Asian monsoon years amy brief review and expectation
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Asian Monsoon Years (AMY) Brief Review and Expectation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Asian Monsoon Years (AMY) Brief Review and Expectation. Guoxiong WU. 26 January, 2008 Yokohama, Japan. 1st AMY Workshop Asian Monsoon Year 2008 (AMY08) International Workshop April 23rd-25th, 2007 Beijing, China.

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Asian monsoon years amy brief review and expectation

Asian Monsoon Years (AMY)Brief Review and Expectation

Guoxiong WU

26 January, 2008 Yokohama, Japan

1st AMY WorkshopAsian Monsoon Year 2008 (AMY08)International WorkshopApril 23rd-25th, 2007Beijing, China

Self introduction attending this workshop.

Agenda approval

Session 1: Introduction of relevant programs – 1.5 days;

Session 2: Coordinate the field experiments: observation sites, periods, variables and the need of Intensified Observation Periods (IOP);

Session3: Discuss the data sharing, assembling, quality controlling and assimilation-- 0.5 day;

Session 4: Modelling and prediction –0.5 day;

Session 5: IMY & Set up working groups and Scientific Steering Committee–0.5 day.

2nd AMY Workshop attending this workshop.

Following the resolution of the First International Workshop on AMY’08 at Beijing, the Second AMY’08 workshop was held at Bali, Indonesia on September 3-4, 2007.

The major objectives of 2nd workshop are to discuss and finalize the Science plan and Implementation Plan for AMY’08.

AMY’08 Science and Implementation Plan attending this workshop.

Jun Matsumoto & Bin Wang

The 2nd AMY’08 Workshop

at Bali, Indonesia, September 3-4, 2007

Kuta Beach in the morning of September 2, 2007

AMY attending this workshop.

Some concluding remarks

Howard Cattle

AMY attending this workshop.

  • AMY brings together some 21 regional projects plus other national and international programme contributions. But what does AMY bring us?

  • At one level, AMY acts to provide communication between these facilitating interactions between them

  • Challenge is to meld AMY into a coordinated international programme rather than a loose collection of projects/activites - on way (this meeting)

  • Science plan - still work to do on observation, modelling and data management issues

  • How will AMY be delivered - need for focussed Implementation Plan

Amy science plan
AMY Science Plan attending this workshop.

  • Science Plan identifies a wide range of science questions; classified according to timescale (diurnal -> decadal) and against a number of science foci:

  • Science plan objectives which emerge are focused around:

    • Ocean-atmosphere interaction

    • Land-atmosphere interaction

    • Improve skill in seasonal to interannual prediction of the Asian monsoon

    • Development of a hydrometeorological prediction system and database

    • Human interactions with the monsoon

  • SSC plus Working Groups are against observations, modelling and data management

  • Doesn’t yet bring a fully coordinated science approach between inputs and objectives

Classification of projects
Classification of projects attending this workshop.

  • Continental hydroclimatology; land-atmosphere interactions and weather-monsoon interactions

  • Impact of the Tibetan Plateau

  • Aerosol/cloud/radiation/water cycle interactions

  • Ocean-atmosphere interactions; tropical cyclones

  • Monsoon prediction including climate trends

  • Interactions between human and natural components

    Plus contributions from wider national/international activities

    1-3 above part of land surface interactions overall. Hydromet prediction system can be added in (MAHASRI)

Classification of projects1
Classification of Projects attending this workshop.

Plus other National & International contributions

Implementation plan strawman
Implementation Plan strawman attending this workshop.

  • Overall aims and objectives of AMY & key deliverables

  • Overall strategy for implementing AMY

  • How/do the project activities integrate?

  • Cross programme integrated modelling and observational programmes and data management

  • Links to international activities

  • Others…

Ip development
IP - development attending this workshop.

  • Finalize science plan - soon

  • Develop IP asap through e.g:

    • SSC (Sections 1, 2, 5)

    • Working groups (Sections 4) with feed in/interactions with:

    • Email science area groups (Sections 3.4) each led by SSC member against mapping of projects to existing objectives or

      Land surface interactions

      Hydroclimatology, weather

      Tibetan Plateau


      Ocean interactions

      Monsoon prediction

      Hydromet prediction system

      Human interactions

  • Timescale - over next few months?

Amy 08
AMY-08 attending this workshop.

  • AMY “year” 08/09

  • Many projects extend beyond this

  • Some have main phase on later timescale (e.g CTCZ)

  • What is vision beyond 08/09?

  • Should timeframe be extended? e.g

    • 08-09 spin up period

    • 09/010 main AMY year

    • 010-011 consolidation phase

  • Logo?

AMY Logo prepared by AMY Office for selection attending this workshop.







3rd AMY Workshop attending this workshop.

Finalize the AMY SP and IP;

Activate Working Group Coordination;

bring coordinated science approach between inputs and objectives

Schedule the Activities in 2008/2009;

Discuss the Strategic Plan of IMS…

Science Plan for Asian Monsoon Years (2007-2011)--- AMY attending this workshop.

(Revised, January 19 2008)

Table of Content


1. Introduction

1.1 Programmatic development

1.2 Participants

2. Background

2.1 Observational and process studies

2.2 Modeling and prediction

2.3 The monsoon environment and its future change

3. Science foci

3.1 Cross-cutting themes

3.2 Overarching science questions

4. Goals and objectives attending this workshop.

4.1 The overarching goals

4.2 Objectives

5. Strategy

5.1 Balanced and integrated approach

5.2 Geographic foci and capacity building

5.3 Utilization of satellite observations

5.4 Organization

5.5 Collaboration and linkages

6. Planned activities

6.1 Observations

6.2 Data management

6.3 Modeling and prediction

7. Expectations

Good Luck to AMY! attending this workshop.

Thank You!

Good Luck to AMY! attending this workshop.

Thank You!