind that dues can be paid quarterly.
embrace technology and social networking
Embrace technology and social networking
  • Web pages. Make sure your club has a presence on the web. Encourage computer savvy members to get involved and update calendars routinely. Include photos of you club service activities with a mind toward photos that show diversity and the fun nature of Lions. If computer savvy is lacking in your club enlist a family member to set up a Facebook account for your club.
  • Utilize on line volunteer matching sites such as
  • Create a database of non-lion volunteers, stay in touch and be sure to ask them to join!
  • Prepare information sheets about your club in electronic format to email to prospective members. Ask for email addresses during fund raisers when practical.
gen x approximately age 25 40
Gen X (approximately age 25-40)
  • Provide flexibility in roles and schedules, casual attire, and a comfortable environment (i.e. complementary coffee)
  • Offer technology-centered tasks as well as one-on-one interactions to choose from
  • This group is very attuned to terminology related to identity. Consciously engaging the use of language when describing gender, sexual orientation, class, ethnic groups and political orientation is critical — even use of the term "Gen X" itself is often deemed offensive.
boomers approximate ages 46 60
Boomers (approximate ages 46-60)
  • Repackage the way volunteer opportunities are presented. Focus on the work to be done and the skills needed rather than the volunteer status
  • Design and manage volunteer positions more like paid positions — with job descriptions, training, supervision and benefits
  • Emphasize the needs and characteristics of future volunteers
  • Consider volunteers skills and interests
  • Show the personal and community impact to the volunteer
  • Pair volunteer opportunities with education or part-time work
post career 60
Post-Career (60+)
  • Change the image of aging. Use designations other than "older," "senior," "retired"
  • Provide work that is meaningful and challenging — work that can make a definable difference in the community
  • Focus on skills and experience and legacy
  • Create opportunities for mentorship and leadership
  • Provide occasions for networking for the organization — getting out into the community and telling the story
recruitment ideas gen x approximately age 25 46
Recruitment Ideas: Gen X (approximately age 25-46)
  • Use the Internet (bulletin boards, chat rooms, Web sites) for recruitment and e-mail for contact
  • Highlight the need/impact
  • Limit service hours
  • Post artistic fliers in cafes, diners, video stores, bookstores, and other art/media centers
  • Graduate student unions/local Public Interest Research Groups (PIRG) branches
recruitment ideas boomers approximately 47 60
Recruitment Ideas: Boomers (approximately 47-60)
  • Use high-profile media and technology
  • Relationships with corporations and business associations
  • Help prepare volunteers for second careers
  • Outplacement agencies for shorter-term and episodic opportunities
  • Skill development centers, e.g., technology training facilities
  • Armed forces branches
  • Gyms and health/fitness businesses
recruitment ideas post career 60
Recruitment Ideas: Post-Career (60+)
  • Shopping centers and supermarkets during daytime hours
  • Targeted television and radio
  • American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
  • Health care facilities and institutions
  • Seek out larger businesses to introduce volunteer work to those employees near retirement